Sunday, November 29, 2009

Book Review: Cat Lover's Daily Companion

We did gets des really neat books in da mails ta reviews. Cat Lover's Daily Companion: 365 Days of Insight and Guidance for Living a Joyful Life with Your Cat by Kristen Hampshire, Iris Bass and Lori Paximadus & Dog Lover's Companion: 365 Days of Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Living a Rich Life with Your Dog by Wendy Nan Rees and Kristen Hampshire with photos by Kendra Luck. Da books are very nice indeed. Hard covers wif lil spot in cover to put ur pets photo (makes it more personals).

Only fing is wot u do on leap years? I says takes a big cat nap wif you kitteh or puppeh on dat extra day -- MOL!

Da bookies retails for about $20 each which makes dem da purrfect price for dis gift givin season. Dey will makes great gifts for any cat or dog owner (just makes sure u gib da doggy one to a dawg owner and da kitty one to a cat owner -- MOL).

Dem iz pawfect prezzies for new pet owners too! But u can use dem at any age or at anytime (not just as a daily book, but as an anytime book). Da layouts makes it easy ta pick da book up and reads a lil bit or a lot. Or even ta using it as a reference book for many years ta come.

See up here iz where human2 iz gonna puts a pikshur of yours truly. It will be a MUCH betterer book once ma photo is on da cover! hee hee

Dis page iz about outdoor cat enclosures for da indoor kitteh. I wonder if they herd of the Kritter Kondo?

Only fing da booky iz missin iz Twitter. Dey talks about writing a bloggy for ur pets but neglect to tell da readers dat anipals likes ta Tweet too! (Maybe day wot u do on dem leapy years!)

Da books are published by Quarry Books and u should be able to finds dem at any book sellers.

We gib des books each 4 paws up! Dey makes great references and purrfect gifts for da holidays!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Buildin a Lego Castle

I iz halpin Human2 buildin a Lego castle. I do so likes buildin Lego sets.

Just makin sure all da Lego Bricks iz out of da box. Hai I fink mayhaps u did leave one in der. It way on da bottom of da box.

Just dunt falls asleeps or da knights will fink u iz a big ole dragon and tries ta do u in n kilt u in ur sleeps.

Da werst part iz when dey tries ta gangs up on u when u iz sleepin and mindin u own business.

Sumone shoulda warned dem wot happens when da dragon wakes up! MOL

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ma Cuzin Dogs Do Gets Spoilt Sum More

Ma cuzin dogs are spending da week in a fancy schmancy pet resort while der humanz go off to da Caribbean islands of Fedex Kinkos (or maybe dat iz Turks and Caicos).

Lilly no looks too happy to go on vacashuns do she? Herz iz a nutzy lil dawg. she iz.

Dis iz dat bad bad bailey (I fink dat resort will be sawry dey haz herz der!

Dis iz ma old pal PC (aka Pooper Scooper). He wuz excited for ta go ta da resort. (himz woulda liked ta leaved da two sisfurs at home tho).

Dis iz da way cool car wot comed ta takes da doggies to der vacashuns. Dey will stays at da Leesport Pet Resort while der peeoples is away.

Bye bye dawgies. U do look like u iz gonna vacashuns in style...MOL. I wunders wot dey watched on dat TV on der way to da resorts?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Great News Buttons Did Get a Forever Home!

Ma furend Shawnee doz a lots for doggies from rescues and shelters. Herz human doz werks wif Companion Critters outta Jersey. Dey fosters puppehs until dey finds furever homes.

Dey haz been fostering Buttons fur awhiles nao.

Dis iz buttons sleepin in one of da toys we did gib Shawnee when we wented on a walkie in da woods wif dem (okai I did no go but Edgar wented fur me).

We did nose dat Buttons do lub doggy toys. Just look at her in dis toy box wif all her loverly toys!

Well da utter day ma furends Shawnee and Lexi-Lou did tells me dat Buttons did getted a forever and ever home with Lexi Lou! How pawsum iz dat!?!

Shawnee, Buttons n Shawnee's Human iz packin up da car n heddin from NJ to IL to take Buttons to herz new home. I so happy fur herz I did haz ta run n jump thru da whole house.

Happy Gotcha Day Buttons!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Shelter Kittehs Get Der Scratchers

We did get the scratchers wot we buyed for da shelter appreciation week last week. So Human2 acided to pick up sum more kitteh fuds and some litter for dem too.

It tooked Human2 a couple of trips to take everyfing insides to da Animal Rescue Leagues, but herz gotted it all inside for da kittehs.

Der were plenty of new faces waiting to greets her. But sum from last week had alreddy been adopted! And while herz wuz der two cute lil kitties did gets forever homes!

Dis lil tuxedo girly girl did gets a forever home wif a lil boy and his daddy wot were in der while human2 wuz visiting. YAY!

And dis lil smokey kitteh did also get a forever home. YAY!!!

Dem two iz part of a litter of six wot were being fostered by one of da volunteers. Aint dey cute?

Dis iz anutter tuxedo kitteh wot wuz beary happy to gets a scratcher.

Ma lil furend Ella wus still der. lookit herz enjoyin herz new scratcher!

This lil ginger kitteh did alzo luvs da scratchers.

All dem kittehs did say fank u fur da scratchers n asks puhleez adopts me. Human2 wanted me ta adds dat dem scratchers wuz da best $20 herz did ever spends! EVER!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th Goodness in da Mails

I hopes all u black kittehs did stay safe dis Friday the 13th...u nose dem humanz n der superstitions.

Well I did no haz bad lucks 2day! I did gets mails. It wuz ma pwize from Nutro wot I did win on Twitter for all ma donations n hard werks of bribin ma pals on twitter to votey fur me.

I gotted this box wot wuz meowin and meowin. When da human did finally opened it up n dis wot we gotted. It wuz filled to da gills wif fun stuffs. A plushy kitty, a stainless nom nom bowl and a BIG bag of dat Natural kitteh food from Nutro.

It say der an animals in dis box but i not sees one! Where iz u at?

Look at dis huge bag of Nutro Natural Choice kitteh fuds i did gets! Fank u Nutro.

Monday, November 09, 2009

I Did Gets Mail 2Day

I did get a big box in da mails 2day! It were addressed ta me n hads fragile on da sides. It iz from ma pal Hansel wot did haz a way fun halloweenie spooktacular costume contesty. and I did wins Best Cat in Show for ma Franken-Kitty costumey!

Oh wot could it be?

Oh lookit all dem cool prezzies i did gets! Noms, a litey ball, grasses (for when da snows r here n i no can sneak outsides for grass nommin), and a man cave.

I did haz a cave a long time ago, but now i haz a new one dat i doz luv...fank u.

Wot else iz der in dat box....hmmmm.

oooo it a really cool kitteh bowl! but where iz da noms? shouldn't der be noms in der?

Soon az human2 did pop open da man cave i did crawls inside ta check it out. (I did fills it up alritey.)

Fank u so much fur ma new man caves!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Tabbies for Toys for Tots -- MOL

Nao dat we haz halped ta makes sum kittehs happy we iz gonna try n make sum kiddies happy. We did gather toys for Toys for Tots too! Lookit all dem toys we did haz fur dem lil tots!

I thought dis time i would goes too! MOL

Human2 iz gonna go by da Toys R Us today n drops off all dem fun fings for da little humanz. I not included!

i do believes dat ma humanz iz tryin ta makes sum new lil geeks out der! MOL

Saturday, November 07, 2009

End of Shelter Appreciation Week Deliveries

Today iz da day dat i sended ma humanz and edgar over to da Animal Rescue League of Berks County to delivers all dem fine toys, treats, foods and bowls to da kitties in dat shelter.

We thoughted dat Caturday being da last day for the National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week would be a great day ta doz it.

Edgar loaded all da goodies into da car...der wuz so much stuffs dat it did fills up da back of our PT Cruiser! Woot!

Dey arrived at da shelter shortly afore 11 am (shelter opens at 10am) n it were jammed packe wif peeples! Many had already dropped off big bags of cat food n dod food n blankies too! We added our goodies to da pile n heded back to da kitteh room wif a big box of toys ta hand out.

Dis way we gets ta play wif dem lil guys too! Da colony rooms were being cleaned up so all dem kittehs were outside on dey sunporches playin in sunpuddles!

Looks how happy dis puss cat wuz fur da toys n attentions! So sweets n playful. Herz name iz Ella n herz really really wants a forever home!

Dis here black n white kitteh iz named Gizmo. Gizmo did gets a play-n-squeak mouse from ma humanz. Herz played n played n played wif dat mousie! Herz did luv it so! Herz anutter sweet kitteh cat lookin for dat special family ta luv herz forever.

Dem two lil bitty kitties did no come out of dey litterbox ta says hello. Dey even reached outs n grabbed dey new toys n put dey in dey box wif dem! Silly kittehs!

Here iz Edgar sayin bye bye ta Gizmo n tell herz he hopes herz gets a forever home real soon! (Edgar gibs dis kitteh 2 paws up fur playfulness.)

We did not get our scratchers in time so we will be headin back over next week too delivering dem n play sum more wif des fine kittehs. Maybe next week we will gets ta gib da big colony cats der toys too.

Watch da cute lil kittehs playin wif der new toys...

Friday, November 06, 2009

Cleanin n Cleanin da Donashun Bowls

Human2 n i did acide ta washin all da donated cat bowls we gotted from Ourpets for da kittehs at da ARL. Once dey iz all shiny cleans da kittehs can starts using dem rights away!

I did no nose all dem lil foods bowls will fill up our dishwasher! Dats a lotta kittehs nomming on dey fuds!

I gonna make Edgar dry dem, put dem away n take dey to da car! MOL

Thursday, November 05, 2009

I Can Haz Swine Flu? I No Wants H1N1

Well, affer all dis time of da peoples tellin us dat kittehs and doggies do no gets dat pig virus turns out dey can. At least kitties can! Der haz been a confirmed case of H1N1 (hinie virus) in cat in Iowa!

So iffen u gets sick be carefuls around u pets (dogs too even tho they still sayin dey can no gets it -- it be waits n sees at dis point iffen u asks me).

Additional fings ta reads about cats n swine flu...

Protecting Pets from Illness " addition to protecting their families, friends and neighbors from the spread of the 2009 H1N1 influenza virus, it’s important to remember to protect family pets from the illness, as well. People who are sick with H1N1 can spread the virus not only to humans, but to some animals (Ferrets, Turkeys, Pigs and nao Cats)."

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

OMC OurPets Did Sends Donations For Kitties in da Shelter

Wowzers da wunnerful peeple over at Ourpets (U know da folks wot makes dem PAWSUM play-n-Squeaky Mice) did answer ma plea fur sum halp wif donations fur da kitties at da Animal Rescue League of Berks County.

N boy did dey answer ma call. Dey sended me all dis wunnerful stuffs ta take to da shelter on Caturday when we goes fur our visit. (I will be sending Edgar in ma place in case der iz dawgs der...i doz not wants ta be skeered n he likes dawgs.)

Dis iz like $500 worth of cat supplies dey did donates! They sended 24 8oz stainless steel durapet bowls for kittehs, 24 12oz stainless steel durapet bowls for kittehs, 12 Go Cat Go Play-n-Treat Twin Packs, 18 Play-n-Squeak Wee Pinkie Mouse kitten toys (fur da wee lil kittehs wait for adoptions) n 3 bottles of SmartScoop No Stick Litterbox Spray (ta halp keep dey stinkie poo boxes clean n makes it ezr on da kind folks wot cleans dem boxes).

I iz overwhelmed, amazed, surprised and beary beary happy ta haz a great company like Ourpets supportin me in ma 4 Paws for a Cause donashuns for National Shelter Appreciation Week!


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Sumfin Any Kitteh Can Do Fur Shelter Kittehs

Doz u hab a spare $20? Doz u wanna brightens up da every day lives of kittens n adult cats in shelters waiting fur a forever homes?

Well here iz a qwik n ez fing any kitteh (wif a credit card) can do. Da folks over at Imperial Cat (dey is da folks wot makes dem cool shapey scratchers u sees in stores) sended out dis email sayin about der Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers dey did make.

You can sends a whole case of 15 scratchers to your local shelter or any shelter fur dat matter. And guess wot? Der iz no shipping fees. Twenty bucks a case dat's it.

We did steal Human2's credit card from herz wallet while herz weren't looking and ordered a case (dey iz kindly sending it directly here --- I hopes we gets them afore we delivers our donations this weekend).

So here's da information...why not sends some ta kittehs nears you too?!

Give back this holiday season with a gift to your local animal shelter!

Adopt-a-Cat Scratching Pads

The shelter environmental can be extremely stressful to cats awaiting a forever home - imagine living in a small metal cage, in an unfamiliar place, with your worst enemy barking in the background!

Scratching helps alleviate stress and boredom, but it also allows the cat to stretch its muscles, keep its claws honed and healthy, and mark its territory both visually and through scent -- all basic instinctual needs.

Unfortunately, shelters are also feeling the pressure of the recession, which has resulted in fewer adoptions, more relinquished pets, and declines in much needed donations (like scratching pads). Imperial Cal wants to help, which is why we've developed a line of low cost, high-quality scratching pads for use in animal shelters.

Our Adopt-a-Cat scratchers designed to fit within the small space of a shelter cage, and they feature a cute "Adopt Me" label to encourage potential adopters to take home a friendly, sweet and loyal kitty. We hope you will consider purchasing a case (or 2!) of our Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers to donate to the cats at your local animal Shelter.

For only $20 (with free shipping), Imperial Cat will ship a case of 15 Adopt-a-Cat Scratchers and a 1 oz. package of Certified Organic Catnip to the shelter of your choice. And, through the month of November, with every order over $200, Imperial Cat will donate a case of Adopt-a-Cat scratchers to a local shelter/rescue.

To Place an Order for Your Shelter, Call 1-501-354-8466

Monday, November 02, 2009

I Iz Honored by Romeo the Cat n

Me & ma sisfur cats & plushie brofur Edgar have been honored by our pal Romeo the Cat fur our donations fur our local shelters/rescues.

We did gather up lots of goodies fur da kitties over at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County & will be delivering dem dis weekends.

It iz National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week & Romeo did ask on his bloggy fur anipals ta step up ta da plate n do sumfin, anyfin for ur local shelter. Iffen u tells him about it u can be featured on his bloggy n win a pawsum Rescue Mom or Rescue Dad sticker or magnet to show da werld how pawsum ur humanz iz!

Not only iz i honored by da great n powerful OZ...oh ROMEO, I haz been honored by (agin....getting tired of seeing me over der yet? ME EITHER!)

SO I iz alzo gonna asking u, da #BorisBunch, to steps up to dat plates & askin u to puhleez do sumfin dis week fur da anipals in all dem shelters out der. It do not haz to be ginormus even the smallest effort coounts to des anipals in need.

Here iz sum idears fur u...

  • Donate directly to a shelter or rescue by going to their webby pages
  • Donates thru anutter site like Romeo's FurPower or here on my bloggy
  • Shop at stores wots donates to shelters likes BabyPatches' Mom's store
  • Donate thru stores like
  • No money. No Problems. Donate ur time.
  • Go kiss da kittens or puppies for an hour.
  • Take a dog for a walk, play ball with him.
  • Help clean their cages.
  • Anyfing will be a big halp!

But dunt furget ta let us know wot u did, kai? We wanna share it wif da werld!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pleeze Halp Dis Shelter Out

Dis week iz National Shelter Appreciation Week (November 1-7) and many animals are in great need across da country, but perhaps one of da most urgents is Da Second Chance Shelter in Texas.

If you can possibly halp out da shelter in Central Texas wot did have a horrible fire (dis morning) wot killed many cats & dogs waiting for forever homes & lefted the rest homeless (agin), pleeze do wot u can. No matter da amount. It all adds up.

The CenTex Humane Society is a nonprofit organization. The humane society runs the Second Chance Animal Shelter, the only no-kill shelter in the Central Texas area. Please donate time, skills or moneys! Go out to the shelter if you want to help (dey dunt haz a phone right nao).

Dey takes paypal n you can follow da linky right from der website:

Dis a great tragedy fur all dem poor anipals & da peeples wot werk wif dem.