Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick-or-Treats Donations fur Rescue Kitties

Ma lil brofur Edgar did go Trick-or-Treating as Batman on Halloween and did gets all dem way cool treats! We iz gonna go and donating dem to da kitties waiting in da rescue fur der forever homes next week.

Human2 did also go out n buy some kitten foods n blankies fur dem wif our kitteh allowances. We are happy to gib up da allowances fur kittehs wot r in needs!

Bela did haz to inspects all da donating items wot we iz gonna send Edgar to da shelter wif. Herz said it wuz not enuff so Human2 did run and gits a few more fings.

I did come in fur final inspekshuns n gibbed da donations two paws up! I fink dis will makes da lil kittens and cats wot needs dem ta haz sum funs while dey iz waitin fur dem furever homes. Don't you?

It doz look like a beary nice pile of goodies fur dem kittehs. Fank u human two fur delivering dem fur us. Dunt furgets ta takes Edgar along when u takes dem next week!

Kittehs in Costumes

Normally we kittehs do no EVER wears clothing....did I says EVER?! But when it comes ta da holidays like Halloween we do sum times gets tortured wif outfits. Dis year I wuz Frankensteins Monster aka Boris da FrankenKitty!

We all did dress up even ma new pal Edgar wuz in costume!

Dis iz Edgar in he Spider-man costume all ready to hands out treats to da neighborhood trick or treaters. He finks he might keeps sum of dem nom noms fur he self.

Picasso wuz da Queen of Denile...oops Da Nile! MOL! Hers purrty in blue, no?

Abby is no happy tabby az a court Jester. I not fink herz likes ta be laffinged at. MOL.

And cute lil Bela Boo iz a sweet lil pumpkin fur makin up da pumkin pies! NOM NOM NOM

So der u hab it all us kittehs in our Halloween costumes fur all da werld ta see.

Haunted Bird Feeder fur Halloween

Me and ma humanz do love Halloween. I do balieves it do be our favoritest howl-iday ever! We did no haz a big pawty dis year but we did haz fun making cuppie cakes and spookie cookies. Last year we did makes a Haunted Bird Feeder and Human2 did go out n finds it fur me.

When it say BEWARE OF CAT it do meanz me! I put da bitey on da birdie feeder n anyfing wot comes to it!

Hai wot over here? Maybe it a ghosty. I best checks it out.

Oh i did get you, you nasty old poltergeist wot hauntses ma birdie feeder.

Az u can see sumfin dun did spooks me while playin wif ma haunter birds feeders.

Fur more on ma birdie feeder checks out dem posts ma human did makes last year.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dawgs n Dey Tongues

Ma pal Shawnee did writes about a contesty fur doggies wif der big ole dawgy tongues hangin out of der faces.

I wanna know why it haz ta only be dogs? Kittehs haz tongues wot doz sticks out too u know.

So iffen u wanna enter hed on over to Anna's website (kwik like bunny rabbits cause contesty ends 10/30/09).

Monday, October 26, 2009

Fishy Wishies Every Where

Ma humans did go to da Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ last weekends. Dey said dey would be seeing all kinds of neat fishies. Likes ma fishies in ma lil pond but from da oceans!

Hai I did finds dat Nemo fishy wot wuz in dat moovie. Dis one here sure doz looks like Nemo.

Dat big green fing der iz an eel. wif big teefs for puttin da bitey on you! Dems iz skeery alrite.

Wowzers dis fishy sure iz neato lookin. Wunner if ma fishies could grow polkie dotted fins like dats???

Ma humanz told me dat dems birdies iz called penguins. Dey do not fly! Wot up wif dat? Dey swims in da water wif da fishies instead of flyin in da airs wif utter birdies. Dat just not right!

Well dem purrty pikshurs iz all fine n dandy buts az a kitteh I wanna sees ma fishies in akshuns! So ma beary nice humans did take videos of dem fishy wishies swimmin just fur me. Fank u Human1 n Human2 I doz likes dem swimmy fishies.

I did sends Edgar along ta makes sure dey did bring me sum fishies. MOL

Friday, October 23, 2009

Amish Country Pumpkins

Dis iz wot human2 did sees when herz gotted our pumpkins for to makes jack-o-lanterns (n boris-o-lanterns). Herz goed out ta Lancaster County where da Amish doz haz loads of punkins fur cheap.

I haz never seed a horse n buggy. Wunner if dey would deliver me sum punkies to da city?

Here We Iz Agin Askin Fur Monies

I doz know dis seems like I iz being self servin here, but we really doz needs a new camera n it really iz gonna be used fur takin pikshurs of da poor lil anipals wot needs forever homes in our area. Human2 iz so strapped fur cash or herz would just goes n buys it herz self, but herz can no do it wot wif us kittehs n all da utter fings herz doz.

U already nose ma werk wif ma cuzin kittehs a takin pikshurs to halp get dem homes. Wot u don't know iz we also did do werks in da past wif a schipperke rescue group. We doz photo documentations of events likes da walks fur da animals dat da human society doz hab.

Unfortunately our SLR did go kaflooy da utter weekends when we did go on our walkie wif Shawnee n most of our pikshurs no did turn out. We still haz a mostly werkin points-n-shoots, but da digital SLR wot we use for all gud photo takin haz gone bad. And dat makes us sad.

We iz werkin hard at getting ready fur anutter donation visitation likes when we tooks all dem toys n treats over, but we needs dis camera by den. Also any extras $ affer da camera n lenses iz buyed will be gibbed to one of da local shelters along wif our time. So puhleez consider donating just a dollar or two or more if u can affords it ta halp us out. Fank you beary much!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Showing Off Ma Costume

I wuz showin off ma costumey ta all ma Twitter pals and I did get on agin!!!
I iz Frankenstein;s monster cause I iz named affer Boris Karloff.
They did also show off the Gargoyle Dawg we did see at da Human Society of Berks County Walk fur da Animals last month!

Friday, October 16, 2009

National Feral Cat Day

Today iz National Feral Cat Day. Dis day iz ta make awareness of the feral kitteh problems around da country and to halp peeples understands dat dem "wild" kitties needs ta be caught, fixed n put back. (Also known az TNR or Trap-Neuter-Release.)

Ma humanz cuzin iz carin fur sum ferel farm cats wot just had kittens a little while back. Herz haz found furever homes fur two of dem and still needs ta finds homes fur da utter 2 from dat litter n 1 more frum anutter litter. Den herz iz taking da mommies into be spayed. But dey iz not being released az ma dey iz now ma cusin kittehs!

We fink dis iz beary importants and deserves close attenshuns frum everbuddy. Please look into feral kitty programs in your area n halp dem out.Need a place to starts? Check out Alley Cat Allies for loads of infurmations on what u can do ta halp.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ma Punkin Head Iz On Agin

Okai, so I hads ta make a big boo boo lip n gib dem da sad eyes cause dey did not include ma Boris-o-Lantern in der post, Turning into Pumpkins: Jack-o'-Lantern Animals, but I iz der now.

I had showed dem ma Boris pumpkin last week n I fink dey just furgotted me.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hikin Wif Shawnee

Lookit da beautiful day Human2 did hab to go meets Shawnee n herz human in da woods fur walkin.

Shawnee did spy sumfin haning out in da trees.

It wuz a witch flyin round da trees!

Shawnee did make sure der wuz no more witchies around.

We all nose Shawnee do likes playin in da wawa, but dis trail did only haz a tiny lil stream wot did not looks like much fun. Looks like Shawnee iz sad herz can no plays in it tho.

Den der wuz sum xcitements. Shawnee did gets ta meet up wif a nice lady walkin her doggies. But 2 of dem did turn outs ta be goats!. Shawnee did tells me dis wuz da first time ever dat herz did meet goats. Who woulda thought u would meets up wif goats on a hikin trails in da woods!

Here iz da two goats up close and personal like.

Affer da walkie Edgar n Shawnee did take a few minutes ta rest n gets ta nose each utter a lil better. Edgar did give herz big pets n purrs from me!

Da Timmeh-o-Lantern

Ma pals over at did likes ma Timmeh-o-Lantern dat I made n shared wif ma Twitter pals dat dey tolded me abouts der contesty fur da best geek pumpkin.

Now I not nose if dis iz da best geek punkin but it iz mighty funs.

You needs two pumpkins to makes Timmeh so I gibbed a pattern fur a fun pukin' punkin wot you carve den put da guts out da mouth like it throwed up...maybe makes it a hairball too...MOL

So here is da PDF stencil for da Timmeh-o-Lantern. Haz fun makin he n wishin me lucks cause I do so want dat first pwize! I luvs sleepy bags n I luvs Star Wars (cause I iz a geek likes ma peeples). Remember Timmy's ears come from da utter pumkin's mouth you do cuts out.

Da finished Timmeh Punkin!

Coming Soon...image of pukin punkin...MOL

Monday, October 12, 2009

Halloweenies Iz Fur Da Dawgs

As promised here do be all da doggy halloweenie pumpkins I did finds over at (dis way u not has to sign up n gets all der spam -- i gettin it fur u).

So gets these n carve outs a good time wif ur pets dis halloween like me an human2 did makin da boris-o-lantern and dat shawnee-o-laterns! MOL

Here is a bonus kitty cat face I founds dat will be easier den da Boris-o-lantern of mine.

Jack Russell
Golden Retriever
German Shepherd

Download all Dog stencils at one time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Make ur Own Boris-o-Lantern

Human2 did werk hard at carvin out dat pumpkin ta looks just like me, but her not haz a stencil until today! Herz did werk just az hard at makin dis stencil so dat all anipals (and herz) can makin der very own ME-O-LANTERN for halloween!

All u need iz a medium sized pumpkin. Den u cuts out a lid n removing all da guts! (Iffen u wants u can separates da guts from da seeds n roasting dem ---da seeds not da guts, MOL.)

Since u haz to have ma snoot shining thru da pumpkin u mights wanna scrap from da insides sum more of dat pumpkin meats (wif dat u could makes a pumpky pie frum scratches). Dat way u haz less scrapin n scratchin from da fronts!

So downloading this way cool Boris Jack-o-Lantern for a spooky, cooky Halloween wif u pal -- Boris! dawgy pals can gets sum way cool doggy stencils over at

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Da DNA Model

I iz halpin da humanz wif a dna skool project. Dem balls (i iz told dey iz dna molecules) iz loads of fun ta pull out of dis box n bat all over da kitchen!

I did ma bestest ta lose sum but I losed in dat game. Da humanz were able to makin it!

It looked okai, but i like it better afore it wer built!

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Jungle Kitteh Strikes Again

I luvs being out in da garden. I iz an indoor only kitteh, but if ma humanz iz outsides sum times dey lets me out too. I feels like a big jungle kitteh n stalk ma prey (crickets) through da plants.

I gots to go out a lil bits dis weekend. Human2 wanted ta gets a purrty pikshur of me by da orange flowers, but i not cooperated so all herz got wuz me in da jungle -- HA!

N ta tops it off herz wuz swarmed on by gnats. Herz said herz feeled like Pigpen Smith wif a cloud of stuffs around herz. I fink dat iz sumone from Snoopy cartatoons, but I not sure.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Normal Kitty vs Boris Kitty

Da Humanz used ta call Abby, Chubbles, but dat wuz afore I comed along. Herz used ta be da biggest kitteh in da house but not no mores!

I wins dat title paws down.

Monday, October 05, 2009

It Rainin Cat n Dog Pumpkins

Human2 comed home wif a bunch of big orange balls herz called punkins pumpkins. herz said we gonna makes dem into jack-o-lanterns fur halloween. I hads never ever seen one of dese afore. It did smells strange n we removed all da guts from da insides.

Having dun ma part I retired to ma favorite spot on da dining room table (shhhh no tells nobuddy, kai) n waited fur all da hard werks ta be duns. Affer a bunch of hours herz comed out wif a Shawnee-0-lantern ---- i thought it wuz posed ta be a jack-o-lantern!

Makin dese punkins iz hard werks. I gots ta takes a nutter nap while human2 went back to werk on anutter carving.

here iz da shawnee-o-lantern all litted up. purrty nifty huh?

Den herz comed out wif a kitteh cat pumpkin all carved up...

Who herz fink dis iz??? MOL

Purrty gud likeness, no?

Siamese Twins

Dem doggies aren't da only conjoined anipals. Lookit dese kittehs joined at da nom nom plate!

dem iz ma sisfurs Abby n Bela n dey not really stuck ta getter dey just eating eggies fur brekkies.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

I Haz Pikshurs on

Da fine folks at haz seen how wunnerful ma pikshurs are agin -- MOL! I haz been honored once agin wif havin ma photos choosen as der #cutepic from Twitters.

I shared sum of da pikshurs from da Walk fur da Animals da utter weekend. Da ones dey featured wuz da 2 headed dog (no really it wuz 2 doggies but i looked like one wif 2 heads) and da one of da little blood hound sniffin up on da itty bitty pom!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Fank U ta all Anipals Wot Play #TrekDay Wif Me

I did haz quite a fun times today wif da #TrekDay on Twitter. Lots of furends joined in da fun by using da hash tags or making cool avatars. My buddy @GeorgetheDuck did make mines. It iz very pawsum! Fank u all fur joining in on my silly lil celebrashuns!

More fank Us and many more wot i missed (sawry) ... @tuttifruiti_cat @MaddyBasset @RockumSockum @indykitty @mattiedog @SydPie @Petiethecat @SirFrancisDuck @IamButton @kittehboi @stwood1953 @catbirddog @Quadpawd @CheshireK @tweetypie54 @CircusKitty @ShawneeShep @GeorgeTheDuck @flicka47 #trekday fankUs