Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dare's No Fleas on Me!

Da humanz said if I wuz going to go outsides I hads to wear somefing called a flea collar. I iz a clean kitteh, I no have fleas! It wuz a struggle getting da collar on me then I would not move for about 5 minutes.

I went back in but kept trying to lick the collar (yucky smell and even yuckier taste). My tongue is so long I could actually reach the collar. Since I wuz licking it da humanz tooked it off me.

Collar only lasted about 20 minutes. Never again!

There's no fleas on me sing, "there's food around the corner, food around the corner for me!" Like dis here dawg...


  1. Dude, flea collars are so yesterday! I'm with you on that. I was itching just watching that cartoon. Gonna have mom put some Frontline on me now.

  2. Don't cha luv da song dat stupid ole flea is singin? Ma humanz were singning it all nite at me after they tooked the collar off me.