Saturday, June 06, 2009

Problems with Neighborhood Kitties

I have been having some problems with a few of the locals here!

We have a couple of always outside kitties in our neighborhood. They come into my garden and mess things up. Today my humans brought in my catnip plant and it was almost all gone!

Not only to the steal from us, but one kitty in particular named Tommy (he belongs to the house a few doors down) comes and sits on my front porch and teases me. He gets me so worked up that I need to growl and hiss at the front door. Sometimes I get so crazy I have broken the blinds on the front door. He just gets me so angry being outside and me stuck inside. And there he is on MY porch!

I have had enough. I will have to set up regular garden sentries to keep this type of trespassing and vandalizing to a minimum.

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