Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fishy Watching From the Stoop

Since I wasn't allowed to play with the new ducky cat toys I gots in da mails today, I made the humans let me go out side for a bit. I decide I would watch the fishies from my stoop.

They iz big fishies. Human2 told me the are called Koi (dat is just fancy word for big goldfish I think). They comed up to top of pond making fishy noises and really got my attentions.

I don't think I would like Sir Quacky McGee to swim in dis pond. I fink those big fishies would eat he.


  1. Very polite of you not to eat them.

  2. Dose are Big fishyz. Iz afraid of da fishyz in our fish tank. I barks at dem all da time. Drives momma nutz BOL

  3. Just looking at those fish makes me hungry. Big meaty fish...I'm telling Mam we want fish!