Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spending Caturday Out in the Yard

I had a great outdoor adventure today. Gots to play in the yard with the humans, eat some nice grasses, see some birdies and loverly flowers. Human2 got down on the ground with me for this cool photo (I did not know she could get down let alone back up again).

As you can see by the photo I was adorable in the yard, but thinking about being bad. I am not known as Bad Big Boy Boris for nothing!

These are some of the loverly flowers I got to look at while human2 filled up my birdie feeder for me. That way I can watch the birdies from my window when I am not allowed out to see them.

This is me getting dangerously close to the alley. I am not allowed back there. A squirrel ran across the alley as this picture was being taken (or so human2 told me after the fact -- she did a good job of distracting me otherwise I would have run after it and got yelled at and be in BIG troubles). I am not allowed on the front porch either but I sneaked up there for a little bit too.

The neighbor kitty was out today too. She was wearing a pretty harness. My humans tried to get me to wear one but I fought tooth and claw to not wear it. Turned out I was too big the the biggest kitty harness any way. They threatened a medium sized doggy harness, but have not attempted that yet.

Here is some video footage of my big day outside today (listen to how loud those birdies are) ...

Of course I had to eat some grasses while I was out there. Why go out if you are not gonna have some grass?

New Floofy Belly Picture

I haz a new loverly picture of my big fat floofy belly and I just wanted to shares it with you!

My human staff had better get one of these sent over to pretty soon!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovin' My Undercover Mouse Cat Toy

I just love the undercover mouse cat toy that my humans got me. I was very interested in it from the beginning when Human2 was putting it together for me. She set it down on the floor in front of me and I just turned my head a little with a confused look on my face as if to say, "what am I supposed to do with that?"

Then she turned it on! My head went round and round following the "mouse" under the yellow cover. Then once I got brave enough I pounced! I got it, but it gots away from me. So I took another leap and my front legs went under the cover too. I tried hard to gets that "mouse", but it always got away. There were times when I was able to get it and chews on it a bit (note: tell humans to by extra wands for this fun, fun toy).

I have had the undercover mouse automatic cat toy for a little while and I does not appear to br losing interest in it at all. In fact, I sits in front of the table the humans set it on and pest to have it down and turned on. That first night I played with it for over 2.5 hours! (That is a record for me!)

For me this is so much better than the regular Panic Mouse (but my sisters like the regular one, which is good because I will not let the other kitties play with this new one!) I give this toy two paws up!

Here are some video clips from my first time meeting this new toy:

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

My Bid to Get on

This is my bid to get on Think they will think I am cute enough?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kitties Helping Other Kitties

It is so nice to see so many kitties on the internets helping out other kitties. A little while ago I posted about sending my human out to donate a few items to rescue kitties and today I saw Daisy the Curly Cat's post about lending a helping hand to shelter kitties. Daisy gave kitties waiting for their forever homes treats and toys.

And then there is Romeo the Cat who sets a goal and donates cash collected directly to animal shelters and rescues.

The cats who rule over at Twitter get together for pawties and help raise money too. It is lots of fun and you can win prizes while helping animals who are not as fortunate as we are.

You might ask what can one kitty do, but there is a lot and every little bit counts. So stop by and donate what you can to Romeo, buy some toys and treats like Daisy and me or head over to and purchase donate items which will be sent out to waiting cat rescues and shelters across the country.

Even a little counts a lot when it is all added together and together felines can do a heck of a lot!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kitty CSI: Case of the Dead Doggy Toy

The crime: killing of the doggy toy.

Toy in question: 12" Flea with squeaker inside.

Motive: gots to get the stuffing and squeaker out of the toy.

Suspect: Harriet the dog.

Evidence: photos, forensics, body of the flea dog toy, stuffing all over the house and a missing squeaker.

Witnesses: dinner guests at the residence in question at the time of the crime.

Investigators: Nacho and Duffy kittehs in charge.

See for yourself how things unfold...

Harriet the Dog pictured here with Mr. Flea (our victim).

Officer Nacho was distracted by a cool Kitty Hoots Garden mitt (boy did he have fun).

The suspect and the victim appearing to be getting along.

The crime in progress.
Our victim was dead within in minutes of this photo being taken.

Our victim, Mr. Flea and the removed bits in question.

Harriet is not helping her case one bit here.

Officer Duffy of Kitty CSI taking control of the crime scene.

Harriet tries, unsuccessfully, to destroy the remaining evidence against her.

With the overwhelming evidence against her, Harriet was tried and convicted of first degree dog toy murder. During the trial additional bodies were discovered and further evidence of a serial killer in the making was presented. She was sentence to life under house arrest. Officer Nacho was allowed to continue to play with his toys. Officer Duffy was promoted to head of Kitty CSI. Case closed. (Side note: murderous kittehs can enjoy a Mr. Flea of their own too.)