Tuesday, June 30, 2009

After a Ruff Day We Needs a Long Nappy

Human2 and I had a kind ruff day today (we call it Terrible Tuesday). Best fing for us after a day like dis iz a big long nappy. We gonna curls up and do just dat. When we wakes up it will be a new day and a chance for a betterer, more feelz good day.

I did learnz today dat I haz many a gud buddy palz over on Twitterz. Fanks anipals!

Monday, June 29, 2009

I Gots FREE Nom Noms In da Mails

Purina sended me a special nom nom to try all for free!
And it comes wif a coupons so I can make da humans buy more!

It is the new Fancy Feast Appetizers for cats.
It comed in a neat little box wot told us all about it.

Dey say it iz only real seafoods, poultry
(dat's chicken ya know) or meat (like beefs).
Dey swears there iz no by-products or fillers
(so no crappy parts or allergicy soys).

Looks pretty tasty. Human2 iz taking her own
sweet time getting dis down to me!
I gots the white meat chicken appetizer
(in delicate broth) for to try (if I every gets it).

Guess I haz ta reminds her I am waiting
for my nom noms wot I got in da mails.
TODAY Please!

I fink she iz teasing me.
She forgets I can reach over da top of da stoves!

FINALLY....oh dis, dis iz nummy...oh yeah.
I gives dis stuffs two paws up! Nom Nom Nom!

Licking up every last little piece in da bowl. Nom nom...

I gets the clean plate award!

I let da sisters get a small (and I do means small) tastes too. But I hads to sneak in and finish off theirs before they could.

Dis treat (yep it a treat not a meal) is most certainly Boris Approved!

Hai Purina maybe you should put dat on the packages, wot you say?!

Ingredients: water, chicken, guar gum, xanthan gum, sodium nitrate (to maintain color). Prepared without by-products or fillers. It is a product of Thailand. Fancy Feast Appetizers are intended for supplemental feeding only. This product may be fed daily along with a complete and balanced at food diet. Purina's suggested daily feeding is to feed up to one tray per day for an average sized adult cat. I iz bigger than average so does dat means I get two all to myself (I hopes so)?!

The packaging it came in said to celebrate...for any random nuzzle....any loving purr...simply for anytime. So I gets a present wot says to celebrate, do you fink they know Saturday iz my birthday? If they do maybe they could have maybe sended me a whole assorted case of these nom noms to try instead of just one -- one wot I had to share even! Hai PURINA if you out there reading dis, dat iz a big ole hint.

Birdie Watching Wif Boris

I am outside and I hearz all these birdies, but I cannot find dem. I look to da left then to the right but no birdies in sight.

Nuffin up there. Where are you, you birdies?

I don't see you over there either guess I will go look some place else.

Now I know why I did not sees you before! You iz way up there on roof of da house next door!

So how iz a kitteh supposed to get all the way up there to get you?

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Abby's Bonnie New Collar

I won a very nice collar on Twitter from @grpetsupply. Since I refuse to wear a collar I decided to give it to my sister Abby. She used to wear a jingly collar before but did not haz one in a very long time. da humans were very happy to hear her jingling all da way around da house again. But even wif da bell she iz able to sneaks up on dem. Ha!

You can hardly tell she even haz a collar here. All you see iz da bell.

Oh dis iz better. Now we call all see da pretty collar.

Abby decided to sit up all tall and pretty to show off her new collar.

Then she gived us all a really good look at the collars shiney bell.

All that collar modelling wore herz out and she had to lay down and nap right there.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wow I Gots Two Mails Today!

I gots two, count them -- TWO packages addressed to me, Boris Kitty. I have been waiting for pwizes to show up but did not fink they would both show up on the same day!

I gots more mail den da humanz today (hee hee)

Quit screwin around wif dat camera and open these.

Ooo, what iz in this box. Hai dats ma friend Monkey Cat!

Look at all dis cool loot Monkey sent me for a prize!

I hads to run off and play wif da springy fingy right away!

Sorry but my utter prize iz not fur me. I refuse to wear a collar so my sister Abby is sporty a bonnie new collar. She iz all jingly now and purrty too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Robots Gonna Take Over Da World!

I was watching a TV show where da robots were takin over the worlds! I fink it wuz called Terminators or somefing like dat.

Any who it scared me (almost as bad as thunder boomers and fireworks do) and I thought I might haz to hides under the table or in da basements so they do not gets me.

Den along comes Human2 and teases me wif dis little robots. She called dem droids. I callz dem annoyeds! (cause they annoyeds me).

I was minding my own business looking for birdies or squirrels out my window when all of the sudden this little fing starts coming at me! As you can see I act like I am interested but I am only trying to learn da robots evil plans to take over my worlds!

I had enough of that stupid little bot getting in my face so I gets down on da floor (all the better for ducks and covers) when a second droid comes out of no where and attacks! Look how mean and evil he is! He came right at me I had to leap out of da way before I was zapped wif dat laser cannon he had on hiz face. Human2 tried to lie to me and say it was only R2-D2 from da movie Star Wars, but I knew better and when he comed at me a second time I runned for my life!

Sister Abby wot iz not az smart az I iz went in for to investigates. I do belive dat robot tricked herz into believing he was only there for fun and not for evil purposes. But I know better!

Watch as the whole fing unfolds....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Wuz Noticed By PeoplePets.com

Okay maybe not the website as it is geared toward famouse peoples and their pets, but @PeoplePets on Twitter commented about my picture of me hugging Scotty doll! They made fun of me being a big Trekkie (and I fink they poked fun at my size too cause the wrote it in all caps like dis: BIG).

They don't know how big a trekkie I really iz. They should see me Playing Star Trek Toys with the Human or I Iz a Romulan .

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

I almost missed out on International Box Day (june 19), but my kitteh friends reminded me! Fanks go out to Daisy the Curly Cat, Purrchance to Dream, and The Shenanigans of Shawnee the Shepherd. If they did not reminds me I would have forgotten there was a reason to be in a box! Boy do I luvs boxes. You will sees lots and lots more Boris in box pictures dats fur sure!

I got to have a few minutes in da box to catnap.

But den Picasso tooked over and it has been her box ever since.

Twitter Kittehs on FaceBook

I iz on facebook as well as twitter. You can follow me and join in on all da fun that we kitty cats have on the internets.

BorisKitty on Twitter

Boris over at facebook

Come play wif me!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainbows fur Rememberin'

My human gave me dis very nice rainbow stuffed to the gills wif some gud strong catnips. These Yeowww! Rainbows are from DuckyWorld and they have no stuffings made of fluffs, no sir. They are stuffed only wif da bestest catnips around.

Da best part about dis rainbow iz dat it iz in honor of my anipals who crossed over da rainbow bridge, @Delila_Gerbil and @OscartheCat. We mis you palz!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dare's No Fleas on Me!

Da humanz said if I wuz going to go outsides I hads to wear somefing called a flea collar. I iz a clean kitteh, I no have fleas! It wuz a struggle getting da collar on me then I would not move for about 5 minutes.

I went back in but kept trying to lick the collar (yucky smell and even yuckier taste). My tongue is so long I could actually reach the collar. Since I wuz licking it da humanz tooked it off me.

Collar only lasted about 20 minutes. Never again!

There's no fleas on me sing, "there's food around the corner, food around the corner for me!" Like dis here dawg...

This is Mine It Was Addressed to Me

I gots even more mail today! It was from my friend @cheriswan from Twitter.

And I just loved it so much!

If I had thumbs dis would be open already.

It was a plague ratsie what iz making my crazy.

Fank you so much for sharing the stinkie plague ratsie wif me.

It stinks so gud!

Dis ratsie iz ALL mine.

Sister Abby had to see what all da hub-bub waz about. I fink she likes it too.

Bela had to get in on the ratsie too.

But den da sisters hads to fight over the ratsie!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Got a Prize in the Mail Yesterday

Mr. Postman put a package in between my doors on Saturday and it was addressed to Borris Kitty! That's me! Oh the best part is it smelled of catnip.

But I got a little impatient and had to ask the humans what iz taking you so long to open up my prize from the #weekendroadtrip #pawpawty on Twitter wif all my anipals?

So hurry up already!

Wow! I really got all dis cool stuff from @Flicka47 fur ma pwize?!?!

Oh, nom nom nom. Fank you so much. I just love the Kong Teddy (it is like my sisters, I fink she fink it iz herz), feather critter and ball! How did you know I just love balls? Ma humanz play monley in the middle wif me wif balls. Lots of fun.

Bela says the postcard iz really cool but asks why I no share wif her. Because da pwizes are all mine and I don't share stuff what comes here in my name (mostly).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tater the Watch Dog...er...Cat!

Tater had herz human staffs send over these way cool pictures of this very furocious kitty pretendings to be a guard dog! She not she a kitteh. Hears her MEOW!

She looks like a bad a** doberman in dis picture (hee hee)

Tater Goes Batty Over Ducky

My humans got three duckies from CatToys.com the other day in da mail. Da box came in my name and I was upset dat I could not play with the fund stuff inside. But it was explained to me that these were to donate to the pawpawty this weekend. So I iz okay with that. But then the humans saw how cute and sweet Tater was and they broke into the box and donated a ducky to Tater, after all she was rescued from hers fate at a car wash.

As you can clearly see by these pictures we have another new lover of the Kong Ducky Toy! She just went crazy for it and played and played right there on the walk!

Dis next picture is my favorite one (always save da best for last, right). She is loving the ducky upside down just like me.

Her ducky got a little dirty from playing out in the muddy walk, but dat iz what's great about these cat toys they are refillable so all you do is take out the catnip and throw the duck in the wash. He will come out all clean and purrty. Just like new.

So since we donated one to Tater (well worth it to see another kitten loving it so) we are down to two toys and refills to donate to the pawpawty, but that good two more kittehs get to know the luv of the duckie.

Owning a ducky gets you into the Duckie Club to boot. Ducky Club is great. It was started by my friend @Manxington.

Get your own Ducky Cat Toy at CatToys.com (save 10% anytime w/code: DUCKIECLUB) or at Supplies Just 4 Pets (save $5 off $50 code: 5off)

Update: Tater iz now a member of da Duckie Club and haz named herz duckie Duck Duck (as in Duck Duck Goose) :)