Thursday, January 27, 2011

Ma Pawtograph Collekshun

I just wanted to shows u all ma pawtograph collekshun it doz be coming along qwite nicely. I now hab Linda Blair (& Tony da doggy) & u knows about Julie Newmar (Catwoman MEOW! herz started dis whole fing) & Patrica Quinn from Rocky Horror Picture Show (wot human2 did seed 150+ times in da theater in her younger days).

Linda Blair is pawsum animal activist.

Julie Newmar pawsum Catwoman MEOW!

Patrica Quinn from RHPS wuz beary nice to sign dis fur me.

We hab a few utters but Human2 had dem made out to her. Pfffft! I likes Star Trek peoples too. Well I gonna gets a Jane Wiedlin and i not gonna share it wif her.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

And Den Der Wuz Two

Ma dear sweet sisfur Abby did cross da rainbow bridge tonight. Now it iz just me and her twin Bela left. Just us two kittehs now. We haz not felt da complete loss yet cause da humanz leaved wif her and den comed home alone crying. So it haz not sunk in yet dat herz won't be comin back.

Abby da Tabby, Abba-Dabba-Do, Abby-Normal, AbbyDabbyDibbyDay

Afore I did impose ma self on da fambly Abby wuz Human2's bestest bud evah and herz still wuz, i did just steal da spotlight frum dem utter kittehs wot lives here. Whenever Human2 would sit down dat Abby gotted on herz lap. Dat Abby would spoon wif her all night long or sleep in da hammock wot wuz made from blankie atween human2's side and da pillow herz would hug.

Sleepin on da kritter kondo

Dat Abby herz wuz a sweet old brown tiger kitteh wif a heart of gold. Herz could purr and purr fur hours on end. But when human1 would play da piano or sing sumtime Abby would sneak up on H1 and nip her face (don't worry it wuz just a little love bite). Herz always sitted aside Human1 on da piano bench when herz played. Abby never lerned to play da piano like dat Nora kitteh, but herz paid very close attenshuns when human1 would play.

Abby usin da pooter.

When ever Human2 would werk on da pooter dat Abby would pest to be up on herz lap. Herz would lay on da left leg and human2 could still use da pooter wif da right hand (cause da left wuz also holding up da kitteh). Sometimes herz would disrupt werk altogether.

Abby watchin TV

Abby wuz named affer Young Frankenstein. Abby-something-Abby-Normal. Herz and Bela (az in Lugosi) were both rescued from a mall store wot wuz in a mall dat wuz closin down. Iffen our humanz had not saved dem dey would hab growed up inside a cage wot wuz way too small for one kitteh let alone two. And der wuz no way dey wuz leaving der wif only one of dem. Dat wuz ovah 17 years ago.

Abby did gib da humanz 17 wunnerful years and herz will missed so beary beary much.

Abby Holding Human2

Abby cleanin dem toes.

Lookin ovah human2's shoulder.

Jungle Cat

Enjoyin da great outdoors

Age before beauty. MOL

Me wif ma 2 sisfurs wot crossed da RB, Picasso and Abby.

Relaxing in Ma Recliner

I gets a lil bit upsets by da flashy fing when I iz relaxin.

Strikes a Pose Der Nuffin 2 It.
Am I not too cute fur werds?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Do Be In Da Air...

...and I finks it be contagious. MOL

Valentine's Day do be acomin a I did not knows dat u can gets Valentine's cards to hands out fur ur beary special Valentine's.

I knowed nuthin about dem cards til today so I sended Human2 ovah to to checks dem out. We finks dey iz purrty darned nifty idea. Wot's so cool iz u could gets dem fur kids or adults and gib dem to ANYBUDDY wot u wants to be ur Valentine's dis year.

So iffen u iz a TokiPoki member head ovah and get u sum VD cards. Iffen ur not a member join up and gets ur self sum regular cards as well as Valentine's cards or buy a variety pack just to seed how cool dey iz. You will be glad u did.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

OMC I Gotted Visited by Shawnee!

I gotted a phone call and I wuz told to expect a visitor so I ran to da door to see who it could. At first I wuz skeered of da visitor wot had turned out to be ma pal @ShawneeShep. Yep dat big doggy did come to see me affer herz hikey today!

I finks herz wuz a little skeered of me too cause herz wouldn't gets too close at first. (I wuz hissin and growlin too...see ma furs standin on end).

Dat Shawnee did sneaks ovah and eated sum of ma kitteh foods! So Human1 tried to tricks her into gettin closer wif sum of ma foods (but I did not falls for it no way).

Can you believe der iz a doggy dis close to me? Dis iz da biggest doggy I haz ever seed afore.

I sneaked of the sofa and ovah to a perch where I could keep an eye on dat Shawnee.

I still did not qwite trust her so I did move a little further away to watch her frum ma favorite chair.

Silly doggy wuz still der! Dat Shawnee iz BEARY SWEET FUR A DOG! But herz iz still a dog MOL.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Why One by One Cat Rescue?

I haz has sum folks askin why I likes to donate stuff and go play wif da kittehs at One by One Cat Rescue. Well da simple answer is dey doz a LOT of good for kittehs in ma area. But der iz a long answer too.

Way back when I wuz a babeh someone comed into da shed I shared wif ma litter mates and our mom cat. We wuz feral kittehs (u know da ones wot dunt especially likes peeple). Well da young guy wot founded us did not know dat ma Momcat would be back to move me and my brofur (we were da only tw left in da shed at da time) so he did wot he thought was right (more peeple needs to knows more about how to treat feral cats. please visit Alley Cat Allies for more information and how you can halp edumakates peeples) and he did scoop us up to try to find us homes. His Aunt lady took my brofur wot leaved me cold and alone inside an old cookie tin.

Da young guy and he girlfriend (ma now humanz neighbor) came ovah to ma humanz house (because dey is known da werld ovah fur bein crazy cat ladies -- MOL) and asked if dey wanted me. Dey alreddy had 3 senior cats and did not think dey wanted da responsibility of a wee kitten so dey said no, even tho I had gibbed dem ma best and cutest helpless kitten look. As da kids turned to leave dey started to talks about takin me down to da Humane Society. Dat did not sound too bad dey likes pets rite? Well Human2 did stop dem kids in der tracks and went inside to talk to Human1. I herd sumfing about humane  society and puttin to sleep. I did not likes da sound of dat so boy wuz a relieved when dem two bigger humanz came back out and said dey would take me.

Well first dey needed to find out how old I wuz cause i wuz just a wee little fing and needed to get me some nmos and a place to sleeps. So Human2 did jump on da fing called da pooter and looked stuff up. Human1 wented to da garage to get a carrier to make a nest fur me (ma first mancat cave) and to separate me frum da old lady cats. Human2 started making calls den sent human1 off to da store for baby formula cause da pet store wuz closed. I wuz gibbed noms and a warm bed I wuz happy.

Da humanz stayed up talking. Dey wuz still not sure about keepin me. Dey said sumfin about weaning me den findin me a forever home. Human2 tried callin da kitteh rescues. dey said, "no sorry we are full". Human2 gotted to talk to sum1 from One By One who offered great advice, but still said dey could not take me.  We know dey iz always takin in kittehs from all ovah and it hard to find sumone wot can and will take a kitten that needs to be hand fed. So we not hates dem. dem sezzin NO turned out to be da bestest fing to eber happen to me and da Humanz. Az da weeks went by and dey could not find anybody who would take me (not dat dey tried too hard mind you), dey started to fall in lub wif ma cute little snoot. (can u blame dem?)

So all because One By One Cat Rescue turned me down ovah five years ago I now haz da bestest forever home I could ever hab. Fank u One By One.

So dat iz why I try ma hardest to halp dem and da kittehs dey can halp. won't you please join me and make a dnation to halp da kittehs? No matter da amount it all halps. Please halp me sez fanks u wif a lil donashun today.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Caption Contesty (ends 1/31/11)

Wot iz i sezzin? We just finks dis pikshur needs a cool capshun. We not hab a pwize picked out just yet but we will hab sumfin fun fur kittehs or doggies which eber wins. just post ur capshun in da comments by end of January fur ur chance to wins sumfin cool.

Make sure u gib a link to ur ur bloggy or twitter name so i knows who u iz. MOL

UPDATE: Pwize will be $25 to spend at either or and winner will be picked at random frum all entries. good lucks MOL

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lamar Did Gets a Forever Home

Friday when Human2 did drop off donashuns at da Humane Society of Berks County in Reading, PA, herz wented in and played wif several kitties. Among dem wuz Lamar, a beary sweet boy. We wuz gonna using dis post to halp he get a forever home, but we don't have to da HSBC website sez ADOPTED (dis wot der site sez: ADOPTED!!! 32354 Lamar) !!! YAY fur u Lamar. So we just gonna show him off.

Handsum boy waitin fur a home.

So happy he gotted dat home he wuz lookin fur.

Beary Curious.

Beary Sweet

Since you missed out on Lamar why not Meet Stuart Den Go Adopt Stuart?

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Meet Stuart Den Go Adopt Stuart

As u can seed by himz stats dat himz previous human did die so himz found himz self at da humane society.

Himz iz a sweet heart wot lubs to haz chin and ear stritches and purrs real loud.

Hiz one stand out feature iz dem fangs. (biggify da picture u can seed dem wid he mouth closed -- MOL).

Well Stuart needs to find himself a forever home.

His ID # iz 32738 and he iz available thru da Reading facility of Humane Society of Berks County.

Friday, January 07, 2011

I Gotted Ma Own Credit Card

Human2 gotted dis offer fur an American Express PASS card wot can be used to gib to teens, care givers or even pet sitters (dey some kind of care giver right?) ez access to money wif out problems of credit. Herz thoughted i needed a card wif ma cute snoot on it and we went wif green to matchin ma eyes.

It wuz real ez to sign up fur (cept human2 did makes a mistake wif her bank routin number and had to re-order, but herz still gotted da speshul offer....wot wuz $25 when u add at least $25 to da card. So we haz $50 on ma card to spends. But wot to spends it on? I iz sure I can figger sumfin out. Da card even haz ma name on it (silly human2 had to sign it fur me).

We only gibbing it a try so human2 can write a bloggy about it for so we not hab to worry about da fees ($3.75/mo) wot are waived til next year. It kinda nice to hab a prepaid card fur emergencies and such.

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Year New Furrends

My Human2 did bring home dis cute lil new pal. He iz a big soft cuddly plush LEGO (not so) Mini Figure. (We not knows hiz name yet he kinda quiet, but he iz beary nice).

He even letted me wear hiz cute lil red hat. MOL