Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gather Up Sum Pwizes Fur Da scifiPAWTY

I have been gather up sum purrty great pwizes fur scifiPAWTY. Az u can sees we found sum fur humanz az well az anipals! Likes dis cool Star Trek game fur humanz or dem fun Bigfoots, sea monsters & Jackalopes fur dogs! Der r many utters in da werks too!

I will keeps u all posted on pwizes over at scifiPAWTY central! Dis gonna be a fun geeky pawty fur sure!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Big Geek Pikshur

Okai. U haz to be a real big scifi geek to get dis one and of course nose about dem KONG dog toys....heehee.

Or mehbe I iz da only one wot fink dis iz funny.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Werking on ScifPawty

I haz been a very buzy kitteh werkin on gettin everyfin ready fur ma SCIFIpawty on Twitter on March 13th. Man dis iz a LOT of werks. Dis will be beary similar to @FrugalDougal's PawPawty but on a minute scale. More info and stuffs coming soon!

Webby site still not der but it will be

Da twtVite page is up at:

Ma firstgiving page fur da donations iz up at:

Times will ruffly be 11am-8pm EST on March 13, 2010 (we go az long az ma human can stays at keyboard)

I needs halp wif DJs, Barktending, Trivia games (quizzies), and sekurity. LMK iffen u can halp on dat day and wot times. Sign up and schedules will be posted on da site

Der will be a costumey contesty too.

I hab several pwizes but iffen anyone wants to donates you can contact wif wot u would likes to donate.

Well back to it! Wanna haz dis reddy dis weekend. 3/13 comin up fast like Flash Gordon.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Night of Da Livin Deadish

Personalize funny videos and birthday eCards at JibJab!

Da Woof Wednesday Winners

I nose ma contesty wuz a surprize but I will habs more pwomise. I did hab funs wif all who did enters. Dunt furgets we gonna habs a #scifiPawty on twitter soon and you can win sum great stuff der too!

Nao on to da winners!

First up wuz dat purrty pink bath set from made by dem folks at Bamboo Pet and our winner wuz @SydPie. I Finks dat SydPie wuz beary eggsited to win dat pwize. Yes I doz. (U pwize will be in da mails 2day i finks az long az iz not closed cause of snows!).

Next up wuz da neato Blue Bath set from and winner for dat wuz...drumroll puhleez...@BaronVonOdem

(U pwize iz alreddy on its way via FedEx...dem folks over at do be a speedy bunch)

Well I wuz so eggsited and happy about ma contesty dat I did acide to hab sum runner up pwizes too! I did randomly choose 2 more winners from all wot played ma silly lil game, one from first game and da utter frum da second game.

So da runners up wot did win sum purrty cool pwizes too are... @
no_crybaby_doGs who did win a wash mitt & dryin towel likes our 1st 2 weiners...sawry winners...and @trailerparkdogs who iz still waitin to nose what fur surprize prize dey iz gettin (I not tellin it a sekret but i finks dem is gonna likes it).

Fanks agin all who did play and conCats to all dem fine winners!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Woof Wednesday Twitter Contest

It do be Woof Wednesday and I iz habbin a contesty over on Twitter today at 3pm EST for all ma puppy pals! You could wins one of these great prize packs!

All u haz to do iz follow me (@BorisKitty) and be on twitter at 3pm EST

I nose I should hab told you guys sooner so u could all be here, but I just found out about dem cool pwizes today from! And I iz eggsited to gib dem away.

I finks dem pwizes doz looks like a gud idear wif all dis snows/rains we been habbin. Keep you puppeh dogs clean affer you go out to go potty in dis messy weather.

Dis will be like dem PawPawty contests (I fink) so get ready answer sum fun questions for to win dem pwizes.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

I Winned a Meddle in Teddy Olympics

I did win a silver medals in da Teddy Olympics fur ma entry in da napping category. Boy da competions wuz tuff. Dem teddies iz fearless!

Fank u everybuddy for da fun Teddy Olympics!

whack attack kittehs

Dems lil kittehs iz so cute playin whack a kitty wif der human.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Skymall Kitties Song

We saw dis and thought it wuz nearly az much fun az Kittens Inspired by Kittens.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Da Crazies

Der iz dis noo movie comin out next week call Da Crazies. Every time we hears da commercial on TV we gets da giggles cause dat is wot Human2 calls it when I go runnin like a crazy boy thru da house.

Well I gotted Da Crazies in da mails yesterday. Okai so it wuzn't really addressed to me (but everyfing in dis house iz mine so there) and it wuz really comic books from da moovie peeples. But since I claimed dem az mine I thought I would share dem wif you.

Dey can in dis really cool biohazard bag. Wot wuz printed wif crazy fun fings on both sides.

Inside were 2 comic books based on da noo movie. (But da letter wot comed wif dem said der wuz four insides. I haz four pawpaws & der were not dat many comics in dat bag. I finks sumbuddy can no count.)

I guess I will lets Human2 read MY comics and post info over on when herz habs a free minute or two.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Beary Happy Valentine's Day

I gotted a bear hug in da mails frum ma pals da Meow Girls (@Meow_Girls). Dey sez Happy Valentine's Day to me so I gonna shares it wif all of ma utter anipals!

Happy Valentine's Day Everybuddy!

Big pawpaw kneadies to everybuddy!

Nao back to ma regularly scheduled nap -- MOL.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Stop Da Cabin Fever Crazies

I lubs to sneaks outside & watch ma birdies or nom sum grasses, but wif all dis horrible snows we been habbin outsides is no funs. Being stuck inside haz caused me to haz a touch of da crazies (I iz runnin round like crazy man & chasing ma old lady sisfur cats through the house).

Here r ma top ten ways to halp stop da crazies when u iz cooped up inside too.

1. Watch sum TV. Yes kitties watch TV! We especially likes Animal Planet or videos like Catnip DVD or Cat Sitter DVDs. Dem videos are pawsum!

2. When TV not an option make sure your kitty can see out a window. I know dis time of year cold comes through windows, but a kitty likes to see wot iz goin on outsides.

3. Take a few minutes to play catch or fetch wif ur kitteh. Best fing for dis iz a crumpled up peace of paper. Paper balls can relieve da crazies dats for sure! If ur cat iz like me a crumpled dollar bill is most fun.

4. Get out a wand toy and wind up ur cat a bit. Wear him out enough fo naptime to come early.

5. You don't haz time to play? Dey get some kin of automated kitty toy to entertain your cat for you. I recommends da Tail Spin, Undercover Mouse and/or da Fling-ama-string. Dey iz all gud!

6. Squeaky mice. Da Play-n-Squeak mouse iz a kittehs best friend. U swat it & it squeaks at u. U sneak up & pounce & it squeaks at U. U fling it in da air & guess wot? It squeaks at u!

7. Treat toys. Dis iz a little like kitteh torture but in a gud way. Make us werk for r nom noms! But don't u forgets to gets sum nom noms.

8. Get da red Dot!!! Laser toys makes a whole different kind of crazy. Da gud kind of crazy.

9. Scratchers. Hab dem every where. Dat way kittehs will takes der aggressions out on da scratchers instead of ur furnitures.

10. So iffen dems still not werks u could always get yourself an outdoor cat enclosure & fling us outside! (psssst! dey werks inside too.)

I hopes des fings halp u out dis winter when u gets da cabin fever crazies.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Practice Poses fur da Bissell Box

I wuz being ma cutest 2day (yep i iz on da dining room tables...dat iz one of ma favorite places ta be even tho i not supposed to be up u can see i listen so beary beary gud).

I akshually wuz hammin it up fur da camera to day cause da humanz had werked hard ta clean up da house dat dey did ignores me a lil bit & I iz not used to dat.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

It Did Snows BIG Here

We woked up dis mornin and everyfing wuz covered in a big thick blankie of white stuff.

Hai where iz da Momma's car? Iz it under der sum where? I not fink herz can finds it.

Even ma birdie feeder iz covered in snows. (Note ta self: Hab human2 check ta makes sure da birds do hab enuff foods in da feeder.)

Nao dat we did inspekts da snows fur purrty it iz time to dig out.

Human2 did makes dis beary nice path. It wuz likes walkin down a white tunnel. But it wuz beary cold...

So I did turns ma fuzzy butt around and headed back inside.

Back insides where it warm and dry! (When I gotted inside I did da lil back footy dance...each foot gotted shaked and shaked. Da dance wuz followed up wif a gud licky bath.)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Please Vote Fur Me In Da Bissell MVP Contest

Bissell (dems da peeples wot made ma big sucky fing) iz habbin a pet photo contesty and ma human2 did enters me in it.

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.Nao dis iz not just a popularity contesty no siree bob! Da winners gets big moneys donated to der favorite charity! Winnin dis contest could halp out a lot of animals in ma shelters dat I donates to. And well dat would just be so pawsum!

Da Bissell MVP Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest Grand Prize...
  • Your pet's photo on a BISSELL box
  • $10,000 donation to the pet charity of your choice
  • BISSELL pet vacuum or deep cleaner
  • $500 "Perfect for you and your pet" shopping spree
MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.Second Prize
  • Your pet's photo on a BISSELL box
  • $5,000 donation to the pet charity of your choice
  • BISSELL pet vacuum or deep cleaner
  • $250 "Perfect for you and your pet" shopping spree
Third thru Fifth Prizes
  • Your pet's photo on a BISSELL box
  • $1,000 donation to the pet charity of your choice
  • BISSELL pet vacuum or deep cleaner
  • $50 "Perfect for you and your pet" shopping spree

MVP Pet Photo Contest sponsored by BISSELL, maker of pet vacuum cleaners.Voting starts Friday, 02/05/10 and ends Thursday, 02/11/10 so pleaze bookmarks ma page and go votes fur me.

Cause even iffen I dunt wins one of dem big pwizes each weekly winner gets dis...
  • All weekly winners move on to the semi-finals
  • The top vote-getter wins a BISSELL vacuum or deep cleaner specially designed for pets
  • And... the top 5 vote-getters win a $25 Visa gift card (which will be donated by me)
You will have ta create an account and log in for to vote, sawry. And der is only one votey per account per voting period. So I counting on all ma pals to halp me gets into da finals, kai?