Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow I Gots Two Mails Today!

I gots two, count them -- TWO packages addressed to me, Boris Kitty. I have been waiting for pwizes to show up but did not fink they would both show up on the same day!

I gots more mail den da humanz today (hee hee)

Quit screwin around wif dat camera and open these.

Ooo, what iz in this box. Hai dats ma friend Monkey Cat!

Look at all dis cool loot Monkey sent me for a prize!

I hads to run off and play wif da springy fingy right away!

Sorry but my utter prize iz not fur me. I refuse to wear a collar so my sister Abby is sporty a bonnie new collar. She iz all jingly now and purrty too.


  1. You made me BOL really loud about "Quit screwin around wif dat camera and open these." BOL BOL!

  2. hai boris,
    youse one luky kitteh! *hi-paws* on all dat loot u got frum monkey!! dose springy fingys r lawts an lawts ov funs!!

  3. Thx for sharing your pictures, dat was funny! The spring is definitely pawesome! And what is it wif the humans and their cameras!! MOL

  4. I LOVE SPRINGS!! I have like a zillion of them all around the house. Momma has to keep buying me more cause I hide them really well.

    You're one lucky cat!

  5. Cool presents! Those springy things are loads of fun to kick around.

  6. These great pwizes are all cause of dat way cool contesty dat Monkey cat did. It was lots of funs.