Sunday, August 29, 2010

Visitin Kittehs in der Kritter Kondos

Yesterday ma humanz wented to da BIG city to see arts in a museum (Barnes Museum) & while dey were out dey stopped in to visit wif dem Kritter Kondo kittehs. See how happy dey r in der Kondos.

Abi luvs herz Kondo.

Madi iz a big boy wif a Deluxe Kritter Kondo!

Well I gotted jello-us hearin how cute dey r & how much dey lub der Kondos dat I pested to go outside today & get in mine. Since I haz ma humanz wrapped around ma lil paw dey let me out. I had such a grand time watchin birdies from the safety of ma outdoor cat enclosure, but I still wanted out to roll in da dirt. So dey let me, but left da door to da condo open so az to let me in & out iffen dey could not watch me closely. Since da door wuz open I went in it all on my own a couple of times, just like I did on ma birfaday -- but dis time I kept doin it (bout 6 or 7 times).

Takes a look at me in akshun...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Yummy Noms at Fat Matts Rib Shake

Yummy Noms at Fat Matts Rib Shake in Atlanta, GA

Line all da way out in da parking lot! Must be good.

Dat wot human2 ordered. yum

Order da Noms!

Live Music is right. Pawsum.

Good times wif Pawsum furends!

Monday, August 23, 2010

BarkWorld Day 3

I finks dis why no fishes comed to BarkWorld.

Bella meet human2 & tried to eated herz water bottle, MOL!

Manny finded dat LEGO guy just fur me!

Cosmo sitting pretty.

Getting Treats from Edna at Nutro!

Good dog.

Getting treats of da table! Not so good dog.

Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen dey doz good stuff.

GMC Terrain Temps outside 95 inside 165. Neber eber leave ur pets or your kids inside a car!

Da Woozles -- Manny and James.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caturday Shibbering Cheetos Concert

First da humanz did explain how dem Shibbering Cheetos comed to be. Dey did hab a very nice presentashuns on da Cheetos and wut dey r doing wif Lub2Rock.

4 dogs, 3 cities, 1 dream = Shibbering Cheetos! After da talk da Cheetos did hab a LIVE concert right der at BarkWorld.

Its da Cheetos LIVE in concert. Look at all da fans!

BlindMaximus and Edgar hanging out wif da Hookalopes!

Joined by Yoda the dog, George the Duck and Mattie dog. ..... Den it gets really crazy...just like dem PawPawties. MOL

Frugal Dougal at BarkWorld Expo


Flat Dougal and his mum were on hand to tell everyone about da PawPawties and how da PawPawty got started. It wuz beary interestin and so nice to meets herz.

Warning: Da followin video may makes ur eyes leaky.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

BarkWorld Expo Day 2

Loads of pups and lots of speakers. A very nice day of learning all about pets and social media at BarkWorld Expo.

Stayed at Artmore Hotel For BarkWorld Expo

Da Artmore Hotel iz in the middle of Atlanta's Cultural Arts District and it certainly reflects dat. Very artsy fartsy. Da design haz a Spanish Mediterranean feel to it. Dat iz our GMC Terrain for da GMC Bark n Ride. Fanks GMC!

Dey had a loverly entrance dat just makes you want to hang out on da porch for awhile. dis hotel is pet friendly but human2 did not take me along.

Dis da lobby also very welcoming and very trendy. You could hang out here or at da bar. Dey had old moovies playin on dat TV 24/7 (no you can enjoy your company or da music). One nite da Swiss Family Robinson wuz playin.

The rooms were very nicely furnished, but da best fing about dem were da beds (really wot else do you need in a hotel room besides da bed....o and wifi). Human2 had da best night sleeps ever in dat bed and dem pillows were just PAWSUM.

Da humanz arrived at nite and dis wuz da first fing dey seed. Den when dey headed to da lobby dey felt like dey were going into a night club.

I finks it would be hard fur da folks who werk nights here to do der job, but da lightin iz purrty cool.

Human2 had a beary nice stay at da Artmore & would recommends it to anyone traveling to Atlanta.