Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tater Goes Batty Over Ducky

My humans got three duckies from the other day in da mail. Da box came in my name and I was upset dat I could not play with the fund stuff inside. But it was explained to me that these were to donate to the pawpawty this weekend. So I iz okay with that. But then the humans saw how cute and sweet Tater was and they broke into the box and donated a ducky to Tater, after all she was rescued from hers fate at a car wash.

As you can clearly see by these pictures we have another new lover of the Kong Ducky Toy! She just went crazy for it and played and played right there on the walk!

Dis next picture is my favorite one (always save da best for last, right). She is loving the ducky upside down just like me.

Her ducky got a little dirty from playing out in the muddy walk, but dat iz what's great about these cat toys they are refillable so all you do is take out the catnip and throw the duck in the wash. He will come out all clean and purrty. Just like new.

So since we donated one to Tater (well worth it to see another kitten loving it so) we are down to two toys and refills to donate to the pawpawty, but that good two more kittehs get to know the luv of the duckie.

Owning a ducky gets you into the Duckie Club to boot. Ducky Club is great. It was started by my friend @Manxington.

Get your own Ducky Cat Toy at (save 10% anytime w/code: DUCKIECLUB) or at Supplies Just 4 Pets (save $5 off $50 code: 5off)

Update: Tater iz now a member of da Duckie Club and haz named herz duckie Duck Duck (as in Duck Duck Goose) :)


  1. You dids da rite thing, Boris Kitty. Dat duckie made Tater so happies. Now her not only has a furever home, but a duckie, too, and her has lots to PURRRRRRR about!

  2. Oh, such lovely pictures! I love to see her enjoying the toy so much! :) xxx

  3. OH, boy. Dat looks like big fun.

  4. Looks like Tater played so hard she fell off the walk! That's enthusiasm. Go, Tater!