Monday, August 31, 2009

One of Ma Favorite Places da Bathroom Window

One of ma favoritest places ta be iz da bafroom winder. I luvs hanging out and watching birdies, squirrels and even peeples as dey go by under me. If da humanz iz using da litterbox I pounce on dem to gets up der. Dey no minds (much) and sumtimes I hangs out on da huamnz afore getting in da winder! Dey call dat bafroom luvins (dat cause I not get up on der laps any utter time).

Dis iz me up in ma window watchin az human2 heads off ta werk. (I fink herz would rather stay home and hangs out in da winder wif me). But iffen I wants toys and nom noms I haz ta let herz go off ta werk. (just in case u no can see me dat iz me in da littlest winder on second floor)

Hai I see u seeing me! Where u going? R u coming back in? Should I come running to da back door or stay put? Okai I sees u when u gets home!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Woodstock PawPawty Dis Weekend

It is PawPawty dis weekend! da theme fur dis month iz Woodstock (kinda fittin since dat film Taking Woodstock comes out dis weekend too -- wonder if dat wuz planned? U fink hollywood werks around da anipals schedules?)

Des PawPawties iz great fun, but dey iz much more den dat too. Dey help raise awareness of anipals in need while raizin moneys for to donate to a lucky cause.

Dis month da lucky recipient iz TEARS (The Emergency Animal Rescue Service)

Dat definitely a worthy cause fur shur.

If you not knowing wot a pawpawty iz (u iz missin out on a pawsum time) check out da founder, Frugal Dougal's website, Paws Around da World, for more info and Romeo Cat's site too (he a a great kitteh wif a heart o gold). Both will tell you about wot it iz n wot it doz.

Romeo answers dis question for inquiring minds...What is a Twitter #Pawpawty anyway?

Still confuzed? Checking out da PawPawty wiki for all da inz n outz of pawtying wif da anipals.

Okai, u not hafta join us on Twitter ta halp da anipals u can donate directly by going to Romeo's site or straight. So why not go donate now?

U can wins great prizes, I donated two tee shirts one fur humans n one fur anipals. Da winners can choose der saying, da shirt style/color n der size (sawry anipals dey only comes in one style/color fur pets).

Humans choose from dem short sleevey shirts here:

Boris Says...

I Fit In It I Sit In It

Check out dis shirts now.

Boris Says,

Don't Shop


Check out dis shirts now.

Boris Says,

Race Cars

Not Dogs!

Check out dis shirts now.




Check out dis shirts now.**

Anipals Choosey from da shirts seen here:

Boris Says...

Fit In It I Sit In It

Check out dis shirts now.

Boris Says,

Don't Shop


Check out dis shirts now.

Boris Says,

Race Cars

Not Dogs!

Check out dis shirts now.




Check out dis shirts now.**

** dem iz da shirts me n ma humanz iz wearing in da pikshurs on dis here bloggy.

We needs da URL of da style shirt u want along wif color and size info so my human can ordering up da right one for you. Also needing shipping addy, fanks!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ma Sea Monsters Gone Wild

I wented outside for a little bit this evening wif human2 and i spied ma sea monster over in da fishy pond swimmin and swimmin.

He sure do go fast! I watched him go round and round for a very long time (at least until human1 skeered me n I had ta run inside qwik). I luv ma sea monster even if I has not yet named he (still acceptin suggestions).

Wot you fink of dis monster wot goes swimmin wif ma fishies?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Terrible Horrible Fings Wot Humanz Duz ta Kittehs

Da humanz dun gone n dun did it now! Dey buyed t-shirts from CafePress for dem selves but neglected ta tellz me dey were buyin one fur me too! Da order comed right quick n we gots it on Friday. When Human2 gotted home dey conspired agin me n stuck dis shirt on ma cute little body (okai big cause it a doggy medium shirt).

As you can see I iz nun too happy abouts wear dis here t-shirt no matter how cute it iz or how cute I looks in it!

Dey gotted der pikshures and tortured me good (I did get a few biteys in) den I started skoochin backwards tryin hard ta get out of da shirt! I hated it so. I iz not a kitteh fur fashions dat fur sure.

Since I wuz a gud boy and only bited a lil bit I gots special salmon treats in my new Boris Kitty bowl. (But still dey leaved dat darned shirt on me!)

As you can see da humans gots matching shirts too (and I iz still not too happy about bein dressed up).

But it iz purrty kewl of dem ta share me wif da werld, aint it?

New Computer Fur Me - NOT!

Human2 gotted a brand spanky new laptoppy puter from da Dell webby site. It sure iz a snazzy one. Herz said no kittehs had better ever be caught walking across dis keyboard ever! Den added heck wif dat, no kittehs better ever even fink about walkin on dis puter period.

Den herz did not even let me on da puter to talk wif ma Twitter furends! Wot up wif dat? Herz spended all weekends putting stuffs up on eBay (I guess for ta pay for da new puter, huh?) and said I no could uses it for pawtying wif kittehs!

Dis new 'puter iz making me a berry sad kitteh cat! Puhleez letting me use it for to talk wif ma furends?

Friday, August 21, 2009

Doggies Gettin Hitched n Going for World Records

Remember dese dogs from last week when Human2 wented to day y102 Dog Days of Summer fing? Well Human2 wuz talkin to da purson wot dey own about dis way fun utter festival coming up next week called Fido Festival USA in NJ.

Da doggies at da festival are gonna be trying for a world's record so dey can get putted in dat record booky. Dey trying for da world's largest canine wedding ceremony. All dese dawgs in ma pikshure is getting hitched (as well az dem boxers in da anti-eagles t-shirts from last week). Dey all haz bows but one of da boxer girlies needs a boy doggy for ta marry her. I had offered up PC, but hiz humans said dey can no make it on the 28th of August to da ceremonies! I guess if herz can no find a man ta marry herz could check out da online dating services over at Pooch Partners (MOL).

Bummer cause it would have been fun to see if dey make da record breaking group of marrying up doggies! Asides da werld record attempting dey iz habbing utter contests n pwizes for dogs n der owners. Why don't kittehs ever hab big festivals like dis? O, yeah, right, we not like being around each utter much let alone strange humans!

Oh, and hai, our pals over at iz sponsorin up some of da pwizes too. Sounds like a really fun times ta be a dawg. Iffen you iz in NJ areas maybe you should outta go check it out!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Da Ball iz Too Far Away

It iz too hot ta play today and dat ball rolled too far aways! I just can no reach it. Dat ma story n I stickin wif it!

(Don't u dare say I iz a lazy kitteh cat, cause I might resemble dat remarks!)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sending Out da Pwizes!

I halped ma humanz pack up all da pwizes from ma birfaday contesty. I rubbed ma scent on each one so all da kittehs will know der mails iz from me!

So when we wuz done I told human2 ta get a move on n get dem packages to da post office. Herz left right away wif all dem boxes so kittehs should be getting der pwizes any time now. Only one still not mailed iz da one goin ta malaysha (where ever dat iz, but should be mailinged tamorrow when da humanz hab off n can go ta da post orfice)...oh & da one fur ma pal @catbirddog who said ta donatey der pwize to da shelter kittehs ma humanz visited da utter day. Dat iz so berry sweet, isn't it?!

Monday, August 17, 2009

y102's Dog Days of Summer

Saturday Human2 wented to da Y102 Dog Days of Summer down at da Reading Museum. Herz said herz had fun, but I had to hides under da tables cause herz smelled of strange DAWGS! I not normally get on dese chairs. I did eventually comes out & play wif herz & listened to herz tell us all about dem doggies wot herz played wif.

Der were little doggies wot were all dressed up wif ear bling & everyfing. Herz human staff person tolded us dat da ears were done at a place called Spoiled Rotten. Ma cousin dawg Lily pested to go der after the fest. (Herz gots herz ears done too!)

Der were way big doggies too! Human2 asked how tall dis guy wuz & his human said he about 36 inches but hims could get bigger cause he iz under two. I don't fink he will break dat world record of 42.2" of da tallest dog tho!

Der were little kids wif doggies too! Dis here pitbull wuz so sweet & played so nice wif da little guy. Peoples always haz da wrong idea about pitbulls. Ya know it be people wot makes dem bad. Same fing wif rotties all da ones we know are big ole sweeties.

Da doggies were coming in groups and sometimes by dem selves. dey were every where!

It wuz a very hot day & some dawgs cooled off in da creek. It also werked nice for thirsty dawgs too ta gets a drinky. (But nice humanz had bowls wif ice water all over da park.)

Dis guy wuz habbing such a good time fetchin rocks hiz man wuz throwing fur him.

There were lots of doggy furends. Old & new der.

Sometimes you haz ta sniff da ankles ta say howdy -- MOL.

Sum had on just a little bits of clothings...While utters were completely dressed up...Sum outfits did makes more den just a fashion many humanz der were dogs wot did not like that Michael Vick wuz signed to da Eagles and dey did show it!

Yo Philly WTF?

Hai Vick U+Me=Dark Alley

Boo Eagles!

Dese dawgs were just hanging out & being cool.

All dis fun wuz so da Animal Rescue League & Humane Society coulds take in donations & increase awareness of homeless animals.

So why don't dey do dis fur kittehs, huh?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I R Flying

Human1 wuz carrying me back inside after a way too short time of playing outside when Human2 said bring he ober here! Herz wuz laying on da grass. I looked down at herz n click, herz took dis pikshure of me flying in da air!

I not an upside down kitteh. Nope. Herz iz an upsides down human!
Hope I gets ta play outside sum more once human2 comes home. Herz iz off to da Dog Days of Summer fing for da Berks Animal Rescue League ober at da Reading Museum. I no wanna go cause der will be too many peoples n dawgs der. Herz iz gonna bring me pikshures back so I can see da fun herz hads.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today iz Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day

Today iz Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day.

Wot do dat mean? It means kittehs like ma pal Christopher here gets a little more attenshuns today and maybe gets to finds a forever home! has made today Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day to halp "senior, special-needs and other often-overlooked pets find homes". I fink dat a great fing!

You know on Caturday my humanz wented to the Berks Animal Rescue League to donate toys and treats to dem kittehs wot r waiting for furever homes. There were cute kittens there wot will be 'dopted right quick, but there are plenty of utter cats n kittehs wot needs gud luvin homes. They are chock full of adult cats, black cats and other less adoptable kittehs like ma pal Christopher who iz paralyzed n needs a very special human to luv him always!

Here is Christopher's story: "My name is Christopher. If you are a pet owner who has had a disabled pet and are interested in taking a 10-week-old kitten who has a paralyzed back end, please call the ARL and ask for Nicole or Jamie. He is being fostered and he's very outgoing and playful. He's full of life despite his disability!" Can U gib him a happy ending, puhleez?!

There are loads of other stories out there too. Ma Furend Shawnee writes about her humans experience wif Lindsey a white Persian (her story is sad so has tissues ready). Shawnee herself was wot iz considered a less adoptable pet but look at she now!

Anutter one of my pals wuz also considered a less adoptable pet his name iz Pepi. He an old luvable guy. Read about Pepi over at Companion Critters, Inc.'s website. Go see how rewarding a life these senior dogs can have with the right humanz taking care of dem.

Da Weiners -- Oops Winners of Da Play-n-Squeak Toys

Play-n-Squeak Da Wild Inside...

Here iz da results for da crazy clicky voting for da contest...

Boris' Birfaday Bash Contesty Results

#1 @ZachRabbit - 31 (1%)
#2 @catbirddog - 755 (16%)
#3 @PerryBirman - 28 (1%)
#4 @Monkey_Cat - 82 (2%)
#5 The Island Cats - Wally - 42 (1%)
#6 The Island Cats - Zoey - 23 (0%)
#7 The Island Cats - Ernie - 30 (1%)
#8 Sam Sun Taylor - 10 (0%)
#9 @BrewskieButt - 68 (1%)
#10 Sam the Cat - 1150 (25%)
#11 Daisy the Curly Cat - 16 (0%)
#12 The Creeks Cats - Ferris - 31 (1%)
#13 @HotMBC - 39 (1%)
#14 KritterKommunity - Madi - 13 (0%)
#15 KritterKommunity - Abi - 18 (0%)
#16 Xanthe - 8 (0%)
#17 Brian Frum - 96 (2%)
#18 Fuz of Macandfuzcat - 26 (1%)
#19 @MizzBassie - 18 (0%)
#20 @PimpTheCat - 20 (0%)
#21 Cokie the Cat - 20 (0%)
#22 Velvet (aka Lord Fatty) - 671 (14%)
#23 Sid aka: @sidthecatahoula - 25 (1%)
#24 Shadow - 55 (1%)
#25 Slinky - 23 (0%)
#26 Lucy - 27 (1%)
#27 Dunkin The Cat - 406 (9%)
#28 Crystal - 319 (7%)
#29 Loki - 211 (5%)
#30 Katie Ann Kitty Too - 8 (0%)
#31 JazzyDaCat - 78 (2%)
#32 PollyPuss - 10 (0%)
#33 MorrisCat - 9 (0%)
#34 Henry (QuadPawd) - 74 (2%)
#35 Cheshire Kitten - 15 (0%)
#36 Sweet Praline - 8 (0%)
#37 Gabby da Tabby - 27 (1%)
#38 Emmy the Cat - 39 (1%)
#39 Kismet - 44 (1%)
#40 Wilbur Wilson - 9 (0%)
#41 Growly Girl - 18 (0%)
#42 Cleo - 50 (1%)
Total: 4162

And da winners are...

Grand Prize Winner is #10 Sam the Cat !!! For da fastest pawpaw clicking MOL!

Da Runner Up Prize Winners are...

#2 @catbirddog
#22 Velvet (aka Lord Fatty)
#27 Dunkin The Cat
#28 Crystal
#29 Loki

And since dis wuz not quite da "fair" race I am sending out 3 more play-n-squeak mices to 3 random lucky kitties (fanks to additional donation from! We asked are lovely assisants over at ta picks 3 numbers from 1-36 (number of anipals left after vote tallies were done)...

Random Drawing Winners R:
#11 Daisy the Curly Cat
#25 Slinky
#34 Henry (QuadPawd)

If you no winned has dem at 20% off thru today so go get sum you'll likes dem! (o and use da coupon code: CTBDAY08 for an additional 15% off until 8/31/09 ...or if you missed da 20% you can still saves!)

Concats to all da winners! Be on look out for an email from me (I needs you addresses to sends you da prizes). If I no hears back from you da prizes will be forfeit, so gets back to me ASAP!

A Big FANK U goes out to all our entries you iz all winners for having such pawsome humanz to give you forever homes and to our sponsors:, and (FANK U SO FOR MAKING DIS KEWL CONTESTY POSSIBLE)!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Donating Toys to Animal Rescue League Kitties

Saturday after playing in da garden da humanz packed up all dem cool treats n toys into da car and wented to da Berks Animals Rescue League wot helps all da poor helpless animalz in and around da county. See dat Ducky der in da middle? dat wuz donated by a generous anipal from Twitter wot wonned it during a pawpawty aint dat sweet of dem!? Ma humanz donated stuffs and da rest of dis pile wuz donated by!

As you can see dat ducky wuz a big hit wif da lil guys needing furever homes! Dey also gots a play-n-squeaky mousie like wot we iz giving away in da contesty.

Dey really loved da squeak squeak squeak des mousies makes! I knows des guys will gets homes quick acause dey iz so dang cute. Der are so many sweet kittehs needing furever homes dat it made ma humanz wanna bring dem all home. One adult kitteh got up off his window sill nappin spot n comed over to human2 n rubbed n rubbed agin herz thru da cage door. He picked herz out n herz really really wanted to gib him a home. Somebody pleez go n adopt him pleez!!

Some more ducky club members joined da club on dis day!

Der were some really kewl feather toys in der too and dems were a big hit too! Ma humans wented throughout da kitteh room giving toys to many cats and kittens!

All da precious kittehs say fank you fur da fun toys n nummy treats!

If you wanna halp too you can adopt one of da many dogs, cats or critters at the ARL, send dem donations or donate thru sites like

Ma humanz said gibbing out toys to da kittehs wuz fun n rewarding. We posted more pictures of der ARL visit over on for your enjoyments.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

I'm Big Jungle Cat

I bets you no can sees me. I r hiding in da jungle waiting for bidies, squirrels or utter wildlifes to come my way. When dey do I will spring into action. Pounce I got you now!

Okai, so ma biggest catch so far haz been a cricket bug. Nom nom nom!

Dis is one of ma favorite hidey spots in ma garden. I loves getting to go outside! And today iz be-oooty-ful day. Nice suns, blue skies, floofy white clouds, cool breezy. It a gud day to be in day garden dat fur sure.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Hangin' Wif Human1

Dis iz me hanging out wif Human1. We iz looking at birdies out our front doors. Dis iz a real fun place to hang out when da weather iz nice.

I likes ta sits here at night too when a cool breezes iz coming thru. But I not like having da door open when da boom-booms (fireworks) iz going off over at da Reading Phillies basebalss field. Dey scares me.

Side notey: Human1 haz requested dat I tellz da werld dat herz iz also called daMumma!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Okai We Haz Technikal Diffikulties

It wuz broughts ta my attnshuns dat da softwarez we using for da contest votin iz none too gud.

So we tried requiring cookies but dat block most anipals from votin at all. Den we tried one votey per IP address but dat not werk out too gud either.

So we went back to da regulars not so gud voting but still werkin sorta versions. An adjusted da contesty rulez a bits.

Wot dis mean? Well fur one you can votes more den once a day (some kitties haz figured dat out already n pumped up dey votes). It also mean we ending da voting early on da 8th now so da clicky war not gets too crazy.

So ifs u really want dat pwize or fink one of da anipals deserves it more den vote, vote, vote all day long if u wants! Just be warned we not held responsibles fur any catpaw tunnel syndromes or injuries to da clickers such az eye strain, crossed eyes or grouchy sore losers caused by votey warz! -- Alzo we gonna rezervin da right to void any votes for any reason we sees fit (but I no fink dis gonna happen -- just meowing case I haz ta).

Fur any anipal wunder wot fur stupid softawrez dis iz it iz da phpQuestionaire Jr. from Chumpsoft. It okai n will be betterer for just polls but not for dis kind of applikashuns. Der survey softwarez iz purrty darned gud tho.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Birfaday Bash Contesty Voting Is Open

Update: Contesty ending early due to softwarez issue wif votey. So go votes and votes and votes, but no it endin on August 8, 2009 now so da votey no turns into ugly war!

Anipals haz been askin where da contesty voting page! Well Slacker Human2 FINALLY gots it up and we haz so many pets entering dat we hads to move it off ma bloggy!

Fanks to @ShawneeShep for letting me use da pikshure!
All anipals deserves ta hab a special day whether it iz der actually birfaday, der gotcha day or just a day ta celebrate der arrival into da family. Dis contesty wuz to see how other people celebrates wif der pets. We gots lots of entries. Sum will makes u laff n sum will make u cries. Go check them all out az u might lern a little sumfin about ur anipals. U can votes fur ur favorite or ur bestest bud dat up to u.

Voting will runs until August 16, 2009 8/8/09 (ends midnighty EST). You can votes once a day so come backs every day! Tell you furends to come and votes fur u too!

So go place ur votes now!

PS...rules and pwizes are listed on ma bloggy (and dawgs and bunnies will get substitute pwizing if dey wins!)

Da Humans Finded Ma Milk Ring Stash

Today wuz a fun day halping Human2 buildy some LEGO sets. Herz luvs LEGO from way back when herz wuz but a kitten. But den every fing went wrong...

Herz iz still nursing herz leg from da surgery n tooked a nap. I on da utter hand did not nappy. I sneaked up on da table n knocked all da little guys down on da floor!

No problem herz says n picked dem up when herz got up. Den when herz wuz on da phone I gets back up der n knocked some more pieces down n bat dem all over da floor. Since herz wuz now awake herz herd da sound of LEGO bricks on da floor n comed looking.

Herz found one piece but knew a nutter one wuz missing n called to Human1 for halp looking for it. Human1 got down on da floor n started looking n looking. I knew herz would not finds it acause I hids it gud under da piano (MOL).

All of da sudden da flash light iz out n so iz da yardy stick, which some how started sticking out da utter side of da piano! Oh no dey were on ta me! I better investigates dis furder.

Yep upon lookin closerer under da piano dey were definitely on to me. Dey were starting to pull out all da toys I had stashed in der.

Dey just would not leave well enuff alone! I putted dem der for safe keepings. Now dey were all out in da open again. along wif a few unwanted dust bunnies! (Sawry Zachary not da fun kinda bunnies likes you, but sneezing yucky dirty bunnies.)

So are you sure you guys finded every fing we kittehs putted under der. I better double checks your werk for you.

Well dat looks like all of da ones we putted under der but where u taking dem utter fings! (Humanz throwed some icky fings away.) Dat yellow arrow points to da LEGO piece wot gotted me in trouble n caused da whole under da piano cleaning!

Here is wot we finded under da piano...

  • 9 milk rings (for me)
  • 4 icky mice (trash now)
  • 1 bunny tail (sawry zachary -- it gone now)
  • 1 Star Trek toy (I play wif dat for days)
  • 2 paper balls (Abby played wif dem afore dey were trashed)
  • 1 peanut shell (trash)
  • 1 dryer sheets (no idear)
  • 10 billion dust bunnies

Here some videos of me play wif ma rings now dat dey iz out in da open again...