Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Up For Pups Interview of Yours Truly

I wuz interviewed by ma new furrends ovah at Up For Pups. I did meets dem at BlogPaws. Dey r great (& dat not cause dey putted me on der webby site either)!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week: Escapade

Originally uploaded by BorisKitty
You can find this beautiful ginger kitteh over at thru the One by One cat rescue.

His name is Escapade and he is a big sweetheart.

Human2 did gets to play with him the other day and finks hims would make a wunnerful companion.

Himz iz positive for feline Leukemia and needs a beary speshul purrson to lub him and gib he a forever home. Himz wuz dumped at da shelter starving, but he a healthy lubber boy now.

I hopes u will consider gibbin him a good home today.

Bettie White Pin Up Girl

We lub Bettie White and it apparent everybuddy else does too! Check out dis "pin-up" calendar of our favorite golden girl.

Betty White calendar for 2011, featuring twelve glorious months of Betty, the beloved actress, comedienne, and surprisingly hot-hot-hot celebrity. At age 88, Betty White has a hit show—Hot in Cleveland. Made Saturday Night Live funny again when NBC gave her the guest-host spot at the urging of a 500,000-member Facebook campaign. And starred, with Abe Vigoda, in the year’s #1 Super Bowl commercial (Snickers). She is classy, earthy, unassuming, a winner of multiple Emmy awards and an outspoken advocate for animal charities. And she’s got a fantastic sense of humor about herself. Now that’s our kind of pin-up girl.

Betty White’s royalties for dis calendar goes to support Morris Animal Foundation. How pawsum iz dat?

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Donations to One by One Cat Rescue

Yester day I did sends ma Human2 off on a mission of delivering donashuns to da cat rescue -- One By One (U mite remember dem az da group wot could not takes me cause dey wuz all full up. But dat a-ok wif us cause dat iz why I hab ma forever home here wif Human1 & Human2!)

Az u can see we had TONS of fings to deliver thanks to dem great peeples over at & their wunnerful customers wot donates thru der webby site. We also added da beds and loads more toys to makes dis an AWESUM PAWSUM DONATIONS to dis great group. Plus we wanted to get our paws on dem cute little babies from dat sweet poor Skittles dat da ARL did do wrong.

O My Cat! Look how cutes & sweets dem lil babies iz! Dey doz hab a forever home & dey will be going to it purrty soon. We iz beary happy dat we gotted to meets dem afore dey mooves away. Good lucks to u in ur forever & ever home girls!

Now lets me tellz u, dem nice peeples at One By One sure doz luv dem kittehs, but I also knows dey would likes to hab every single one of dem moove out to a forever home. So I would likes u to see sum of dem cute cute kittehs wot needs a special person to comes into der lives.

I finks da pikshures truly doz sez a 1000 werds dunt u? Iffen you want more informashuns on any of dem kittehs please contacts dem peeples at One By One dey will be able to halp u out or check out the available kittehs ovah at

Iffen you wanna see even MORE pikshure from our visit check out ma One By One photo album on facebooks.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Give Litter to Shelter Kitties

I am sure you are familiar with Free Kibble where u answer da trivia queshuns and by doing dat you are donating kibbles to needy animals.

But did you know dat World's Best Cat Litter haz started da same fing but wif gibbin shelters litter fur kitties?

It iz just as easy and only takes a few clicks to Give Litter to needy kittehs.

Can you please take a minute out of your busy day to go and vote. By doing dat you will be gibbin kittehs much needed litter.

Fanks you.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good News Kittens Gotted Forever Home

Human2 called da peoples at One by One Cat Rescue about da kittens from dat sweet kitteh Skittles wot wuz sended to da Rainbow Bridge by da ARL.

Well dey tolded herz dat dey did both gets a forever and ever home togetter! YAY!

And it doz sound likes der new human iz a beary nice cat purrson wot will lub dem and care fur dem furever.

Der names are now Franny and Flossie.

We wishes dem da beary best of lucks in der new home.

We likes happy endings.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

OMC Write a Post, Help a Dog! #Dogsrule

OMC I almost missed out on dis oppurrtunity to halp shelter doggies out! Ma pal Cosmo did tells me...

Looking for a way to help a homeless dog? If you have a blog of any kind, simply write a post to help a dog from now through September 19 and Pedigree will donate a 20-pound bag of food to an animal shelter.

  • Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations. Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs.
  • This year the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is raising awareness for homeless dogs by donating a bowl of food to shelter dogs for everyone who becomes a "Fan" or "Likes" the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on Facebook. So far more than 1 million bowls have been donated.

  • Special for BlogPaws West: For each blog that posts about the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive through September 19, PEDIGREE will donate a bag of its new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to shelters nationwide. It's simple: Write a post, help a dog.
  • Thursday, September 16 through Sunday, September 19, the Pedigree BlogPaws bloggers will host a Blog Hop to help raise awareness for the "Write a post, help a dog" effort.

Way to go Pedigree!

Bloggy Hop

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beary Sad Fings Happenin In Reading, PA

I did hab a pawsum time at BlogPaws and did lern lots about how I can "Be The  Change", but den I come home to beary sad news dat makes me fink I can neber make a difference even fur one lil kitteh.

Da Animal Rescue League of Berks County (Reading) needs sum edumakashuns when it comes to dealin with kittehs and dis makes me beary, beary sad. Dey iz one of ma two local shelters dat I visit, donate supplies and money too (the other is the Humane Society of Berks). Unless ARL straightens out der act I am going to do wot ever I can to let people know NOT to surrender ANY animal there and possibly even pull their support (I will be turnin all ma efforts toward HSBC & One by One Rescue in future).

Last week the story of Skittles the kitty and her two kittens was on the front page of the Reading Eagle. Dat poor porr Skittles wuz put down by the time da lady had gone out to her car and came back in wif da kittens! I completely understand the need for open-door shelters such as these but when they are this quick to put down an animal because the staff is unaware of the normal behavior of a frightened and disoriented cat -- that is uncalled for in ma book! While I would lub for NO animal to ever be put down for any reason, this one story iz beary shocking.

Harry D. Brown III, executive director of the Animal Rescue League of Berks County, explains the policy for surrendering animals and adds two new policies that are only being put in place to cover der own butts! These new policies are not good enuff! They must have sum kind of waiting period putted in place and attempt to find the owners of strays (many strays are lost and hab families lookin fur dem).

Fank goodness da lady scooped dem kittens rite back up and marched out dem door. da two kittehs, Pinky and Boogers are now in a NO-KILL shelter and are available for adoption thru One by One Cat Sanctuary.

Den u hab idiots like dis one dat doz not read the whole article or simply wants der name in da papers with der ignorant rant about the original artikle. Yes, dey makes a valid point about spay/neuter, but that iz da only correct fing dey say in der letter to da editor of da paper. If u takes a pregnant cat in to be spayed dat iz called abortion. (And I iz qwite sure dat lady would be against aborshuns.)

As if all dis iz not enuff, today human1 goes ta werk to be shown 3 lil kittens wot should neber eber hab been removed from der mother. A guy at herz job did find dem in his wood pile and brought dem in to werk. Peeples wot are not edumakated in da ways of feral kittehs should keeps der paws off dem until dey know fur sure da mother iz not simply out gettin food or moving da kittehs to anutter location.

Fank goodness der wuz a lady der wot had experience wif hand feedin & birfin da lil babehs utterwise he wuz takin dem to da Humane Society (and we nose wot happens to lil bitty babehs at da humane society). Human2 had leaky eyes all day until herz herd about dis lady takin dem in and takin cares of dem.

We plan on edumakatin dis city about feral kittehs. Spekt more frum us on Feral Cat Day Oct. 16th!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Share Ur Kitteh Story & Halp Rescue Animals

We gotted dis press release about r new furrends over at Happy Tails Books (fanks to BlogPaws) upcomin booky. So we gonna werk on writing up ma story to shares wif da werld and halp dem raise monies fur utter rescue animals to boot.

Get Your Cat Tales Featured in a Book!

Happy Tails Books is collecting stories about adopted cats for the next books in the Lost Souls: FOUND! series, and they want to hear from you!

Each book in this wonderful series highlights the love and joy adopted pets bring to their new homes. The books contain several sections to entertain and educate readers: short stories (600-1200 words), paragraph-long anecdotes (funny, silly, or heartwarming), behavioral and medical challenges (and how they were solved), recipes, and poems. Detailed submission guidelines and a story submission form are located at

Happy Tails Books welcomes stories from writers of all ability levels and from foster and forever homes alike. Stories should be emotional (funny, happy, sad, thought-provoking) and have a clear point.

A significant portion of profits is donated back to rescue organizations. Please submit your stories and help Happy Tails Books reach their goal of donating at least $10,000 back to rescue organizations this year.

Please submit your cat stories before September 30th. The sooner the better!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Miah Vs Toki - Sort Of MOL

It all started wif sum kisses for Miah frum Toki, but den it got to be...

...sum staring. Followed by....

More kisses.

And more kisses!

Even more kisses!

I am finkin dat Toki's Puppy Kisses did totally win ovah dat Miah frum da Start The Change You Want To Be bloggy. Wot u finks?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Adorable Kitties Need Forever Home

A three for...cause u gotta takes em all! Des sweet hearts iz in need of a forever and ever home. Dey doz need ur loves. Iffen ur in da Denver, CO area please adopt dem precious kittehs.

Dat yellow tabby iz named Mulligan, da gray tabby iz Bozz and dat tuxedo kitteh iz Pansy. Dey lubs to play wif each utter and gib nosetaps.

Please contact da fine folks at da Duncan's Place Cat Sanctuary in Loveland, CO. You can also finds dem ovah at

Caturdays Capshuns Contest

Dis da pikshure wot needs a capshuns fur todays contesty! Sorry dis iz late so u gotta tweet ur capshuns out rite qwik to wins dat year supply of noms fur u & a years supply fur a shelter of ur choice.

Enter by sendin a tweet to either me (@BorisKitty ) or @pawsandeffect along wif dat hashtag #Temptations. We be watchin.

Fanks to dem fine folks at Temptations fur gibbin such wunnerful pwizes.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fridays Cat Captions From Temptations

Dis iz da pikshur fur today. It iz ur job to gib it a capshun and tweet to either me (@BorisKitty ) or @pawsandeffect along wif dat hashtag #Temptations.

Remember dat Temptations iz gibbin da winner a YEAR supply of Temptations cat treats and another year supply of Temptations for da shelter of der choice. How sweet iz dat deal?

Winners are picked at da end of da day. Check back 2mro for anutter chance to win.

Temptations BlogPaws Contest

Each day of BlogPaws der will be a contest to wins a year supply of yummy Temptations Cat Treats. Iffen dat wuzn't enuff to really get your tasty buds werked up ur favorite kitty rescue / shelter will win a years supply az well. How cool iz dat?!?!

Here dat rules:

Each day a new poster will be put up at BlogPaws. We will tweet a pikshure of dat poster. So be following lil ole me (@BorisKitty ) or @pawsandeffect for dat new image. All you gotta do iz tweet your caption to @BorisKitty  or @pawsandeffect and use da hashtag #Temptations (dunt furget dat hashtag). Each nite at da end of BlogPaws da funniest caption will win dat wunnerful prize & get Temptations treats out da wazoo! Nom nom nom!

Dis wuz tonites image wot u needed to caption. (we dunt hab a winner yet) I am finking I will find out i n dat AM who da winner is.

Here be some of dem tweeted captions (we'll post da winner once we gets it)...

@LilyPup -Hey mousie, get in my belly! #Temptations

@BunnyJeanCook - #temptations get in mai tummy!

@BrettChisholm  - hmmmmph. Dogs RULE??? Dogs Drool.... CATS rule. And DON'T FORGET IT. Meow. #Temptations

@CheshireK - I thought girls were supposed to be SWEET! Eww. #Temptations

@parrisreddog - "Aack! Don't EVER kiss me again!" #temptations

@cheriswan - Wassssuppp! #temptations

Dems r sum funny captions. Anutter opportunity to win coming up tomorrow so gets ur wits sharpened cause you could be a winner.

Off To BlogPaws West

Human2 iz heading off to BlogPaws West way out der in Denver, CO. I gotted in ma carrier and I wuz all ready for to go, but herz sed I had to stay home wif human1....sumfin about me no likin to fly. Pffft. So I sended Edgar along to make sure herz behabs.

Edgar wuz all smiles at da airport. himz sed dat be da plane wot gonna makes dem fly ober ma head in a lil bit. Dey did arrive in Denver in da middle of da day but it feeled later wif dem time travel zones!  While walkin in dat airport, human2 did spy a dog wot herz knows. Dat wuz Comso.

Dey did share a ride ober from da airport to da hotel togetter. I been told dat human2 did get kisses from dat Cosmo in dat van! Ewwww dog lips. Den as soon az dey did gets to dem Hotel doors dey did meet up wif @Pumpkinpuddy and @Felissahadas

Look how cute dat Pumpkin kitty be in herz stroller. Wot a stylin way to travelz. I gonna see iffen ma humanz will get me one of dem cool wheely fings.

While dey wuz wait in Cosmo to brush he hairs up in he room human2 and Pumpkin's Mom did spy dis beary angry lookin chair in da lobby. Dut sit in it. Dat chair mite nom ur butt!

Dat wuz only da first parts of da day. More iz comin.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Crazy Squirrel Weekend

Yesterday I wuz hanging out in ma Kritter Kondo wif Human1 when all of da sudden da squirrel wot usually teases da neighbor kitty, Tater, decided to sneak over and  bother me.

Der he iz over at Tater's house mindin he own business when...

...he gets it in he little squirrel head to sneak over da fence and...

...head over to ma house. Where....

...he climbed ma tree and sat der lookin at me. But dat wuz not good enuff for him. O, NO! He got it in he lil squirrel brain dat I wuz da intruder and he started yellin and yellin at me! No fair I sez. Dis iz ma house you are da intruder here Mr. Squirrel.

Den today he came back again while I was in ma Kritter Kondo. This time we sat on a rock in ma garden right in front of me! I tried to get him but I ran right into the netting of ma Kondo's back doors stopping me from getting in trouble for sure! Just as I did dat a car comed down the alley and would have sqwished me dead. Ma Kritter Kondo did truly keep dis indoor kitty safe outdoors today!

Review of da Dog Sitter DVDs

A lil while back I did do a review of da Cat Sitter DVDs and even showed a video of how much fun dey are to watch. well dat review did spark a few questions frum ma doggy pals about dem Dog Sitter Videos wot I had never seed since I iz a kitteh.

Well human2 & I did fink we needed to know wot we were taking about so herz did get me copies to watch fur all ma pup pals!

Well right of da bat let me tells you....frum a kitteh's point of view da first DVD iz paws down da best one. Well at least it wuz da one dat me and ma sisfur Abby did watch most. We were a lil skeered cause da video starts out wif cowbot monkeys on da backs of border collies while dem border collies were herdin sheeps (sawry none of dem wuz Shaun da Sheep). But den it turned to da great out-of-doors and showed crows & squirrels in da great outdoors.

I thoughted da crow wuz purrty cool, but I also thought all da "prey" on da moovie wuz purrty darned nice. Da dog ridin monkey cowboys are funny, but not too interestin fur us kittehs.

Der wuz duckies every where on ma TV. So Dog Sitter Volume 1 is a mix of anipal & sum doggies doin stuffs, wot should be loads of fun fur doggies to watch.

Here you can see how i am beary interested in dat squirrel and so iz Abby. You will be able to hear da crow & da crickets & doggies barkin in da video at da end of dis post.

I got a lil bored wif da Dog Sitter Volume 2 So I did acide to takes a much needed bath. I wuz rollin in da dirt yesterday so it about time to clean! *lick lick lick*

Dog Sitter Volume 2 iz all doggies doin agility fings & while ma humanz did watch it I gotted bored. I finks iffen I were a dog I would hab liked it more. Lots of barks & different dogs to see. I fink it should hab had some squeaky toy sounds for added attraction for sum dogs like ma pal Busy Buttons.