Monday, June 01, 2009

The Shopping Site for Pet Owners

I am sure you have all used shopping comparison sites before. Did you know that most of them are pay per click? That means the stores listed had to pay to be listed (heck they have to pay every time their link is clicked). What does that mean to shoppers looking for the widest selection of cat toys and cat care products? Basically, that you are missing out on a lot of stuff and only seeing what that site is being paid to show you.

So how can a kitty owner find a one-stop shopping site for all their kitty cat needs? Check out ShopWiki, like Google and other search engines they scour the web looking for stores to bring you the most comprehensive shop listings out there. They really do offer up the biggest list of stores for you to compare prices. We only wish they allowed users to rate the stores, because price is not everything and it would be nice to see customer reviews before buying.

While we are partial to shopping for cats, that is not all they have over at ShopWiki. So whether you are shopping for dog products, small pet supplies, stuff for your birds or even garden gnomes you’ll be able to find it over at ShopWiki.

Boris says that you should make your first search for the Undercover Mouse, which is his favorite cat toy of the moment.

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