Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Aussies Get Yer Tails A Waggin'

If you are an eastern Australian pet owner you may already know about Tails R Wagging in Balmain. It is more than just a pet store it is a full service petopia! They have a new center in Rozelle, where they have a shop, grooming spa, doggy daycare and even offer up pet sitting services. So if you are looking for doggy day care in Rozelle be sure and check out Tails R Wagging. We found a really cool feature on their site where you can watch your pup online if it is under their care. How cool is that to be able to sign in and see your best friend having fun while you are stuck at work? Pretty sweet huh!

They do have an online store and if you and your dog live in the Balmain area you can get free delivery of your purchases.

Don’t have a dog yet? Well they have you covered in that department too. They have the most adorable pugaliers for sale in the Sydney area. What’s a pugalier, besides adorable, you ask? It is a mix between a pug and King Charles Cavalier and they really are cute. Don’t believe me. They have pictures of the available pups on their site so stop by and prove it to yourself. Tails R Wagging isn’t your average doggy department store either all their pups are socialized, potty trained, healthy and travel ready. So what are you waiting for? Go get one of those cute little guys!

So get the pick of the litter of the pugaliers for sale in Sydney or drop your dog off for some TLC at the doggy day care in Rozelle. Whatever you need Tails R Wagging has got you covered in New South Wales.

Some day I will have to travel clean across to the other side of the world and stop in for a visit and see those cute doggies.

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