Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Steak Stake Out

Da Grandmas wuz over last nite & I did show off & be a good boy. I played wif my DA BIRD & ma rocketship & ma lite up turbo scratcher & even showed off for noms (da special nommy salmon treats I lub so much).

After the Grandmas leaved human2 wented out & made herself dinner (herz still eating nuffin but meats). Herz made a mitey fine steak on da grill. It smelled so nommy I had to go in for closer inspekshuns & pestins. I finks dis seqwens of photos doz speak for dem self...

I gotted up on da snack tray (not really a sturdy enuff spot for a big guy likes me to sit).

I gotted closer (mehbe too close cause human2 acide to takes da plate away from me).

So i got comfy figgered I would hab to waits ma turn. But not enuff room for da plate now. MOL

So human2 did use herz lap instead while I did wait on da snack tray).

Mite az well make maself comfy while I wait for herz to trim da fat off ma piece of steak rite?!?! (i did gets a few nice juicy pieces & boy o boy wuz dey nommy). I finks I likes dis surf & turf kinda evenings, MOL.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Winned A Book on Ma Favorite Topic ME!

I did win a contesty from FIDO Friendly magazine! And da prize a cool photo book from CVS. I had the humans go thru & finds ma most handsome pikshures & make up the book da nite we gots the information!

Look dats ma cute snoot on da cover! And it iz full of fun Boris pikshures see.....

Human2 did takes me to werk and show me off. Bet Human1 will too when school starts dis Fall. I will gib dis book 5 out of 4 paws MOL!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Greenies Pill Pockets Are Da Bestest Way To Pill a Cat

Do u remember awhile back we had to take ma sisfur Abby to da V-E-T cause herz wasn't feeling so good. Well herz had an abscess and herz blood work showed her thyroid wuz not working properly so herz wuz givin lots of pills to takes. So da humanz went right out & buyed her Pill Pockets. One bag of chicken and one bag of salmon. Pill Pockets are da bestest best way to give a cat a pill. Believe you me!

Den ma friends over at Greenies sended us some samples of their new Allergy Formula Pill Pockets. These are duck and pea and great for cats and dogs wot have allergies to common proteins and carbohydrates that are used in most treats. Besides that these new Duck Pill Pockets taste absolutely PAWSUM!!!

Abby actually waits on the table every morning for her pills herz lubs dem Duck Pill Pockets so much.

Look how herz runs across da table when herz sees dem coming.

Nom nom nom. Since Abby lubbed dem Pill Pockets so much Bela and I had to try dem too (we did not have medicines in ours, we just tried da treats). We loved dem too. They are nommy.

Monday, July 19, 2010

SuperCat Struts His Stuffs

Supercat shows off his stuffs over at Iffen u misssed me all dressed up for da Philly Comic Con u missed sum fun. MOL

Even tho I wuz only a runner up u can see why dis cute snoot keeps poppin up on der webby site can't u?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting in Ma Kritter Kondo

I was outside wif Human2 and I runned to da front of the house near the top of the steps where I am not supposed to go. Herz come runnin down affer me so I plopped over and gotted all cute like dis and sez....I was being good honest. don't take me inside.

Human2 picked me up and tooked me back to the back of da house. Herz told me I could stay out but I had to go in ma Kritter Kondo. So I wuz told to waits rite here until herz gotted it out of da garage and set it up for me. (Dat wot iz so cool about da Kritter Kondo, it iz so easy to set up -- it goes up in minutes!)

As soon as Human2 unzipped da case I sneaked over to see what was goin on once da Kondo was out I was in! MOL And there I sit til ma Kritter Kondo was all set up.

Soon as it was ready for me Human2 opened the door and before herz could turn to picks me up I got and headed right for that open door!

I was a little worried about dat door before I got inside. But it did not stop me. I kept going.

So in I goes and in I stays.

After I gots comfy Human2 finished up herz yard work and we stayed outside watching birds and squirrels for a long time wif me all safe and sound inside ma Kritter Kondo Outdoor Cat Enclosure.

Today is National Pet Fire Safety Day

Please keep your pets safe and be sure to post a pet alert decal on your windows (ALL ur windows). It iz a static clingy fing so it can be placed easily on any clean window and be replaced whenever you need to update your pet information (so why not buy like 12 or maybe 2 or 3 extra?). Always keep it up to date! I want all ma friends to be safe.

Fire and rescue workers know to be on the look out for these so when your not home they will halp protector your furry loved ones for you.

The American Kennel Club and ADT Security Services started National Pet Fire Safety Day to help reduce the estimated 500,000 pets affekted by home fires every year.

National Pet Fire Safety Day Tips to Keep Pets Safe from House Fires:
  • Extinguish Open Flames
  • Pet Proof the Home
  • Secure Young Pets
  • Keep Pets Near Entrances
  • Practicing Escape Routes with Pets
  • Use monitored smoke detectors
  • Affix a Pet Alert Window Cling
  • Keep Your Information Updated

A new report says dat nearly a 1000 fires are started accidentily by the family pet. They even list a bunch of tips on how to prevent fires that might be cause by your pet.

Monday, July 05, 2010

It Ma Birfaday Anutter Year Anutter Pawty

I wuz outside in ma garden enjoyin ma birfaday when all of da sudden all of these shiny slippy fings wot smelled of bacon started comin at me. I had to get up and investigate.

I did not likes den bacon bubbles so we gibbed dem to da Yorkies down da street. I not so sure dey gonna likes dem either. wot u finks?

Even though it wuz ma 5th birfaday I still tooks time out to enjoy da day and smell da flowers. I lub bein in ma garden so part of ma birfaday tradishuns iz to spends time outside.

Edgar daKitty and a new mousy pal wot you can not see did sing Happy Birthday to me az I blew out ma candle on ma cake. This year it wuz all fur me since Human2 could not eats any cake cause of herz allergies I did not gets a cheeseburger cake like last year, but I finks I likes dis nom nom cake betterer.

I do lub dat Balloon dat da Humanz and Edgar did gib me! Der wuz a whole big bunch of utter balloons but dey did not fly around likes dis one for very long.

I don't gets to play wif strings on a regular basis (and neither should u) cause they can be dangerous if I should nom they all da way down ma gullet. But boy iz strings FUN. Dats capital F - capital U - capital N - FUN!

Dis here wuz da big boy big prezzie for da big 5 year birfaday! A new mancat cave just for me and one that will fits me better than dem lil cat cubes and it iz a ROCKET SHIP to boot!!!!

I can look out the window az I blast off to distant planets or visit ma pals on da dog star!

There iz plenty of room for me to decorate this new mancat cave wif ma Catwoman pawtographed photo & Bette Page poster! Oh and I will hab to move ma new blankie from Morris cat in here too!

I hab been running through it from one end to the other since I gotted it. But now there seems to be somefing in ma way!

Dis the view through the top of the nosecone of ma rocket ship. Hallooo up der!

Dis iz ma new mousy pal. We did not name him yet. Mehbe we will name he Algernon.

A kitteh can get purrty deflated after a hard day pawtyin.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dat Shawnee Qweshun Game

Ma pal Shawnee gotted a qweshun game (Marley's Kwestshuns Game) on herz bloggy n passed it on to me. Now herz q & a iz different from da qweshuns herz did askin me to answer so hed over to herz bloggy fur a fun read too! Seems I haz to answer Shawnee's 5 qweshuns den come up wif 5 of ma own for 5 more friends. Dis could be funs.

1.  Wot be you fave toy or stuffie? Well dat one iz ez u always hearin me talkin bout ma fishy wishy. well dat doz be ma favorite toy ever. I haz so many toys but I alway comes back to ma first lub, ma fishy wisy!

2.  Wot is the one thing you would most like to change about the werld? I would likes fur all da homeless kittehs and puppehs out der to gets good lubbin forever & ever homes!

3.  If'n you could has one super powah, wot would it be? I would likes to fly likes supah kitteh! so I could go see all ma anipals!

4.  Wot is you most skeered of? Big loud boom booms, likes fireworks and thunders! I has to hides under the dining room tables (likes dats gonna halp!)

5.  Wot does you see in the pikshur below? I sees a skeery skull-face moster wif claw hands and big feets  wif two lil poodles minions!

    So now I gets to ask 5 qweshuns to 5 utter friends. So here iz ma 5 friends: GeorgetheDuck, BlindMaximus, kittehboijazzydacat, and Quadpawd.

    And here be ur 5 qweshuns....

    1. wot human doz u lub da mostest?
    2. where iz ur favorite nappin spot?
    3. ever put da bitey on sumone? who? and why?
    4. doz u hab a sekret hidey spot?
    5. why u lub da Boris Kitty? dis a trik qweshun!