Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just Ducky: A Tale of a Boy and His Duck

We Twitter cats were talking about the Kong Ducky refillable catnip toy (used to be known as the Dr. Noys Duck -- at least that is what it was when my humans first bought it for me).

My friend @Manxington gots a Ducky and he just loves it. I remembered having one and sent the staff down to dig it out of storage. (When you are as spoiled as me you have to put somethings away every once in awhile or my stuff would take over the house.)

Well, we had success and the humans found me ducky toy. I needed fresh catnips for it and it was late so I could not play with it that night, but I did gets to play with it the next day. Oh I almost forgots how much I liked my lil yellow ducky. I did miss you! If you don't have a Ducky all your own you will want to go get one!

You smell familiar do I know you?

Oh how I love you!

I just love you!

Nom nom nom (mmm ducky tasty)!

All my friends over at Twitter are gonna starts a Ducky Club for all us ducky owners! So far we has: @Manxington @CheshireK @kritterkondo @iambutton @Babypatches @Tobymeow @mulder_Cat @FelineUnit @witchyscat @RosieandCheeto Wow and more to come!

Get your own Ducky Cat Toy at (save 15% until 6/10/09 w/code: CTBDAY12 or 10% anytime w/code: PSPOSTCARDS) or at Supplies Just 4 Pets (save $5 off $50 code: 5off)

Ducky Club has a new blog for all duckie owners!
A Ducky Cat Toy facebook fan page has been created!

And finally I have named my ducky, let me introduce the one the only Sir Quacky McGee!

(so what do you think of his name?)


  1. Your ducky looks like a very good friend! It is very cute how you gave him a big hug.

  2. you look ADORABLE with your Ducky toy! I have 4 coming dis week. One fur me and tree for da shelter kitties. We r so excited, thanks fur sharing your photos.

    Kritter Kondo

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    What wonderful pictures and fun you are having with your duckie! Purrrs
    Love, *nosetaps,
    Honeybell, @wildboutbirds and mama too

  4. Dats so kewt you looks liek you loves him vewy much! :)

  5. My momma just LUVZ your pictures wif you ducky. She said dat cat really luvs his ducky. BOL Maybe I buys a ducky for my catsibs wif my allowence. Iz feeling very generous for some odd reason BOL