Sunday, June 07, 2009

Dat Bad Neighbor Boy Kitty

This is the neighbor kitty. His name is Tommy. He is an always outside kitty that comes over and sits on my porch.

This really upsets me when he is on MY porch. I run to the front door and start hissing and yeowing to let him know I know he is there. But he does not leave. So I get up and paw at the blinds and push them aside and make him see me!

Sometimes my humanz get up and scare him away for me. If he comes over in the day time I cannot go outside until he is long gone. Oh how I dislike this tom cat!


  1. Me thinks he likes you.

  2. This was such a touching and funny story! Tommy would makes me very mad too if he was hanging around MY porch too much.. hhissssssss to Tommy!

    Kritter Kondo

  3. We feel safer knowing you're protecting your house, Boris!

  4. I would be upset over another kitty sitting on my porch too!