Monday, June 29, 2009

I Gots FREE Nom Noms In da Mails

Purina sended me a special nom nom to try all for free!
And it comes wif a coupons so I can make da humans buy more!

It is the new Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats.
It comed in a neat little box wot told us all about it.

Dey say it iz only real seafoods, poultry
(dat's chicken ya know) or meat (like beefs).
Dey swears there iz no by-products or fillers
(so no crappy parts or allergicy soys).

Looks pretty tasty. Human2 iz taking her own
sweet time getting dis down to me!
I gots the white meat chicken appetizer
(in delicate broth) for to try (if I every gets it).

Guess I haz ta reminds her I am waiting
for my nom noms wot I got in da mails.
TODAY Please!

I fink she iz teasing me.
She forgets I can reach over da top of da stoves!

FINALLY....oh dis, dis iz nummy...oh yeah.
I gives dis stuffs two paws up! Nom Nom Nom!

Licking up every last little piece in da bowl. Nom nom...

I gets the clean plate award!

I let da sisters get a small (and I do means small) tastes too. But I hads to sneak in and finish off theirs before they could.

Dis treat (yep it a treat not a meal) is most certainly Boris Approved!

Hai Purina maybe you should put dat on the packages, wot you say?!

Ingredients: water, chicken, guar gum, xanthan gum, sodium nitrate (to maintain color). Prepared without by-products or fillers. It is a product of Thailand. Fancy Feast Appetizers are intended for supplemental feeding only. This product may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced at food diet. Purina's suggested daily feeding is to feed up to one tray per day for an average sized adult cat. I iz bigger than average so does dat means I get two all to myself (I hopes so)?!

The packaging it came in said to celebrate...for any random nuzzle....any loving purr...simply for anytime. So I gets a present wot says to celebrate, do you fink they know Saturday iz my birthday? If they do maybe they could have maybe sended me a whole assorted case of these nom noms to try instead of just one -- one wot I had to share even! Hai PURINA if you out there reading dis, dat iz a big ole hint.


  1. Now it does say "appetizer" which means the "main course" is yet to come, right? So mebbee it was just the appetizer for more to come on your BIRFDAY...? Luvs your pawprint bowl, BTW. Mine has paw prints on it too. Makes everyding tastes better.

  2. Wow Boris, that looks like some good stuff! I was worried that your hooman might keep it for herself when she was so slow in letting you nom it!

  3. Nom nom nom. Looks really nommy to me. Can we share? By the way you are a beautiful kitty.

  4. That looks scrumptious! It is very sophisticated to have an appetizer before dinner.

  5. NOM! I luvs the ones wif the gravy and broths. But I also luvs the ones wifout. But specially, free noms.

  6. Dem nom noms were da nummiest free noms I hadz in long time!

    Humanz went looking for dem but no could find they. Here nom nom noms....where are you nom noms?

  7. wow, that looks yummy - I want some too. Gotta go tell momma about it

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