Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After a Ruff Day We Needs a Long Nappy

Human2 and I had a kind ruff day today (we call it Terrible Tuesday). Best fing for us after a day like dis iz a big long nappy. We gonna curls up and do just dat. When we wakes up it will be a new day and a chance for a betterer, more feelz good day.

I did learnz today dat I haz many a gud buddy palz over on Twitterz. Fanks anipals!


  1. A good nap makes almost everything seem much betterer. I hope you have an excellent Wednesday!

  2. That pic of you is very adorabuls. I hopes you and human2 is having a better day. I hate terribul days.

  3. Dat nappy did werk wunders. Human2 and I haz a new outlook on fings and feeling much betterer!