Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Terrible Horrible Things at Walmart

Human2 came home tonight form picking up a few things at Walmart and told us about a horrible, terrible thing she overheard someone talking about. She was so upset and so sad because there was nothing she could do. She wanted to all the animal police, but there was no way to prove something she just overheard.

This lady was talking with an older couple telling them that one of the kittens died. Then she goes on to say how some guy (don’t know if it was husband, boyfriend, or kid) had gotten angry and picked up the kitten and threw it against the doorframe. It feel to the floor and died.

How could anyone treat a helpless animal like this? This person that did this has a real problem and should not be allowed around any animals or children – EVER!

Human2 was so upset by it she ran home and gave all us kitties a big hug and a squeeze just for being!


  1. It is so sad to think that things like this happen. Rest in peace, little kitten.

  2. I know! I just could not stand it when I heard it. Poor little kitty. Makes me so glad I haz such a loving forever home and that my humanz spoil me rotten.

  3. That is so sad, I would hate to over hear a conversation like that; worse yet that it even happened. I wish there wasn't so much anger in the world. Peace XOXO

    Kritter Kondo