Monday, June 09, 2008

15% Off at*

Just got the Newsletter and they have a 15% off coupon good off your entire order. Everything is on sale even the already reduced items like the SmartScoop litterbox (which Boris has and we all love --- brings it down to under $95!) and the Fat Cat toys which are already 20% (so you get an additional 15% off those too!).

To get this discount just go to and use this code: DTCJJUL during check out.

*Coupon expires 6/19/2008

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Come By ShopByBreed and Win This Saturday

This Saturday, June 14th, come by the ShopByBreed store in Exton, PA for your chance the win a years supply of pet food! Shop By Breed is holding a pet food festival on Saturday and manufacturers will be on hand to answer your questions and hand out samples (gotta love the free stuff).

So if you are in Exton, PA this weekend be sure to swing by on Saturday and enter to win free cat food for a year! Good Luck.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

All The Fuss Over a Place to Poop

We are in the middle of a litter box war and I don’t mean Boris against the three girls (although that does sometimes happen here). No, we are talking about the ridiculous lawsuit that the makers of the littermaid box, Saton, Inc., has brought against OurPets and a few other makers of self-cleaning litterboxes. As if their product is all that ingenious. It is really just a glorified rake attached to a motor with a sensor. Anyone with a soldering gun and a nearby Radio Shack could have come up with it. So what if someone else comes along and makes another one.

You know what their problem really is? They are ticked off that someone came along and improved on their idea. Their egos are bruised and they can’t handle the competition. So now they have to squash the little guy under their huge corporate heal before they are exposed for the uncaring conglomerate that they are.

Case in point. Salton makes one pet item. OurPets only makes pet products. Who is going to know what cats need more? Who is going to listen to their customers and make changes based on that feedback? OurPet’s that’s who! (We know that from experience. Boris has a SmartScoop box and we had some issues early on, but were assured they were making changes in future boxes. We even had our motor replaced without a hassle! That is more than I can say for my friend who went through two littermaids and not once did they offer to replace it under their warranty.)

We are very happy with our SmartScoop. It is well made, works and the company stands behind it. OurPets is a company that cares about pets and their people and they deserve our support through this legal mess.

If you want to know more about this lawsuit please go to for more information and tips on how you can help. You can also read the post over at which highlights all the finer points of which litterbox really is the best. I hope you’ll help spread the word and support OurPets. Even if you never used an automatic litter box or never will, I am pretty sure your cat would enjoy one of their Play-n-Squeak toys. Boris does.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

OurPets Toys on Sale at

I just got their newsletter and it looks like all the cool Play-n-Squeak items are 50% off!

Boris loves these and I know he is pesting to get some. In fact one of his all time favorite toys is the Play-n-Squeak Ball wand [shame they won't be making it any more the ball was great even off the wand and even after the squeaking stops]. He will be so said when I tell him there will be no more :(

ps...that's not my big boy in the picture that's from their website ;)

Head over to and get your OurPets toys before they are gone.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mouse in the House Pt 2

Boris is still loving the new toy. We have even trained him to do it himself [as long as he gets a treat for doing it].

Something tells me he is getting to the point where he thinks this is a treat machine :)

Monday, January 07, 2008

Mouse in the House

Boris got a new toy today. Expensive but very creative and he seems to like it almost as much as the fling-ama-string. I hope I can teach him to push the button himself to activate the mouse. If not I can always set the timer so the toy automatically runs on its own through out the day. Pretty cool.