Monday, November 29, 2010

Molly Needs a Forever Home

Human2 tooked sum fings down to humane society of berks county tonite & wented in to look at da kitties waiting fur forever homes. One kitty, Molly, did paw at da glass to sez hello. First one paw den both paws. So human2 took da bait & gotted herz out to play. Soon az dey wuz in da adoption room (where people can visit privately wif kitties dey finkin of adoptin) Molly plopped down & rolled ovah fur belly rubs! Herz really enjoyed dem belly rubs & butt scritches.

Human2 had tooked sum fun foam balls in & herz and Molly did play soccer for qwite awhile. Molly really seemed to likes dem balls (but like a good kitty would not play wif it when da camera was out -- MOL).

Purrty ovah da shoulder look.

Reaching out & swimming all da while herz wuz purring.

Herz played & played wif dat ball.

Molly wants to comes home wif u!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Furry Fridays at Berks Humane Society

Last Friday ma humanz wented down to da Humane Society for der Furry Friday artist opening. While dey were der dey played wif a sweet lil tuxedo kitteh wot wuz so cute and sweet. Herz  even gibbed ma humanz kisses. We finks herz really wanted to comes home wif ma humanz.

Here be sum wunnerful pikshures of herz playin & playin & just being cutes. We needs to check but I bets herz alreddy been adopted. But der iz loads of precious kittehs at da Humane Society who wants forever & ever homes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I Winned Pumpkin Prizes

Halloween wuz loads of fun dis year and not just cause ma FrankenBoris-O-Lantern winned a contesty on facebook.

Da peeples ovah at Hearty Pet had a contesty on facebook for pumpkin decorating so Human2 did enters ma pumpkin. We hoped to win sumfin but never thought in our wildest dream we would wins da grandpwize in da kitty pumpkin category!

Lookit all da stuffs we did wins....

Grand Prize Winner:
>> Hearty Pet $15 Gift Card
>> Yeowww! Pumpkins (2 total)
>> Yeowww! Ghost (2 total)
>> EVO Cat and Kitten Food 6lb bag (2 total)
>> EVO Weight Mgmt Cat Treat 3oz (3 total)
>> VeRUS Ocean Fish Can Food 5oz (12 cans)
>> VeRUS Shredded Chicken Can Food 5oz (12 cans)
>> Zukes Purrz Salmon Treat 3oz (6 total)
>> Zukes Purrz Chicken Treat 3oz (6 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Chicken (10 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Salmon (10 total)
>> Whole Life 1 oz. Cod (10 total)
>> Best Feline Friend Can Food (1 case)

I wuz so eggsited about winned dem 1oz bags of whole life treats (but dey actually turned out to be sample bags not one ounce bags, but it ok mostly). I gonna donates da foods and utter treats to ma kitteh furends at One By One Cat Rescue when human2 goes up again.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Wuz a Very Bad Boy

Remember last week when I skeered ma humanz silly by slipping out da front door & disappearing for about an hour? I wuz told I will neber eber see da outsides agin.

Well I haz since been in ma Kritter Kondo a couple of times and last night I went out wif Human1 to move da trash cans ovah for da garbage guys to take da stinky trash. When herz turned around I wuz gone!

I did sneak off & runned down da front steps and wuz on da sidewalk by da bad city road.

I am once agin told I will neber eber see da outsides unless I am safe inside dat Kritter Kondo.

Human2 will make sure I am locked in but I haz dat Human1 wrapped around ma paw & herz lets me roam da yard when herz outside wif me. I hope dis doz not stop dat, but I iz a skeered it will.

Asides from the dangerous cars on da road and in da alley ma humanz iz askeered of nasty peeple like dem wot shot Peanut or me being scooped up and dragged off to da Animal Rescue League & putted down afore they could finds me.

On second thought mehbe I will just go straight into ma Kritter Kondo from now on.

*Note to self: hab ma humanz get me micro-chipped.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Let's Put da Bitey on Da Bills

U knows I'm tryin to halp out Peanut and herz human wif da vet bills. Many of u haz alreddy donated and I fanks u all.

I wanna meets ma goal & gib dem a great fanks gibbin dis year.

Peanut wuz shot by an evil human wot not care fur anipal lifes.

I habbing a small pawty on Twitter wif ma anipal furends to raising money for to halp dat Peanut wif dem bills.

Der will be funs, sum quizzes wif pwizes and lots of merriment in celebration of Peanuts great life.

So we doing a PAWTY tomorrow at 6pm to 10pm. Wif hashtag #HalpPeanut.

Invite is here:

Donate Links is here:

More about Peanut iz here:

More about r fund raiser is here:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thank You did donate their cash donations from their donations program to help out Mrs. Hanick & Peanut.

Thank you so very much for your very kind donation of $125! Doubling my efforts so far.

FANKS YOU ALL FOR YOUR KINDNESS! We know not everyone can donate that much but hope you will find it in ur hearts to give just $5 or $10.

Peanuts Plight on Philly News

Plight of da poor shooted kittehs wuz on da ABC Channel 6 Action News last night.

If you know anyfing about who iz doin dis please call da West Goshen police at 610-696-7400

And iffen you can doz anyfing to halp da owner out wif all dem V-E-T bills please chip in, fanks!

Nutter Kitty Wuz Shot Too

Dat artikle yesterday did briefly mention anutter kitty wot wuz shot too. When human2 called da police to askin bout dem kitties dey passed on herz info and da second kitty's human called human2 today.

Da second kitty iz Kiki and herz wuz shot in da elbow. Doctors did operates and fixed as best dey could. But da elbow wuz shattered and Kiki might still lose herz leg!

Dis whole fing iz just horrible and des loverly, sweet kitties did not deserve dis. Dey loved da outdoors & now dey can no be outside again. So sad. I haz added Kiki to my Chip-in for da Vet bills and hope to be able to gib dem sum green papers too!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Poor Kitty Been Shot Wif Gun

Human2 comed home from werk today all upset because herz seed dis cute little kitty on da front page of da Daily Local News paper.

No herz wuz not upset cause dat kitty wuz on the front page and I wuz not. Herz wuz upset cause dat poor kitty wuz shot by sum very bad person. Da kittehs name iz Peanut & according to da newspaper herz wuz shot earlier dis year too! So sad. Dis time herz wuz shoot thru the upper leg wot shattered da bones and needed emergency surgery at da Brandywine Animal Hospital.

Herz surgeries wuz beary expensive ($2400+) and u knows der will more iffen Peanut gets sick or needs follow up doctor visits. Herz human haz to keep she in a cage so she not hurts herself. It gonna be months afore Peanut iz better (like Valentine's Day).

It doz hurts ma heart to seed dis kitteh wif dis big owie.

Please read Peanuts story over at da newspaper's website and let's pull together to halp Peanut. Member every lil bit halps so even iffen it only a couple of green papers it will add up (just please to remember paypal will takin a nice chunk so when all iz sed & dun we will send az close to da total az possible to Peanut's human).

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Halloween Trading Cards From Toki

Remember a little while ago when I gotted way cool trading cards from Well fur Halloween dey did hab dis pawsum contesty and dey made our costumey pikshures into cards.

Dey made packs of cards to hand out to kids at a Children's Hospital. I just knows dem kids lubbed dem cards fur sure.

U can go buy ur self a set too iffen u wants ovah at (you'll get one of me az SUPAH KITTEH -- so it iz so worth twice wot u gonna pay).

Thursday, November 04, 2010

World's Best Cat Litter Now at Target

Now this iz good news! We just found out dat the World's Best Cat Litter iz now available at Target (akshully we finded out afore we gotted an email telling human2 did see it on da shelves when herz went to buy my noms).

Dis makes gettin litter & noms so much easier.

You wanna knows wot else iz good news? All dem 8 lb bags haz $3 off coupons on dem! But it for a limited time so hurry and go get yours now.

O...O....I almost furgots. dem fine peoples from World's Best Cat Litter iz habbin a contest too wif sum really great prizes.

AAA Wants To Makes Your Pet A Cover Model

I comed across dis yesterday and I fink it really cool (especially fur doggies cause dey travel more den kittehs doz). But afore you enter their contesty be sure to enter mine wot ends tomorrow at midnight!!!

A Puzzling Contest: Give Us Your Best Puzzled Look

 Now on to da AAA contesty informshuns....

Time is Running Out to Make Fluffy Famous

Enter the AAA PetBook Photo Contest by Nov. 30

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 15 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Travelers with photos of furry family members on vacation have until Nov. 30 to enter their best shot in the annual AAA PetBook Photo Contest sponsored by Best Western International. Entries are judged on artistic qualities as well as ability to convey the joy of safely traveling with a pet. Candid photographs are preferred.

Two entries will be selected to appear on the back cover and spine of the next edition of The AAA PetBook, which will be released in May 2011. Photos of the winners, along with those of more than 40 inspiring and amusing runners up, are also featured on website and inside The AAA PetBook.
In addition to cover fame, the first-place winner will also receive $300, pet treats, five copies of the book and a $150 Best Western Travel Card usable at more than 4,000 hotels worldwide. The second-place winner will receive $150, pet treats and two copies of the book. Contest rules, entry forms and photos from the previous contest are available online at

Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook® provides reliable, up-to-date information for complete travel planning assistance. The annually updated guide lists more than 13,000 pet-friendly, AAA Approved and Diamond Rated lodgings in the U.S. and Canada. Details include fees, permitted pet sizes and conditions of stay for properties at every Diamond Rating level including — for pampered pets — AAA Five Diamond hotels.
For outdoor lovers, the book also lists more than 400 pet-friendly AAA Approved campgrounds, AAA Approved attractions that offer kennel services or allow pets, and national public lands and dog parks that welcome visiting pets. Readers will also find useful tips on preparing four-legged travelers for the road or air, pet etiquette, insurance and emergency animal clinic locations.
Traveling with Your Pet: The AAA PetBook is available at many AAA and CAA offices, online at and at fine bookstores. The cover price is $18.95 U.S.

About AAA
As North America's largest motoring and leisure travel organization, AAA provides nearly 52 million members with travel, insurance, financial and automotive-related services. Since its founding in 1902, the not-for-profit, fully tax-paying AAA has been a leader and advocate for the safety and security of all travelers. AAA clubs can be visited on the Internet at

Best Western International, Inc. is THE WORLD'S LARGEST HOTEL CHAIN®, providing marketing, reservations and operational support to over 4,000* independently owned and operated BEST WESTERN, BEST WESTERN PLUS® and BEST WESTERN PREMIER® hotels in 80* countries and territories worldwide. An industry pioneer since 1946, Best Western has grown into an iconic brand that hosts 400,000* worldwide guests each night. Equally committed to the business and leisure traveler, Best Western recently embarked on a mission to lead the hotel industry in customer care. World Vision is the charity of choice for Best Western in building the world's largest family, with our hotels and staff sponsoring children in need around the globe. Our partnerships with AAA/CAA, Michael Waltrip Racing™ and Harley-Davidson® help guests make the most of every trip. For the fastest way to a free night globally, join Best Western Rewards®. For more information or to make a reservation, please visit
*Numbers are approximate and can fluctuate.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

YAY for Missouri for Passing Prop B

Dem great people in da state of Missouri did pass a bill to halp dogs & puppies in dem puppy mills. YAY! PA did pass a law too but I dunt finks it az comprehensive az dis one wot apparently sets a standard for all states to follow. Here reads about it fur urselfs...

Proposition B Brings Welcome Relief to Dogs Suffering in Missouri's Puppy Mills

NEW YORK, Nov. 3, 2010 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) celebrated a major victory with the passage of the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act, also known as Proposition B on the Missouri state ballot. The initiative has set in place common-sense, enforceable standards for large-scale dog breeding facilities throughout the state, including significantly increased cage space; solid flooring; adequate veterinary care; nutritious food; clean drinking water; and protection from the elements.

"Yesterday's passage of Proposition B reflects a landmark achievement in the ongoing fight against animal cruelty. The ASPCA has seen first-hand the unspeakable cruelty and horrific conditions of substandard puppy mills, and this initiative will put an end to the inhumane treatment of dogs confined in cramped wire cages and forced to endure a lifetime of suffering. We are proud to have worked diligently on this campaign, and we celebrate this victory alongside the caring citizens of Missouri. The ASPCA is committed to working with local animal welfare groups to help breeders transition to the new humane standards and find loving homes for Missouri's displaced breeding dogs.

"The potential impact of Proposition B is staggering. We are more hopeful than ever that the strong momentum around puppy mill cruelty will push other states to follow Missouri's lead, causing a ripple effect throughout the nation. In no other state were the stakes higher for puppy mill dogs, and Missourians have set an admirable precedent for reform."

Home to an estimated 3,000 puppy mills -- 30 percent of the mills in the U.S. and far more than in any other state -- Missouri is the leading source of puppies in the country. Approximately one million puppies are produced annually for the pet trade in Missouri, and when combined with the number of breeding dogs permanently housed in kennels statewide, this translates to more than 1.5 million lives affected each year by these new regulations.

For more information on the ASPCA's efforts to fight puppy mill cruelty, please visit

About the ASPCA®
Founded in 1866, the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) is the first humane organization established in the Americas and serves as the nation's leading voice for animal welfare. One million supporters strong, the ASPCA's mission is to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States. As a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, the ASPCA is a national leader in the areas of anti-cruelty, community outreach and animal health services. The ASPCA, which is headquartered in New York City, offers a wide range of programs, including a mobile clinic outreach initiative, its own humane law enforcement team, and a groundbreaking veterinary forensics team and mobile animal CSI unit. For more information, please visit To become a fan of the ASPCA on Facebook, go to  To follow the ASPCA on Twitter, go to