Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Robots Gonna Take Over Da World!

I was watching a TV show where da robots were takin over the worlds! I fink it wuz called Terminators or somefing like dat.

Any who it scared me (almost as bad as thunder boomers and fireworks do) and I thought I might haz to hides under the table or in da basements so they do not gets me.

Den along comes Human2 and teases me wif dis little robots. She called dem droids. I callz dem annoyeds! (cause they annoyeds me).

I was minding my own business looking for birdies or squirrels out my window when all of the sudden this little fing starts coming at me! As you can see I act like I am interested but I am only trying to learn da robots evil plans to take over my worlds!

I had enough of that stupid little bot getting in my face so I gets down on da floor (all the better for ducks and covers) when a second droid comes out of no where and attacks! Look how mean and evil he is! He came right at me I had to leap out of da way before I was zapped wif dat laser cannon he had on hiz face. Human2 tried to lie to me and say it was only R2-D2 from da movie Star Wars, but I knew better and when he comed at me a second time I runned for my life!

Sister Abby wot iz not az smart az I iz went in for to investigates. I do belive dat robot tricked herz into believing he was only there for fun and not for evil purposes. But I know better!

Watch as the whole fing unfolds....


  1. I don't blames you, Boris. I would has gotten all freaked out and runded away for my life, too. Dat is some skeery outer space aliens.

  2. Oh my Cod! I could tell by the noises that thing made that it was very, very evil and had some nefarious plans. I am glad you are safe!

  3. Glad you lived through that. I'm on patrol for droids now. I don't want them invading my house. Thanks for the warning. Good job.... Max