Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Bloggers Card Pack from TokiPoki.com

Last year I did meets Toki from TokiPoik.com at BlogPaws. Dey haz a really cool site and da best part iz u can order trading cards for your pet. So dat's exactly wot we did. Az dis year progressed we learned about all the great fings TokiPoki.com doz for humanz and animals alike. They have great contest like the Halloween cards and Now the Bunny Hop cards and they make packs to take to children's hospitals. How cool is that?

Here's anutter great way to halp. When u buy a Pet Bloggers Pack of 10 cards for only $5 HALF of dat goes to charity. Dat cost includes shipping too. Oh and da best part....yours truly iz in da Pet Bloggers Pack. So iffen u thought u would neber eber hab a Boris Kitty trading card well nows your chance to not only gets one but get started on a whole collekshun of animal bloggers.

Monday, March 28, 2011

SCIFIpawty Wuz a Pawsum Success - Fank U Fank u Fank U

WOW da anipals werld iz so PAWSUM. Der really isn't enuff werds in da kitteh dikshunary to describe just how pawsum u iz. Last year we did da first ever SCIFIpawty and you guys rocked it. Dis year's event we had a higher goal and not only did we meets it we did beats it!!! Da kittehs at One By One Cat Rescue will be getting over $1600 from SCIFIpawty, but i finks dat might grow since we can takes donashuns thru June 18th for da event.

We had sum really pawsum sponsors for our pwizes dis year and sum truly really OUT OF DIS WORLD pwizes.

Jane Wiedlin, rock star and anipal lover extraordinaire, did donates sum pawsum autographed items wot we are still accepting entries/donations for --- Autographed Go-Go's CD at whataslacker.com & Autographed Lady Robotika Comics at ScifiSlacker.com.

Da WE MEAN CLEAN folks at Bissell did donate a Bissell SpotBot Pet wot is ending tomorrow 3/29/11. So gets dem entires/donations in today over at BorisKitty.com.

Other companies like ThinkGeek.com, Nylabone, Kong, TokiPoki.com, Happy Tails Books, Neko Flies, Imperial Cat,   DogToys.com and CatToys.com gave lots of pawsum prizes too. But the generosity did not stop der, the anipal community that attends SCIFIpawty and donates der hard earned moneys and der time also donates sum really, really wunnerful prizes too. I cannot sez fanks u enuff to everybuddy wot halped out wif dis event. I will be posting da quiz/prize info on da official SCIFIpawty pages in a few days. U can also seed all da great costumes and winners of the costume contest there as well.

Human2 wuz a little overwhelmed when herz learned dat r lil SCIFIpawty would also encompass dis months PawPawty, but da pawpawty regulars stepped up and halped make dis 12 hour event into a 24 hour event full of fun n good times.

Here are sum of da pawsum prizes from SCIFIpawty's twitpic posts. Click on over to see even more.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Longest Kritter Kondo in All da World

Today it wuz finally warm enuff fur human2 to set up my Kritter Kondo, but wot herz did not tells me wuz we gotted a whole new section of kondo to add to it. It iz called a Kritter Konnector. It iz a 9 foots addition to ma Deluxe Kritter Kondo so I now haz a 15 foots run.

Let me gib u a tour. Dis be da one end...

I did walk from one end to da utter and backs agin. I must say I finks I likes dis new EXTRA LONG kondo. Da Konnector iz just az easy to puts up az ma regular kondo. It just haz a few extra steps and human2 had to puts 2 screws into da third section. Da only problem human2 did hab wuz wif my Deluxe Kritter Kondo. Herz could no gets da doors off, but herz did eventually get one off. But az u can seed we werked it out even wif da doors still attached. MOL

Dis be da middle...

Dis be da middle agin from da utter end. MOL

I do lub ma kondo so much I gibbed it cheek rubs.

Look it iz a Boris at da far end of da Longest Kritter Kondo in da Werld!

I seed a Squirrel!!!

He teased me.

I watch him go up a tree. He lucky I in ma Kondo.

Da Foster Sisfurs Lub Ma Undercover Mouse

Ma foster sisfurs lub ma undercover mouse! It iz mine I tells ya! MINE! Dey also tooked ovah ma Thomas da Tank Engine play tunnel. Dis kitteh can no gets a break wif dem youngins in da house.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Foster Sisfurs Are Here

Who da heck iz u? Why u in ma kitchen.

One hiding under da antiques.

one crawlin on top of da antiques.

Playin wif ma toys! Pfffft.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today Iz ADOPT da Interwebs Day from Petfinder

Petfinder Adopt-the-Internet Day Ok so everybuddy probably seed my bloggy bout dat utter cutie patootie wot needs adopting i did da utter day. So i will get right to da heart of da matter. We needs peeples to adopt kitties.

Here are two adorable kitties wot were just at da One by One adoption day on caturday & dey wuz no adopted (makes dis kitteh beary sads).

Dis duo iz a bonded Mother/Daughter pair so it would be PAWSUM to gets dem adopted togetter. Der names are Drizzle and PreciousKat dey iz bootiful brown torbies.

PreciousKat / Drizzle r adoptable cats in Kutztown, PA 

 You gonna seed more of des girls cause we gonna be der foster fambly startin tomorrow! But we doz hope dey finds a foverer n ever home real soons.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Fox 43 News Halps Animals Thru facebook

Ok so u wanna halp but u don't hab time to volunteer or u don't hab lots of money to donates. How's about u lets your facebook profile do all da work. Wif just a few clicks you can halp donate money and get the word out. For instance r local news Fox 43 be donating $500 for every 2000 "likes" der page gets on facebook. Can't get any easier than dat, but if you could take it a small step further and share the link on your profile stream to get the word out and ask ur friends to do the same it will really halp da anipals of Lancaster County.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

March 15th iz Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Since March 15th iz Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day that iz exactly wot we're gonna do. Pet adoption iz beary important and needs to be da number one place people fink of when dey acide dey wants to add to der fambly. When you adopt u are saving a life and sometimes da life u save returns dat favor (over and over agin....just ask Human2).

So please get da word out about Help Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day on March 15th and maybe even consider adoptin a bootiful kitteh like Beverly from Peninsula Friends of Animals, Sequim, Washington.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gearing Up For SCIFIpawty 2011

We are gearin up for SCIFIpawty wot iz sneaking up on us real fast! SCIFIpawty iz bein merged wif da official PawPawty dis year so instead of our lil one day pawty it iz now 24 hours of sci-fi fun!!!

But dat means we needs more halp den ever afore. Please consider volunteering for Sekurity, DJing, Barktending or Quizzes. We also still need sum prizes (although we haz a ton of really great ones) -- we need to make dis pawty ROCK da universe!

Speaking of ROCKIN da universe. Did you guys knows dat Jane Wiedlin from da Go-Go's is an anipal lover just likes our humanz? And did you knows dat herz iz also a fan of science fiction? Herz wuz even in Star Trek (u knows Human2 be a big ole Trekkie). And did you knows Jane Wiedlin writed and stars in a comic book called Lady Robotika?

Well wot you might not knows iz herz donated sum wunnerful prizes to SCIFIpawty and we lub herz so much fur being so kind to us anipals. Herz sended us autographed copies of Lady Robitika and Go-Go's CD (wot iz signed by ALL da Go-Go's -- dis iz one pawsum prize & we so eggsited by it).

Iffen u wanna seed more great SCIFIpawty prizes just head over to da official SCIFIpawty Prizes/Sponsors page and check dem all out.

So puts March 26, 2011 on ur calendar and come hab an out of diz werld great time wif us at SCIFIpawty!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Happy Pancake Day

Wow dis day sure haz a lot to be nommy about Fasnacht Day, Shroves Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras, Pancake Day -- no matter wot you calls it der be food involved.

We not really likes Fasnachts (dey iz purrty tasteless really) so we acided to celebrates Pancake Day likes Prince William and Kate (cept we not flipped r pancakes we eated dem).

Nom nom nom pancakes r nommy.

You haz to hab milk wif ur pancakes, specially on pancake day!

Sunday, March 06, 2011

If Pets Had Thumbs Day

Today iz If Pets Had Thumbs Day....wot would ur pet doz if dey had thumbs?

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Who Rescued Who

Way back when I tooked over dis here blog we mentioned dat we really takes da whole WHO RESCUED WHO fing to hearts. We just gotted dis cool paw-paw magnet for da slacker mobile dis weekend (need to wash da car now -- MOL).

We hab shared our story of our double rescue in Happy Tails Books Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Cats. (It iz a wunnerful book full of great stories, but iffen you just wanna skip to ma story you can reads it ovah at der website in da book preview. (ma story starts on page 17 of da preview) Affer you read dat I finks you might wanna go ahead and buy da whole book.)

While your learnin all about me you might wanna check out ma bloggy post about One By One Cat Rescue and why we likes to halp dem out (long story short -- it iz cause dey would not take me when ma humanz first rescued me).

Keep an eye on da SCIFIpawty pages cause we gonna gib sum of des magnets away at SCIFIpawty.