Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lil Sandy Lookin Fur a Fambly - UPDATE: ADOPTED

Az da pikshure will show u we really liked diz orangicle kitteh named Sandy. He a sweet, active young kitty wot really needs a fambly all hiz own. We knows he will find one soon cause he so sweets.

32987 Sandy is a juvenile neutered male DSH. He is a playful active kitty who is in search of a loving home to call his own. (Reading)

Iffen u can halp gib Sandy a home please contact da Humane Society of Berks County today.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tucker Needs a Forever Home - UPDATE: ADOPTED

Human2 did stop by da Humane Society of Berks County tonight to play wif da kittehs. Herz did meets qwite a few handsum devils. We will start by introducing you to an orange tabby named Tucker. Tucker iz a real loverboy who would make sum1 a very nice pet indeed. Himz did purr da entire time Human2 did visit wif him (turn up ur volume and watch da video). Iffen u can halp gib Tucker a home please contact da Humane Society of Berks County today. [32946 Tucker is an adult neutered male DSH. He has gets along with other cats. (Reading)]

Tucker really wants a home he can call hiz own. He just wants a place to curl up and sleep want iz all hiz.

Himz iz a bright eyed, sweet boy dat NEVER stopped purring da whole time we visited wif him.

Sweet heart of a kitteh wants u to adopt him today.

So cute and so loving. Can u give him da home he wants?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neko Flies R Pawsum

Human two comed home wif des fings called Neko Flies. At first i just thoughted not anutter wand toy. I alreddy haz da most pawsum Da Bird, wot i needs wif a nutter wand toy.

Well lets me tell u dis iz not just anutter wand toy. It iz da wand toy to end all wand toys.

Da Neko Flies haz flewed into ma heart n dey iz der to stay.

I did catch da Kragonfly toy. It beary sturdy buggy.

Kung Fu Kitteh will defeats da great Kragonfly monster!

HAI dat kragonfly did escapes frum ma grasp.

Nom nom nom dis kragonfly be tasty.

I canno qwite reach it....

...mehbe iffen i turns like dis?

It werk! I did gets it.

And  I not lettin it go. MOL

I sedz I not lettin it go! I will bitey u wif ma fangs.

Da kragonfly by Neko Flies did put up wif a lot of ruff playin frum me. It iz beary durable. I did put da bitey on da wings but only made small holes no tears. I gonna hab loads of fun wif dis fing. Now to order up a few other attachments for it so I can haz a wide variety of toys all in one.

Check out ma video of how a lazy boy plays wif his Neko Flies. Hai I wuz all worn out from jumpin n chasin it afore da camera comed out. Honest.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dog Model Contest from EO Products

Sawry Shawnee u smelled of dog.
We all knows doggies are stinky and dey dunt groom dem selves like we kittehs do. So dey needs shampoos, conditioners and all dat to keeps der furs  clean and smelling good.

Well da folks at EO just launched a pet care product line and to halp u doggies get to knows da line dey iz habbin a contesty. And who doznt likes contesties???

Five dogs will be selected to receive EO's natural and organic dog shampoo, conditioner and groomer ($27.97 value). Head ovah to der site for all da details.

Hurry der contest ends March 8th and dat iz rite round da corner. So iffen u finks ur model qwality doggy get ur furry butt ovah to EO's site n facebook page and enter to win a pawsum pwize n be famouse!

Toy Warning for Dogs Stick Wif Dog Toys

Doz you remember da Melamine Pet Food Recall back in 2007? Well I wuz doin sum research fur ma warning about doggies playing wif people toys and finded out dat Melamine is a fire retardant.

It iz da fire retardants in kids toys dat makes dogs sick. See dis cute lil puppy on da right? Dis iz Giovanna (we calls herz Gigi) herz a sweet lil pup dog wot wuz gibbed a great big cute stuff dog fur Xmas (a few years affer we tooked dis pikshur). It wuz a kids toy and herz human not knowed not to gib dogs people toys. Gigi gotted sick. Herz started droolin and pantin. Dey took da toy away rite qwik and herz gotted betterer on herz own. But iffen herz had ingested any of dat toy dis story might not hab had a happy ending.

Like any dog Gigi likes her stuffies, but now herz parents knows to get herz safe toys wot are made fur dogs cause kids toys haz bad fur dogs flame retardant stuff in dem. Wot can cause kidney failure, like Melamine, or even complete organ shut down and death.

We read a while back about a dog wot wuz beary sick frum eatin toy fluffs and under went surgery to remove the blockage but da toy himz eated wuz a kids toy and when dey opened him up der wuz a liquid mass of gunk in hiz guts and hiz intestines were all black. Dis wuz caused by da fire retardants in da kids toy. Himz did not make it.

It iz important to know what iz in your pet's toys cause dogs chew, suck, lick and even ingest der dog toys. The site halps us understand harmful substances that are found in every day fings including our pet's toys. doz not discount dis az just a rumor, but concludes dat it could be da pesticides instead of the flame retardants. Honestly I don't think either chemical could be good for a doggy to eats. says des chemicals build up in a doggy's system.

I wants all ma pals to stay safe while playing wif der toys. So please, please, please make sure ur toys are made specially fur doggies and come from a good pet store source likes,, PetSmart, Petco or other pet supply store. But also be sure you iz gettin a good brand name dat stands behind der products. Stick wif Kong, Nylabone, Bamboo, Fat Cat, JW Pet and the know da companies out der dat have been doing dis for years and years.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Sun Puddles

It might be cold and windy outsides but I iz enjoyin late affernoon sun puddles insides.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nutro Prize Arrived!

I gotted a way cool prize from ma furrends ovah at Nutro. It had sum neato toys but more importantly it had NOMS!

But human2 sez dem healthy weight noms iz ZACKLY wot ma big belly needs. HAI I RESEMBLE DAT!

FANKS U Edna and everybuddy at NUTRO.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Human1 iz a lil confused about dis supah bowl. Herz da biggest Steelers fan ever, but Packers be herz second favorite team of all time. Guess herz will be happy no matter who wins but herz rootin fur dem Steelers most. Yup dat iz Puppy Bowl on ma TV.

Puttin da bitey on da Cheesehead.

Me and da Terrible Towel. Wonder if I can use dis fur Towel Day too?

Friday, February 04, 2011

Pet Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month for pets and dis iz an issue near and dear to me. I hab several friends wot haz crossed da rainbow bridge affer habbing teeth cleanings or teeth problems. Bad teeth can seriously endanger your pets. So it doz be sumfin u need to takes care of on a daily basis. Not all cats or dogs will put up wif habbin der teeth brushed. Dat's where teeth cleaning treats like Greenies come in. Dey still might need a dental cleaning every once in awhile but Greenies will really halp reduce tartar and keep your pets mouth clean.

Here some more information about Greenies and Dental Health.

Veterinary Oral Health Council Distinguishes Pet Dental Products
Pet product peer to American Dental Association seal for humans assures efficacy

NASHVILLE, TNFebruary 1, 2011—With recent medical data indicating that good oral health can add years to a pet’s healthy lifespan, pet owners are becoming more proactive in caring for their pets’ teeth. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but dental care is getting due focus year round. Though only one percent of dog owners brush their dogs’ teeth daily, last year 77 percent purchased dental treats, which are regarded as an easier and more enjoyable alternative to brushing. 1
But not all treats have been proven to work. As with the American Dental Association Seal on human toothpastes and toothbrushes, a special Seal of Acceptance by an organization called the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) provides confirmation of efficacy of the product. The VOHC Seal of Acceptance indicates that the product has met or exceeded the pre-set VOHC standards of efficacy in reducing dental plaque and/or tartar. 

 “There are a variety of pet treats and foods that claim to clean teeth, but not all products provide significant benefit,” says Dr. Jan Bellows, a leading veterinary dentist, diplomate and president-elect of the American Veterinary Dental College, the administrator of the VOHC. The VOHC created a seal of acceptance, which is only awarded to dental products proven effective by stringent clinical testing methodology. 

“The VOHC seal confirms a product is efficacious in reducing buildup of plaque and tartar, the leading cause of oral disease, which can reduce a pet’s healthy lifespan,” Dr. Bellows says. “Walk into any pet store and you will find dozens of treats that claim to clean teeth. While it’s easy to make teeth-cleaning claims, formulating a treat that significantly protects teeth is difficult. The VOHC seal is there to help pet owners and veterinarians recognize which products are proven to work.” 

Greenies Bones - Petite - 27 oz. - 765 g - 45 pk.The VOHC’s product testing protocols are similar to those of human medical trials that use a control and test group. For dental treat trials in dogs, for example, both groups utilize dogs with clean teeth that are fed a dry food diet, while only one group gets a daily dental treat. Plaque and tartar buildup are measured after 30 days and, if the test group shows significantly cleaner teeth, the seal is awarded to that treat.

GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews were the first brand of treats to receive the VOHC seal for both plaque and tartar control. GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews have a chewy texture that allows teeth to sink in for maximum tooth contact for cleaning efficacy.

About The Nutro Company
The Nutro Company is a leading manufacturer of natural* pet food products sold exclusively at pet specialty stores.  The company has been making "The World's Best Pet Food" for more than 80 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition, offering healthful formulas for every pet's life stage, activity level and size.  The Nutro Company's family of brands includes MAX®, NATURAL CHOICE® dog and cat foods and ULTRA™ food for dogs in addition to the GREENIES® brands, which include the #1 vet-recommended pet specialty dental chews** and PILL POCKETS® treats.  For more information, please visit and
1 2009-2010 American Pet Products Association’s Annual Pet Owner Survey; Oral Health Care Study of 766 Dog Owners, January 2011, Conducted by Trone® Research

*Natural fortified with added vitamins and minerals
**Among veterinarians that recommend dental chews/treats for at home oral care

®/™ Trademarks © The Nutro Company 2011. U.S. Pat. No. D587,428

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Caption Contest Winner

Remember last month when I ahd dis silly pikshur of myself and acided to hab a caption contesty? Well I gotted some really good captions from my anipals you should go check dem out.

I had a really hard time pickin a winner out of all dem great entries so I asked Human1 to halp wif it.

Da winner iz Cathy Keisha wif dis capshun: Yo! What's a cat got to do to get some attention in this place? Herz wins a $25 gift certificate from

Fanks to all who comed and played wif me. It wuz fun and we gonna haz to doz dis agin real soon.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

SCIFIpawty Facebook Page

I had human2 makes us a facebook page fur SCIFIpawty. Iffen you hab a fb account please head ovah and like SCIFIpawty so we gets tons of followers.

Fank you all for ur supports.

Da kittehs at One by One appreciates it beary much.