Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This is Mine It Was Addressed to Me

I gots even more mail today! It was from my friend @cheriswan from Twitter.

And I just loved it so much!

If I had thumbs dis would be open already.

It was a plague ratsie what iz making my crazy.

Fank you so much for sharing the stinkie plague ratsie wif me.

It stinks so gud!

Dis ratsie iz ALL mine.

Sister Abby had to see what all da hub-bub waz about. I fink she likes it too.

Bela had to get in on the ratsie too.

But den da sisters hads to fight over the ratsie!


  1. I luv my ratsie too, Boris!!!

    Brewskie Butt

  2. Ohhh you gots a plague ratsie. Not like I knows anything about that but I sees how the kittehs here luvs them so it must be a very good thing. It is very nice of you to share with your sisfurs.

  3. That was nice of you to share with your sisters!