Friday, July 31, 2009

Dis a Good Nappy Spot

Some how Human2's coat got throwed to da floor. I not know how it get der, but it sure iz a gud spot for a quick nappy!

I swear it just felled off da close tree. I not do it honest.

I iz looking forward to da cooler weather so da coat iz seen more often it really iz a fun sleepy spot -- MOL!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Wuz on Agin!

I wuz da Tuesday's Funny Video on Boris Wants His Treats — Now!
Dis iz wot dey said about me...
Remember Boris, the the kitty who shared his birthday party with us? Now, he's not being as good of a sport: He'll do whatever it takes to get some treats. Not since the Dramatic Chipmunk has five seconds said so much.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Humanz Brought Home Germs from Doctors!

After spending all weekend halping takes care of Human2 herz comed home today from da doctors office wif germs! Herz brought both e.coli and MRSA home wif her. How dare herz do dat?!

I guesses it not too bad since dem germs weren't da real fings, fank gudness! Da germies were giant microbes dat are 1,000,000 x+ actual size! (you can gets youz own giant microbes at

Dis iz MRSA (multiple-resistant staphylococcus finks it iz da superbug! I got newz for it. Human2 had just read a article about how humanz and der pets iz getting MRSA especially when either da human or da pet regularly visits hospitals and nursing homes. So be carefully all you therapy anipals out der. No coming homes wif dis bug!

Here I iz givin MSRA some bunny kicks. der iz no mercy for MRSA wif dis kitteh on germ patrols.

Ain't we cute? Drangerous germs like dis should no be so cute. Dis little guy is E. Coli (Escherichia coli) dis iz da guy wot causes urinary n abdominal infections. dat really nasty guy O157:H7 iz da guy wot causes food poisioning.

Dis might be a cute buggy but I haz ta put da bitey on it. I no wants to get sicky but it needs killed too!

Some bunny kicks might not hurt either. Boy da stringies are funs to bitey!

No saying silly kitteh giant microbes iz for kidz cause human2 buyed dem for us kittehs to play wif!

Taking Care of Human2 After Surgery

Human2 hads ta have surgery on herz left leggy cause of da accident da humanz had in 2007. Herz knees wented into da dash and hurted da veins in both of herz leggies. Herz hurted very much. So I taked very gud cares of her and watched over herz very carefully.

da leggy I iz leanin on iz da one wot had da surgery. I makin sure it okai now. I very careful nots to hurts herz.

Da humanz just had ta take dem photos cause I never, ever curl up wif dem. No way no how! I haz my chair n dat iz where I sleeps, but when human2 iz hurted I haz to take care of herz.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Entry for Contesty Extended

Okai all you kittehs out der, I know you wanna win some of dem cool prizes in ma Da Birthday Bash Contesty so what are you waiting for!?!?!

Since ma Human2 who iz halping run dis fing iz laid up cause of surgeries on herz leg we has decided to extend da deadline to send in pictures for Da Birthday Bash Contesty til dis Friday July 31, 2009!

So even if you no have a birfaday picture or story sends us your cutest picture and a paragraph of how you would like to celebrate and you iz in da running for dat prize pack!

Get your staff werking on dis ASAP! If you don't wanna email dem to me post your picture/story on and send me da link or add @BorisKitty to the caption so I sees it and your in!

When I has your entries I will gets you all added to the contesty and will let the voting begin. Send all u friends over to votes for you!

Dis should be funs but only if kittehs enter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I Wuz Quoted in da Newspaper! St. Louis Post-Dispatch to be Exact!

Last week I wuz emailed thru ma facebook account by a reporter for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. I sended him Human2's contact info and he called herz about an article he wuz working on for da newsy paper on da new Fancy Feasts Appetizers for kittehs.

He saw ma bloggy post on dem and wanted to talk wif us! It wuz pretty cool dat a humble little kitty like myself could garner da interest of some folks all da way in St. Louis, MO! Hai isn't dat where Purina (who makes dem nummy treats) iz based? Maybe dey will sees da artikle and ma bloggy and sends me some more of dem wunnerful gud Fancy Feasts Appetizers. Puhleez!

Da artikle iz by Todd C. Frankel of da St. Louis Post-Dispatch it iz titled, Purina gets fancy with feline treats. You cans read da whole artikle over on da website or skip to da important part (me) at da bottom of da page!

from da artikle...

Purina's in-house testing drew rave reviews for the appetizer's eight varieties, which include "tender Tongol tuna," "white meat chicken" and "steamed Tilapia." Inklings of consumer reaction are just beginning to trickle in over the Internet. Kelly Hoffman of Reading, Pa., who runs a blog from the point of view (and in the voice) of her cat, Boris, wrote: "oh dis, dis iz nummy ... oh yeah."

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fishy Flavored Drinks

Dis wuz me watching ma fishies before they were intruded on by da sea monster. I usually just sit an watch da fishies goin back and forths, to and fro.

But today I had been out in the hot sun in the garden a little longer den usual and I wuz thirsty. So I inched in real close to see what da fishies were up to and see wot they were swimming in. It wuz just regular water like in ma bowl in da house. So I took a drink.

Mmmm. Fishy flavored water is gud (I fink maybe da fishies might be kinda tasty too). But now there is dis sea monster in wif dem guardin dem!

I Finded a Sea Monsters!

I went outside this morning to play in the sun-puddles, check on ma garden and see how ma fishies were doing. I had human2 feeded da fishies and when I looked in ta see how dey were doing. I spied a scary monster in ma pond! Swimming around wif ma fishies wuz a sea serpent acting like ma pond wuz hiz pond!

I could no believe it! So I had to get a betterer look at it to make sure I wuz seeing wot I thought I wuz seeing. You never know it might have been just another weird lookin fishy. But no I wuz right, it be ma very own lochness monster!

I fink ma sea monster needs a name. I iz open ta suggestions. Wot you fink I should name ma seas monsters?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Happened to da Catnip Plant?!

Look at our nummy catnip plant. Human1 takes good care of it and brings it in da house for us to nom on. Here we are having a catnip party. We all love dried catnips but there is something about having a nice fresh leaf or two. And it is very nice of human1 to take such good cares of the plant for us.

But the other day when herz went out to get our plant she brought in this scraggly looking fing wot could never have been our plant. But it wuz! Da kitteh that roams our neighborhood must have found it and called all hiz friends over for to have a party! Just look at wot he done...

Our poor poor nip plant. At least there were a few leaves lefted for us. Da big bushy plant iz chewed down to nobby little sticks now.

Catnip Plant Update: Since dis photo wuz takened da plant wuz babied by Human1. Human1 tells us da plant iz on the mend now and growing new leaves. It no longer goes outside it just stays in our window now.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Gots a New Friend Meet Piggy Wiggy

I gotted a new friend da utter day in da mails. I did not know I was getting he. Human2 surpriseded me wif him. Herz said there wuz utter friends in da box too, but we only gets to play wif one at a time (she no wants me ta have furend overloads).

Herz choose ta gib me dis very fine piggy first 'cause I haz so many nice piggy furends on da intertubes, like @FuzzyPigz and @WinstonPig. Plus ma furend @ShawneeShep iz now fostering some rescued piggies so there are even more Guinea Pig pals.

My Guinea Pigs name iz Piggy Wiggy. He iz a Webkinz anipal. We wented online and adopted he. Hiz 'doption day iz same az my pal Shawnee's, July 11th! We gots a certificate and everyfing, see! Human2 gotted da webbykinz piggy from a very nice online shops called is a great place to shop for gifts for your human pals and dey haz human nom noms too. Human2 just luvs Jelly Belly beans! The store iz runned by a friend of ours and herz is only 19! Can you believe it? Herz very own business! She gived us a coupon code to share wif our furends to save 10% off your order (most of dem Webkinz iz already low price). Da coupon code iz: numnum (it iz built into da linky already but in case you go straight there you need dat coupon code to saves 10% off your orders).

Dis iz Piggy Wiggy's 'doption papers.
Iz gud teaches kids not to shop for pets iz betterer to adopt dem!

Insteads you shop for fings for your new pet.
Dis iz Piggy Wiggy's room.

Here is sister Abby givin' Piggy Wiggy a little kissy.

We will keep you all updated on Piggy Wiggy's adventures and his new friends as we gets dem out to play wif!

Fings Wot Not Ta Eat

Ma humans tried to tell me dat sticks are not tasty, but I would not listen. I tried nomming it but it was all hard and barky. It had a woody flavor dat I did not much care for. Guess maybe I should oughta listen to dem when they tells me toads, snakes and frogs are not for nomming

Friday, July 17, 2009

Da Birthday Bash Contesty

Two weeks ago I turned four (July 4th) and my people had a most wunnerful birfaday party for me. I wanted to haz a contesty back den but PawPawty wuz coming up and ma anipal @BabyPatches wuz already doing a cool contesty so I waited (plus I wanted to haz da prizes in ma cute little pink paw paws first). Well da prizes arrived and now on wif da contest.

We iz gonna celebrate birthdays and gotcha days by given away prizes. The prizes are fun Play-n-Squeak Toys wot I talked about da other day. Being a kitteh dis contest is mostly cat oriented, but not exclusive as I will hab my humans get you somefin gud if you wins.

Send us your bestest party picture to enter. Send them to me at BigBadBoyBoris [at] (replace wif the correct @ symbol). By midnights on the 25th 31st (so my human can post the pictures here). Once they are all arrived we will post da images here for anipals to come back and vote on them! Wot fun.

So sends me your pictures and lets the fun begin!

Da Rules: (I know I gots ta spoil it wif rules.)

  1. Dis contest iz open to kittehs (and other anipals in da USA only any wheres).
  2. Pictures must be sent via email to BigBadBoyBoris [at] (replace wif the correct @ symbol). Subject = Bday Contesty Before midnight on July 25, 2009 July 31, 2009.
  3. Must include anipals name, humans name, your birfaday/gotcha day and a brief story about how you celebrate your special day (dis will be included wif your picture during voting so make it good). If you never had a party, send us your cutest picture and story on how you gonna celebrates gud on da next one! (personal info will not be posted).
  4. Winners will be notified via email at end of voting period (July 27th to midnight on August 10th 8/1/2009 to 8/8/2009). If winners not responded wif mailing address prize will be forfeited.
  5. Non-kitteh entries will be added to a separate voting category and compete for alternate prizing. These winners will consider runners up.

Da Prizes: (Ya know dis da good stuff right here.)

  1. There will be 4 (yep 4) runners up and 1 (only 1) GRAND PRIZE winner.
  2. Each runner up will gets a Play-n-Squeak Twice Da Mice from OurPets. Dat is two fun squeaky mice likes I gots (mind you, da feather butt mousie iz way fun to chew on). Retail value: $9
  3. Da Grand Prize winner will receiver a huge box o' toys filled wif da following fun fings: 1 Twice da Mice (dats 2 mice), 1 Catch of the Day Mouse, 1 Elasto Mouse, 1 Wild Flingdom, 1 Ball of Furry Fury and 1 Spring Fling. Wow dat a lots of toys! All are fun Play-n-Squeaky toys wot iz loads of fun for kittehs! $52.
  4. Substitute prizes will be given for non-kitteh winners of a separate contesty (if any)
  5. The prizes are the way fun Play-n-Squeak Toys wot I talked about da other day, but if a dawg wins we will sends maybe a cool flappy toy or somefin else real gud.

Da box of prizes arrived!

Dis da runner up prizes. 4 lucky kittehs will win a set of 2 Play-n-Squeak mice!

Dis iz da amazing grand prize chock full of cool Play-n-Squeak kitteh prizes. Gud Lucks!

Dis kitty contest iz brought to you by the letter C, the number 5, and our furends over at / /

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Havin Fun Wif Squeaky Mices

I got this way cool long tail play-n-squeak mouse from Human2 (it iz some of my birfaday presents still coming out of hiding). She said I iz getting dem now 'cause I had too big a day on da fourth and now we can play and not be distracted.

I really likes dem mousies wif da squeaky squeak inside of dem and so do my sisters (Bela really loves dem so they are hers favorite me finks). But now I gets my turn.

Look at me putting da bitey da long tail. It wuz much fun nomming on it and making it squeak, squeak, squeak.

I had so much fun playing wif my new toy that Human2 decided to dig out all our old play-n-squeak toys out from da basements (dats where I go when there are thunder boomers or firewerks). It is a nice place to hide my toys so I have them when I iz hidin!

Bela says dis smells familiar right before she gibbed it a real big swat. you get it Bel! Abby will really go to town on dis toy. She bites da tree trunk and leaves like they really needs to be killed).

Dis iz yours truly wif ma play-n-squeak mouse. I don't like to share but I will sometime (if I have to!) This is the standard mouse hunter cat toy here. We have the one wif feathers for a tail. It okay but Bela eated da feathers off the butt.

I went out for a snackie and Abby comed in an played wif ma mouse! How dare she?! It iz hard to resists da call of da squeaky mouse. So I guess I will forgive herz dis time.

Then Picasso had to get into the act too and sopped by to sniff on my toy when I wasn't lookin. I'll tellz you I made sure to protect ma toys after all of dis toy stealing wuz happening.

Since da play-n-squeak mouses iz one of my favoritest toys to play wif and most certainly iz Bela's favorite toy, my humans and I wanted to share the Play-n-Squeak mouse experience wif other kittehs. So we iz having a contest! And you guessed it you can win Play-n-Squeak toys from our furends over at / /

More contesty rules coming tomorrow, nitey!

Friday, July 10, 2009

I Donated Some Kewl Pwizes for PawPawty

I haz gotten a couple of way kewl prizes for dis weekends PawPawty over on Twitter.

I found dis must fun doggy beer and had to get some for ma pals to try. And what fun is drinking beer (even dawg beer) wif out some toys? So for to go along wif da beer I haz dem famous, been in commercials LOOFA dogs! One iz a pink breast cancer loofa dog and the other iz a cool volley ball dude dat fits in wif da surfin safari theme of da pawty!

There will be two lucky dogs wot will wins one dog beer and one loofa dog each.

Don't fink I furgots ma kitteh pals. I could never do dat! Member dem fun fishy stick treat toys I wuz playin wif on ma birfaday? Well I caughted a few more and some seafood treats to go in dem! There will be two licky kittehs who will gets somefin from me!

So check da pawty schedule tomorrow for da times to come and win dese wunnerful pwizes from da self proclaimed Monster Keeper Awayer of da PawParty Island!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I iz #1 Treat at

July is starting out to be a pretty great month for this kitty. July 1st I wuz the very first face of cute over at

Then I had ma birfaday party on July 4th (gotta say I luved all dat attention).

Yesterday it wuz announced dat I iz da Man-Cat of the Week over at Cats Who Twitter.

Today I iz the number 1 slot for the's Today's Top 5 Treats! They are featuring a whole gallery of photos from ma birfaday party! Dat iz just so kewl I can hardly stands myself.

Bet ma humans are wondering how in da world dey will be able to handle ma new found fame and cattitude to match it!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I iz da Man Cat of da Week!

I got the honor of being da "official" Man Cat of the Week over on Cats Who Twitter, wwhich is a great site run by ma pal Henry (dat iz Oscars brutter). Henry iz a great kitteh and I iz so proud to be the man cat of the week!

I wuz also part of the Follow 5 Friday on 5/1/09 .

Fank you Henry (aka @QwadPaw)

Monday, July 06, 2009

I Got More Birfaday Presents

I got this lovely package in da mail fron ma pak Shawnee! It says I no can open it until July 4th, but I received it July 6. Do I haz to wait unnuter year before I gets to open it? I hope nots!

It wus a gifty in da envelopes. I gots a nice package from Shawnee, I love it so!

Sister Bela tried to horn in on ma loverly new batch of wrapping papers. But I not let her dis iz mine!

I gots fleas and grassy seeds. And a most wunnerful card signed by Shawnee! On fank you. I guess I will (maybe) shares da growed up grasses wif ma sisters. We won't know until there be some actual grasses. i might jsut change ma mind about the sharing.

Look at me puttin da bitey on dat flea catnip toy. It not gonna get da chance to bitey me, no way!

Thank you for ma gifty gift Shawnee you da bestest! You da bestest pal for a kitteh ta hab!

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dat Little Bad Bailey Stealed Ma Humanz

Yep dem humans of mine went off yesterday and leaved me to entertain maself. Dey went over to a puppy warming party fur ma new cousin dog Bailey. Oh yeah she looks sweet enough. But I can just smell da bad dripping off ma humanz when they gots home!

Oh yeah she sure iz cute playing wif herz new Puppy Kong Wubba toy ma humanz gibbed herz. And she iz even cute chewing on da regular Puppy Kong toy too. She iz even smart enough to get the puppy treats out of the toy all on herz own too.

But come on humanz herz iz a Sheltie and sheltie = dawg no matter how you looks at it! And I thought u wuz cat people! How dare your associate wif dis bad little dawg?!

Okay maybe da photos are not gibbing you the whole story about how bad she really iz. I have included two hidden camera videos below fur you to watch and see just how bad she iz! But I iz just a kitteh so I will let you do your own judging.

Me Killing Ma New Fishy Toy

Da humanz figured dat since fishy wishy iz my favorites toy ever (sorry Ducky but you run a close second) dat they would gets me a new fishy toy fur ma birfaday.

Dis one iz called a Fish Stick Treat Dispenser cat toy. I purrsonally fink it iz a kind of kitteh torture. I tried and tried to gets ma freeze dried salmons treats out of da toy, but all I did wuz make a mess wif salmon crumbs.

Well salmon is just as gud az catnips when it iz stuck in a toy like dis! I played wif it after ma big long nappy too! And carried it from da live room to the dine room all by maself too. Da humanz like it cause chewing on dat netting halps to cleans off tartars (not fishy sauces but yucky teefus fings) from my toofs. (den I no need dat horrible toof brushes)

Here iz a bideo of me playing wif da new toy. Az you can see I clean up ma salmon crumb mess at da end of the moovie!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Today iz ma Birfaday & we iz habbing a PAWTY!

Human2 and I gots up real early dis morning (6am -- I did not know she could see dat time of day befores). We wuz very excited 'cause it iz ma birfaday! It not ma actuals birthday we not know when dat iz fur sure, but da humanz gotted me in late July when I wuz about 3 weeks old so dey nicely picked da 4th of Julys fur ma birthdays celebrations.

We started da day out by first talking wif all my anipals on Twitter. Den we gots first breakfasts (we will get second breakfast when Human1 gets up).

Human1 set out all da party supplies and started decorating fur ma pawty! I made sure to halp her so she got it right. Humanz need directions on how to do these fings so dey iz done right. I not want to hafta do it a second time!

Good ole fishy wishy iz halping me halp da humanz to decorate. Ducky and Flea were invited to halp to but dey said dey not werking today. Da two of dem iz gonna nap until pawty timez.

Den da worstest fing happened. Da humanz went outsidez wif out me!!! I cried and cried but they not let me out. Dey say dat dey were mowing and working in da yard but I fink dat wuz a lie. Wot were dey doing out there wif out me? I can no believe it!

Well they finally let me outsidez and we spended most of our mornings out there playing in sun puddles and chasing bugs. I even got some of my prezzies while we wuz outsides!

It wuz a most beautiful day to lay in da garden and to watch ma fishies in da pond.

I even gots ta watch da birdies in ma tree! Then I wuz allowed to play on the front porch. I iz NEVER allowed on da front porch 'cause it iz too close to da road wif dangerous carz and such. But human2 hung out on da porch wif me!

It wuz on da porch where I gots ma first prezzie fur da day. It wuz a CatFisher Fishing Pole from Fat Cat. It iz lots of fun. Da humanz must play wif you and dat iz da bestest gift! Human2 cast it out into da yard. I watched da mousie and thoughts about chasing it, but I not wanna werk to hard fur it.

See there is da little mousie out in da yard. Wot iz nice about dis fishing pole iz when kittehs like me iz a little on lazy side it can double as a wand toy to. Dat iz wot Human2 had to do to gets me playing (I wuz too distracted from outside noises to really chase it before).

But when dat mousie got up to me I did gets it and I gotz it GUD!

Dis cute little purpley mousie sure does needs to be killed. Then we headed back inside where I got nom noms (again) and more prezzies. All fur me!

I got dis fun catnip birthday cakes. It haz a feather on top so u no worry dat not a flamey wot could burn me!

And you already know how much i LOVE ma freeze dried salmons. I got dis really cool fishy treat toy. Da humanz shoved salmons inside da toy and made me haz to werk fur ma nom noms. But dat okai, I say 'cause salmon iz better den catnip inside da toys! You should try it some time!

All ma prezzies were coming out of dis box so I had to go and see fur maselfs wot wuz inside of dat big red birfadayz box.

Under close inspections I can see it iz lots of wunnerful kitteh stuff mostly 'cause wot iz in da box...

... IZ ME!!! MOL I iz da bestest gifty dese humanz could ever gets! I played in da box fur awhile until our furends comed over. (and fank catness their gifty to me wuz to leave their dawgs at home -- dat wuz very toughtful of dem don't you fink?) So we went back outside where I got to lay in ma garden some more, but den it came time to eat and dey throwed me back in da house! All because I wandered over to da neighbors yard where weedy killy stuff wuz sprayed!

Look at wot dey did to me! I wuz banished to da insides while all da humans were on da outsides eating ma cheezeburgers!!!! How iz dat fair on ma birfadays??

But they did comes back in fur to sing happy birfaday to me and haz cheezeburger cakes!

I asked da humans if I can haz cheezeburger cakes.

I could HAZ CHEEZEBURGER CAKES. It wuz so nummy. We all nommed it untils da cake wuz all gones. Only little crumbies and some icings left on da plates. Nom Nom Nom. It was gud!

All I can say is no kitteh should haz to put up wif dis kind of fing in hiz birfaday (or any day fur dat matter!)

Well I had a VERY full day and I iz too pooped to pawty any more! I IZ PAWTIED OUT!

Fank you humanz, human furendz and ALL my anipalz for making dis a most wunnerful birfaday. Wot a grand way to turnz four years old!

Purrs and nosetaps to you all!