Friday, April 30, 2010

National Hairball Awareness Day

Today is National Hairball Awareness sponsored by dem folks from FURminator.

Hairballs can be a big problem for cats. Not just the hacking dem up all over da place but vomiting and constipation iz a result of hairballs too.

I for one iz prone to havin poopy problems cause of hairballs!

We kittehs spend 90% of our waking hours groomin ourselves. So I finds it hard to believe dat any kitteh out der would not alreddy nose about hairballs (but der humanz might needs a lessen or 2 about dem).

Best hairball preventions is daily brushing from our humans. FURminator nose dis and makes a dang gud product to halp get rid of dem loose hairs so we cats dunt swallows it during oru bafs.

Along wif daily brushings and hair removals, kittehs should use a product like Petromalt wot will halp get rid of hairballs alreddy in u system. Petromalt halps me out when I get constipashuns and I likes da flavors of it (but i haz ma human trained to gib me little kibble size glops off herz fingers...dat iz fun!)

As always hab fresh water handy at all times for kittehs to drinks. Cat grass will also halp kittehs naturally expell dem hairballs.

So celebrates National Hairball Awareness Day wif us and put a stop to nasty hairball messes!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Wanna Watch My DVDs

It iz ma turn ta picks wot moovies ta watch. (Altho dem humanz said no to ma Cat Sitter DVDs.....Pffffft to dem humanz.)

Hai we acided to watch dis one rite up here, kai? U makin popcorns in dat kitchen? We need popcorns for moovie nite!

Wot!?! Nao u sez we iz watchin Avatar on why u tells me to look at wot DVD to watch huh?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Halpin Finish Up A Lego Minifig Custom

Ma dear friend @ZackRabbit asked ma human2 to make sum special Futurama Lego guys fur he ITguy. So we did finally finish dem up affer attempting to sculpt funky futurama hairs (but dems not gud enough so we stuck wif our original plan.

Des iz da ones we iz gonna sends up to da IT guy we hopes hims doz likes dem. We finks dey looks purrty good and finks dey will be more durable using LEGO pieces and not da sculpy hairs.

I thought i better gib dem da once over to make sure everyfing looks okie dokie afore we sends them off to anutter country! I feelz dat Zack will likes dem...

Dey stands up to Boris inspekshuns! MOL

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finkin About Bath Time

I wuz finking about ma pal Buttons havin to get baths all da times. We kittehs keeps ourselfs purrty cleans wif groomings and licky lickin all da times. So I did finks I should makes bath time easier on ma puppy pals wif a contesty. So show me u bestest bath time pikshures to wins a way cool bath massager for pets from da contesty info on wot to doz & how to enters iz over on ma webby

Contesty iz sponsored by our friends over at  

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It a Taxing Day

Today is Tax Day when all da money ma peeples makes gets tooked away from dem by da government man.

It iz indeed a beary taxing time here and I needs to recovers az u can clearly see it haz been ruff on dis kitteh!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foster Families For Da Animal Rescue League Gets Noticed

Doz u remember dat big dog Lloyd wot wuz in da play wif ma human1 last year? We gibbed him a gift basket fur being da star of da show, member? Himz wuz being foster by a great fambly & then gotted a forever home. Well his peeple dat fostered he were honored wif an artikle in our local paper.

Foster families give dogs chance for adoption - New program places 50 canines; most get homes by By Ron Devlin of the Reading Eagle.

Da artikle mentions Lloyd and how he wuz in da musical...

Lloyd, an 8-year-old, black Lab-chow mix, was a bit of a ham. Pink Floyd, as he was nicknamed, had a walk-on part in "Camelot" at Reading Area Community College.

And da noo rescue dey iz fosterin haz a sad tales to tell...

The little beagle was abandoned in an animal carrier along a Berks County roadside after a February snowstorm.

She was shivering and alone, with only a bowl of dog food to sustain her. A note fastened to the carrier revealed her name - Mama.

In the six weeks Mama has been at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County shelter, the 6-year-old beagle has undergone one crisis after another - pneumonia, a slipped disc and, most recently, a mammary gland tumor.

Despite her misfortune, Mama has finally found a measure of comfort and love in the home of Scott and Christine Graber of Lower Heidelberg Township.

Da artikle even talks about how dis way sweet college student gets a foster program started at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County (u no wanna nose wot happens to dem unadoptible doggies if dey no go to foster homes).

Tocker, who had taken home a 17-year-old chihuahua, figured that if she was willing to foster, others might be, too. Her instincts proved right.

Eleven Berks families currently are fostering elderly dogs, most of which suffer from at least one illness or medical condition. Typically, the animals need dental work, are afflicted with diabetes or have tumors.

The Rescue League pays for medical care and assures foster families the dog can be returned if there are any problems. Some dogs were adopted within a week or so of being declared healthy, others spend up to eight months with foster families.

YAY! for great peeples likes da Grabers for fostering des animals and for Marcy Tocker & da ARL for getting dis foster home program started!

Pahleez Member DON'T SHOP - ADOPT!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Halp Holly Get a Forever & Ever Home Plz

Dis bootiful kitteh iz named Holly. Herz iz 6 years old. herz wuz handed over to da Humane Society of Berks County on 3/21/2010 cause herz owner did hab too many kittehs to cares fur.

Herz iz a brown tabby wif white face, paws & hind leggies. Herz iz sooooo affekshunate & lubs being petted & groomed. See fur ur self in dis video.

Herz iz microchipped, spayed & up to dates on all herz shots. In utter werds herz iz reddy to moove rite in to a noo furever & ever home.

Herz iz beary curious az all kittehs iz (see video) and just da sweetest fing human2 did play wif herz fur over half an hour. (Would hab been more but herz needed to go to da ARL az well.)

Looks at dem purrty markins on dis putty tat! MEOWZA!

We finks herz haz a beary purrty snoot too & not just cause it cute likes mine....MOL.


I iz beggin u ta purrty pahleeze go to da Humane Society of Berks County & adopting dis precious kitteh cat. Trust us one visit wif herz & u will falls in lub wif her.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April May Bring Flowers But It Also Brings Donations

Today we did loads up da car wif loads of donashuns for da puppehs & kittehs at da local shelters here in Reading, PA. Da donashuns do come to us from moneys we raised online wif Sponsored Tweets and direct donashuns from, Inc.

We hads so many fings to gib dem dat we wuz able to go to two different shelters. We wented to both da Animal Rescue League of Berks County and da Humane Society of Berks County az well.

It wuz really hards werk loadin all dem goodies in da car. So I did hab to takes a nice big rest afore sending human2 out on herz mission to deliverin all dem goodies.

Below iz only a small sample of da kittehs wot gotted toys frum our visit to da Animal Rescue League. We did gib da four big colonies at da ARL scratchers den handed out toys to all dem utter kittehs. (We even had toys lefted over so any dat were out at doptshun days could gets sumfin when dey comes back to da shelter). 

 Dis cutie iz Tanner he a sweet little babeh (we haz more pikshures dey will be posted soon).

Come back tomorrows fur more donashuns dis time we'll see kittehs from Humane Society. Sorry we did no plays wif pups dis time, but dey gotted a TON of treats frum us &! Fanks u.

Monday, April 05, 2010

I R In Da Anipal Times

I iz nooz worthy...Ma interview wif da PAWSUM @Romeothecat (himz interviewed me) is up on da Anipal Times webby site.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Beary Hoppy Easter

I did no nose dat da Jackalope wuz also da Easter Bunny! Who noo?!?! Mehbe he will cleans ma winder for me (see all dem Boris nose prints on da glass, heeheehee).

I gotted sum beary nice fings fur Easter frum ma furends. @jazzydacat sended me dat cute sleepy bunbun card all da ways frum Englands! And ma pal @ZackRabbit did makes me doz loverly origami flowers wif dat pawsum card (see it iz Jedi Zachary and Jedi Boris on da fronts). Den Human2 & I did build dat fun LEGO @ZackRabbit dis morning afore our egg hunts.

Edgar & Human2 did tries to makes special Boris nommy eggs fur ma egg hunts but I could sniff out da treats afore dey wuz even dun filling da eggs. I did jumps up on da counter hunting da salmon noms & finded all da eggs. Edgar did praktis hidin da egg in ma cat grass but i did finds it!

Edgar sneak out & hidded all da salmon nom easter eggies fur me in da big tall grasses...all da better to nom da grasses when dey is tall u nose.

Dey wuz supposed to be "hard to finds" eggs. But I did finds one rite qwik! (ez fur me to sniffs dem out since der iz nommy salmon inside!)

Tolds u dis tall grasses wuz purrfekt fur nommin!

Human2 did lets me open up da egg and eats da salmon out of it rite where I did finds it!

And here I am finishin up anutter nommy one! I did not nose findin eggies could be so much fun.

Fanks u Edgar fur play Easter Bunny today.