Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bye Bye Fishies

Ma fishy friends did go belly up dis weekend. We not nose why. Dey were fine one day den died da next day. I loved going outsides and visiting wif ma fishies. Dey did makes me happy watchin dem swimmin round wif ma sea monster.

We did bring dem insides like we haz every winter fur as long as I can member (dey wuz four years old like me). And dey not seemed ta minds da move & we thought dey wuz okai in der noo room where dey have been for da last two months.

I gonna missin dem beary much. Bye bye ma fishy furends.

Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest

Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest

All ma donations go to Animal Friends, Inc. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States)

So please vote for me and halp dem halp more anipals, fanks!!!

Every $1 you donates will not only halp get pets spayed and neutered and save animals' lives, but will gets me anutter vote!

"Votes 4 Boris Kitty"

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wot Da Heck Iz Dat Big Sucky Fing?

Human2 comed home from werk and went straight to da big new sucky fing (a Bissell ProHeat 2X Deep Cleaner) wot herz bringed home a few days ago. I thoughted it wuz a decorashun cause it wuz just sitting & sitting der. But it not a decorashuns, oh no! It wuz loud & noisy & skeery. But I wuz fascinated by wot herz wuz doing where ma table used ta be.

I did sits on da stairs & watch az herz cleaned da entire ruggy. It did comes out really nice & clean. It looks almost noo. But boy was it hards werk. I hads ta takes a big long nappy affer all dat werks.


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Strange Fings Going On Here

Human2 wented wif herz sisfur ta pick out a headstone for der Mommy's grave. It haz been over a year since grandma died so it about time dey did dis for herz.

Human2 comed home & showed us pikshurs of ones dey liked & da one dey gonna gets & stuff. Den tolded us a story about sum strange fings hers did sees on da way homes from da country.

First herz comed across a field wif three swans in it! Usually der are deer out in dem fields not swans!

Den herz wented to Charles Evans Cemetery in da center of the city in Reading and der wuz da deer! Rite der in da cemetery! Go figure.

But since u can no hunts in a cemetery & peeples drive slow in der. I fink dem deers is beary smart ta stays in der dunt u?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ma Butt is Famous

Tee hee, ma butt is famous. It iz on da webby site. Dat iz me n ma butt in ma Tauntaun sleeping bag we gotted from

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sunday, January 17, 2010

We Gotted a Box from

I had ma humanz order up sum toys for ma noo cuzin kittehs down south in NC. I thought I would inspekt da toys afore sending dem to Genghis and Giacomo. Human2 sez I can habs da box ta plays wif but not dem toys. Dat okai cause boxes it so much funs.

I luvs da papers wot comes in dem boxes from I haz ta dig & scratch & dig sum more. But all ma playin & diggin did gets ma sisfurs attenshuns. (See dat Bela sneakin up on me from behinds.)

Herz (Bela) LUVS (& i means LUVS) papers so herz comed over & sticked herz nose into ma business! Can u believes dat? Me either!

I did set herz straight rite kwik & told her DIS IZ MA BOX! Bela did backs off (mostly).

But Bela must have gone & told sisfur Abby der wuz a fun box out here, cause no sooner den I relaxed a little there herz wuz diggin in ma box & makin herself at home in ma box!

Abby gotted so comfy I thought I would just lets her hab it fur awhile. But dunt furgets it iz still mines!

Whiles ma backs wuz turned dat silly lil Bela did kwikly sneaks out & gets in ma box afore I could gib her wot fur! Since I hads skeered herz so afore herz did no stay in da box too long.

Picasso thought nao dat everybuddy hads been in da box it wuz all herz. So herz started diggin & scratchin likes crazy in dat box. I heards it out in da kitchen over ma crunchies I wuz eatin so I wented backs out to see wot wuz up...

I just could no believe wot I wuz seein. Everybuddy wuz takin advantages of ma goin out for nom noms. But seein az Picasso iz like a billion years old I did lets her stays in da box wif out pounin on herz.

Fank u for da wunnerful box & dem toys fur ma cuzin kittehs too ;)

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hellmanns Mayo Tasty Test

We gotted dis starnge package in da mails 2day. When we opened it it had a tasty test for Hellman's Mayo (we gotted on der mailing list when human2 wroted to dem about all der Mayonnaise habbin poisonous SOY in dem...dey not care dat lots of people iz allergic to it like Human2).

Along wif da tastey test iz a contest online ta wins a year of groceries so we decided to takes da test (Humans wot r allergic still tried just a smidgen so az not to gets sicky.)

So we settled in n really tooks a gud looks at all our choices. We wuz supposed to see iffen we could tells da difference atween da regular mayo n da light mayo.

We did taste bof of dem mayonnaise packs.

We did choose pack A az da lite mayo (all three of us did choose dat one).

B iz da regular mayo. But unfortuantely we alone haz one fing to tells da folks at Hellmann's wot refuse ta makes soy-free mayo n dat iz dis...


Update: affer goin online to enter da contesty (hai dey alreddy haz our address so why not rite?) we did lerns we wuz wrong! How can dat be? Pack A wuz da real deal n Pack B wuz da lite. But wot do we nose. We use soy-free mayo made by Spectrum

Friday, January 08, 2010

Rescue Mom Magnet from Romeo

I gotted mails yesterday but I wuz too busy playin on ma Kritter Kondo to gets up and see wot i gotted. Da humanz had to waits on me hands n foots n brings it to me.

It wuz ma pwize from Romeo the Cat fur ma National Animal Shelter Appreciations Week werks.

You can gets your own magnet from Romeo n halp hiz FURPOWER. A porshun of da sales go directly to da organizashun fur da month! Way ta go Romeo.

Kritter Kondo Konstrukshuns

Edgar sez himz in charge of konstrukshuns for dis here Kritter Kondo n dat I haz ta move ma furry lil butts off da case so himz could gets to it!

Bela comed by ta see wot wuz being builded.

Edgar iz puttin up da middle sekshun first. (Can u sees me behind da net makin sure he doin a gud job?)

Hai Edgar! I see dat u did miss one of dem beary important pins. U gonna get dis?

Affer pointin out hiz error himz did get rite on fixin it.

One last check ta makes sure da latch doz werk. Den we kittehs gets ta gib it a final once over.

Abby did da final inspekshuns n hers doz gib da Kritter Kondo 4 paws up. Dis iz gonna be pawsum once we can gets out into da great out of doors wif it! (It iz an outdoor cat enclosure affer all!)

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Another New Years Resolution

Ma human haz told me dat I hafta start speakin betterer english.


Herz sez it iz makin her cwazy n I iz sposed to straighten outs ma act.

So I told herz I would try to do betterer in 2010....mehbe :)

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Da 1st Donations for 2010

I sended da humanz over to da Animal Rescue League today wif a BIG bag of cat food, toys & sum scratchers for dem kittehs in der waitin fur forever homes.

It wuz great dat so many peoples were in der lookin at da kittehs and talkin bout adoptions while dey were der. We finks at least two kittehs were getting forever and ever homes affer todays lil visit.

Dis sweet kitteh did pop up to say fank u fank u fank u fur da scratcher. (See how it iz alreddy scratchied up -- dem kittehs sure doz appreciates dem scratches. We iz definitely gonna takes more scratcher over der causes dem kittehs will go thru dem real fast!)

We also did gib all da kittehs crinkle balls. I buyed dem wif ma beary own moneys I did gets for Catmas! All da kittehs dat wuz der did gets one n we leaved more der for dem wot would be comin back from adopshun days at da Petco.

Dis lil black n white kitten's name iz MAX & he iz on maximum overdrive when it comes ta cuteness! He only 8 weeks old(ish) & he iz a playful lil guy full of energy. He did play n play wif ma humanz (I fink he wuz tryin to talk dem into doptin he!)

Der wuz a guy der lookin at he so hopefully he will gets a forever home rite kwik. Himz habs n spunky purrsonality dat fur sure.

Sum nice humanz better get he afore he gets dem ... MOL!

Dem donations do makes me feel all good insides

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Years Resolutions

Well it iz da first day of a brand noo yeer n i wuz told I should make ma self sum promises wot i will most likely never keeps. I guess dat okai cause it just me rite? I not makin any promises to utter people wot i could no keeps, just ma self...or iz dat still a bad fing?

Since I not too sure iffen dis whole life iz a gud idear or not I will only makes a couple of dem resolutions, kia.

  1. I promise to takes more naps (and mehbe even takes sum of dem wif da humanz).
  2. I promise not to pounce ma old sisfur cats too much dis year.
  3. I promise to only play wif da lego peeples under close supervision.
  4. I promise ta makes ma humanz let me use twitter & facebook more.
  5. I promise to do even more for shelter kitties & puppies dis year.
I fink five promises iz plenty dunt u? Mehbe we shoulds take bets on which one of ma resolushuns I do breaks first.