Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Declare Oct 1 Ta Be Trek Day on Twitter

I haz made a declarashuns dat October 1st iz now Trek Day on Twitter. I makes dis claim cause I now haz 1701 followers. Ma followers iz call #BorisBunch by me (an utter in da know anipals) and we iz celebratin ma 1701 #BorisBunch members wif hash tags an such on October 1st.

So halp us all geek out by using dese hash tags in ur posts n watch sum star treks or do sumfin a lil geeky MOL.

Hashtags fur ta use on Oct 1st #TrekDay #LiveLongandPawsper #BorisBunch

Monday, September 28, 2009

Humane Society of Berks Walky Wuz Pawsum

Human2 and I did werk hard at raisin monies fur da anipals this weekend. Herz gotta a yellow t-shirt and I gotta dis snazzy yellow bandana az a rewards! So far we raised $320 (dat not including out $20 registration or wot might comes in later --- hint hint hint --- you can still donating).

It wuz not all dogs at dis here walkie, no siree-bob! Der wuz a turtle, a kitteh and 2 horses wot Human2 did see on her walks! Who nose wot herz might have missed.

Da dawgs sure did want to know wot dis horsey wuz doin der!

Da turtle did come all da way from da Lehigh Zoo. He wuz cool. We likes turtles!

Dis skeered lil kitty did no do the walky wif all da dogs. Herz wuz der for da microchip clinic wot wuz happenin too!

Dis big boy (even bigger den me!) was Sheriff Bruno! He always on duty watching out for all da animals and their peoples at da walky!

All kinds of doggies wuz der. Big ones, small ones, and even sicky ones comed out ta help da homeless anipals. How sweet iz dat?!

Dis lil bitty pup did see da camera and posed fur Human2 ta take da photos! Ain't dey sweet?

Dis skeery gargoyles is really a precious french bulldog -- MOL!!! Ma humans collekts gargoyles, but they not haz one like dis!

No dis not a two headed doggy! It iz two dawgs - MOL!

You can read more over at Human2's bloggy and we haz many more pikshurs too. It wuz lots of fun and it wuz absolutely pawsum of all da anipals wot did donate and sponsor us even tho it wuz pawpawty weekend too! FANK U!

Walk Fur Da Anipals Photos iz Coming

I still haz to get human2 to posting da pikshurs n writey up how wunnerful a day herz had at the 32nd annual Walk for the Animals for the Humane Society of Berks county.

We just had a very busy weekends here. First da walkie on Saturday followed by dis months PawPawty on Twitter. We had to spend a gud part of Sunday cat napping to recoups from all da funs.

I just wanted ta shows ma furend Shawnee da ginormous shepherd we did see at da walkie. It were all black n huge! Da pikshur not gib it justice. Dat wuz one big dawggy hed.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mine Anipals r PAWSUM!!!

I just wanna say a big FANK U to all my anipals. U iz wunnerful n really, truly pawsum to halp me halp da anipals in my local humane society! Dey iz not part of a national organization n dey depends on events like dis to be ables ta take gud cares of da kittehs n dawgs wot dey haves.

While da Walkie Fur da Anipals iz dis Caturday, I will be able to collect donations for a whiles affer. So no worries iffen u can gibs now or needs ta waits until affer da pawpawty. And u no need to gib lots ever lil bit counts n it all goes to da anipals in need.

We have $200 so far n dat iz just pawsum.

Fanks agin, u guys iz da bestest ever!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

We iz Walkin fur da Anipals

We (well Human2 n her furend Mary) did dis last year so we acided ta do it agin dis year.

It a really cool fund raiser fur da Humane Society of Berks County n lots of fun.

We could using yer halp in reachin our modest goal of $500. If all my anipals could donating just a couple of dollars we could do it!

U can find outs more about it on my fund raising page:

FANKS everybodies!

(here sum cool pikshurs from last years event)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wot iz Dis Fing Called Dawg?

Dis pikshur do be from a coupla years ago when Lily wuz but a wee lil pup! Herz iz da only dawg wot I did meeted up close and personal like. We even sniffed each utter.

Now I haz meeted utter dogs but I did runs and hides. R pal Mary did brings over a schipperke wot i took one look at and runned up da stairs until it did leave ma house.

And I used ta haz a neighbor dog, Asia, a big black lab, but i never did sniffs herz either. I woulds not go outside when herz wuz in da yard. One time I were out der and herz comed out n a flyed back in ma house so never did see such a white blurr afore!

Well lil Lily is all growed up now (but ma humanz do fink I iz still bigger den hers!) I haz not hads her come visit again, cause hers not like kittehs. No herz not chases dem. No herz not bitey dem. No herz not barking at dem either. Herz iz a big ole cry baby. Herz iz skeered of kittehs! Well, herz iz skeered of everyfing really. But herz cries when herz sees kittehs (people, utter dawgs...just about anyfing really). See for u self...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 19th iz Talk Like a Pirate Day

Aye Maties it do be talk like a pirate day on September 19th! You best be bucklin down da hatches n preparing ye self for a day of silly pirate speaks. Asides from talking likes a pirate you can switching u facebook language to English (PIRATE) for da day. I not fink u wanna doz it much longer den dat (it might makes ye cwazy).

And u can check outs all da cool LEGO Pirates fings fur u ta do ober at

Once der you can Click on 'Download' and get a Pirate Dictionary, Pirate Pocket Dictionary, Pirate Hat & Eye Patch, Pirate Photo Frames, Pirate Room Sign, Pirate Dot-to-dot, Pirate Iron On for da T-Shirt! Wowzers dats a lotta pirating!

U doz remember I iz a big lego eating kitteh, right? Okai, I not eating dem but I do knocks dem off da table n bats dem around on da floor.

In honor of talk like a pirate day I will makin dem walk da planks!

Now where did I stashin dem Lego Pirate mini figs?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ma Climby Scratchy Fing Wot I Did Luv

When I wuz just a little kitteh cat I had dis wunnerful scratchy post fingy wot I did luv! I would runs and jumps on it. Climby on it and of course scratchy scratchy it.

(and i thought i wuz a big tall boy den!)

It were a must wunnerful fort ta play in and I did so enjoys it. But I did grow up ta be a real big boy cat so I soon no longer fitted inside it and soon even no more fitted on it!

So my humanz n i acided to gib it to da cuzin kittehs cause Belle iz a crzy young kitty wot needs sumfin to halp wif all herz energies n soon dem lil new ones will be out of da mum cats box runnin all over da place.So we broughted it up out of da basements and I dun did gib it a gud once over.

I fink i remembers fittin inside dis way back when...

Ma old toys wot were still stored insides it staind it many colors but utter den dat it do be qwite fine indeed. So once inspected from tops to bottoms n bottoms to tops, dey did deliver it to it new home.

Da kittehs did check it out (maybe cause i did put ma smell on it afore sendin it over to dem).

Belle did fink it looked kinda funs.

But it do look like it will be loved once agin! You haz fun wif dat Belle okai!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Gifty Baskets Fur Doggy in da Muzikal

We sended da "star" of diz weekends purrformance a gifty basket (and we did not even sended Human1 flowers). Human2 did buyed da doggy sum toys wif my allowances and our furrends over at did donating da nom noms n bowl for Lloyd so hims would haz sumfing to takes wif he to hiz furever home one he gets one. (Lloyd iz in foster care thru the Berks Animal Rescue League right now.)

U can sees how happy Lloyd wuz ta get his gifty. We did gib it to he afore da show during hiz publik appearance at da ARL table in da lobby of da theater. Human2 wuz very happy ta meets da doggy n gib him pwesents. Herz said hims iz a very sweet doggy wot leaned on herz n just hunged out wif hers for a bits. Hims wuz really guds wif big and lil peoples. Plus hims wuz very calm around all dem strangers. Sounds like hims iz gonna make a really gud family dawg fur sum lucky peoples.

If you know sum1 looking fur a sweet older dog to brighten up dey lives hab dem gib the ARL a call about adopting Lloyd here.

Dat iz da cool gifty basket wot my human pals did gib Lloyd at da show. Hims got a Dino Cuz, Talking Vampire (cause it iz almost ma favorite howliday -- HALLOWEEN), a Fat Cat Barnyard Bully Chicken, a Fat Cat ring toy, Dogswell Happy Hips Biscuits, Dogswell Jerky Treats, Zukes Biscuits, a Durapet doggy bowl, and Robbie Dawg Dog Biscuit Mix for his foster mum to make gud nom noms for he n hiz foster sibs.

We really hopes hims do be getting dat forever home soon!

Meetin Da Dawg Wot Stars in Camelot Muzikal

Meet Lloyd he do be da doggy wot I told you about yesterday. You know da one wot iz in da muzikal Camelot wif ma Human1 (aka Da Favorite Mumma --- MOL). Herz told us dat he wuz a very nice dawgy. And he iz! Human2 wented to see Human1 n Lloyd in da play last night (dat iz why dey did not gets home until way lates at night. Human2 did take Lloyd a nice gifty basket but did no gib Human1 nuffing! (ut ohs herz in twouble)

Lloyd is an 8 year old black lab / chow mix who iz currently in foster care awaiting a forever home. since he iz part chow he do haz longer hairs n a way cool tongue wot haz black spots! He iz also da ARL representative of the festival of the arts performance of Camelot. But we say he iz da star! (MOL)

Hims had a very nice meets and greets wif da humanz wot did come ta see da muizkal afore, during and affer da show. He did werk hard (and himz haz 2 more days of all dis babeh kissin n paw shakin). He did a great job of saying howdy ta all da people der. I iz hoping sumone der will see wot a fine furend he would make and adopting him so dat he gets hiz furever home soon.

Human2 did say he iz a very nice puppeh dog wot does be deservin a good home. Iz foster peoples are very nice and takes really great care of Lloyd and hiz sibs (der beagle n 2 foster doxies). It iz special peoples like dem wot makes da werld an okie doke place fur us anipals.

I know he will miss dem, but I also know he really wants a forever family. If you want to adopting Lloyd puhleez contact the ARL.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Camolot Star iz a Rescue Doggy

Dis from ARL website....Human1 iz in da show too! Human2 gonna go see dem 2nite!

The ARL is contributing to the production of Camelot in a very special way. One of our older adoptable dogs will be in a scene of the play. The ARL will be present at each production with information about the organization. And you will have the chance to visit with the dog who “stars” in the show!

Friday, Sept. 11 at 7:30 pm, Saturday, Sept. 12 at 7:30 pm, Sunday, Sept. 13 at 3:00 pm

Miller Center for the Arts

Reading Area Community College

2nd & Penn St., Reading

Tickets are $25. For more information about the Reading Fall Festival of the Arts, please go to their web site:

Monday, September 07, 2009

Da Cuzin Kittehs: Week Two

Ma humanz wented to visit da new little baby kittens over at Human2's cuzin's house. Herz cuzin rents a house on a farm n der be kittehs every where. Cuzin Tam doz herz best to saving all da kittehs, but it a lot of werk (n kitteh fuds). Herz decided to rescue two special kittehs Cali da mumma kitteh n one of herz kittens from her litter in April named Belle. But afore herz could bring dem in da house dat Cali dun did get herself preggers agin!

So Tam wuz acidin should I bring her in ta hab dem babehs or not. Well dat Cali acided fur herz n comed in, got on da couch n had dem babehs right der! Dat wuz two weeks ago (I showed dem off earlier). Dese here lil babeh kittehs iz growing up so fast. Eyes iz open. Wobbly legs iz getting dem around in der box. Gud lungs fur hissin at strangers pokin around at dem!

So cuzin Tam wented from zero kittehs to six kittehs over night! Fanks to Cali, Belle and dem four new lil ones! Herz will be adoptin dem out when dey iz old enuffs. One already haz a home! YAY! When all babies be gone Cali n Belle will be getting spayed -- i fink dat da same as fixed, but i not fink dem iz broken.

Aint dey sweet!?! How many u wants?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Halp Name Ma Sea Monster n Win Pwizes!

Az u may already know ma fishy wishy iz one of ma favorite toys. Human2 comes home and we play wif fishy wishy almost every night. I gets luvins and da fishy gets kilt!

I dun spoked to da fine folks wot makes dis here wunnerful toy and dey be kind enough to let me hab a contesty so dat I can get sum of dem Yeowww! catnip toys into your paws too!

Of course if you can no wait until da end of da contesty you can heads over to great stores likes or to buy you ur own fishy wishy (dey come highly recommended by urs truly).

So dis contesty iz purrty easy all you gotta do iz gib me sum suggestions fur naming ma sea monster n enter u info. Winner will be drawn from all entries so everybody wot enters haz a chance ta win!

So go name ma sea monster fur a chance ta win dis here great pwize pack from my sponsor Ducky World / Yeowww! Catnip.

Den da lucky winner wif da bestest name will gets a fishy wishy from and! (international entries okie dokie for dis part on contesty...don't not enters acause u not in US)

First part of dis contesty ends 9/25/09 so git ta thinkin up sum cool names! Final name choosin will be on 9/30/09

Enter Now to win da kewl YEOWWW! CATNIP pwize.

Gud Luck!