Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Wuz Noticed By

Okay maybe not the website as it is geared toward famouse peoples and their pets, but @PeoplePets on Twitter commented about my picture of me hugging Scotty doll! They made fun of me being a big Trekkie (and I fink they poked fun at my size too cause the wrote it in all caps like dis: BIG).

They don't know how big a trekkie I really iz. They should see me Playing Star Trek Toys with the Human or I Iz a Romulan .


  1. I wud hugs Scotty, too, if I hads him.

  2. All I haz to say is I don't see no famous peeples pets being a Trekkie like you so I thinks you deserves to be on the web site. Maybe they meaned BIG like mebbe you gonna be famous?

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