Thursday, December 31, 2009

Noo Snows Fur da Noo Yeers

Look wot we did wakes up to dis morning! Snows wuz coverin every fing. It all white az far az da eye could see.

Human2 did looks up da streets n down da streets. It all da same fing. White. White. White.

I could no believes dat Human2 woz on da outsides n I woz on da insides. So i did gib her ma bestest pesty look. And it werk....

....but i would only go az far az da beginnins of da white stuffs. I no stoopid kitteh. I dunt likes cold wets pawpaws. O hai, dis bird feeder is empty. No wunner I dozn't gets any birdies ta watch out ma winder any more. (Note to Humanz: pick up bird feeds n fill ma feeder!)

At lunch time Edgar did go out to inspekts wot wuz goin on n spotted bunny tracks in da snows. He decided to track da bunny footprints in da snows ta see iffen himz could finds da bunny wot did makes dem....

He no sure dis wuz da bunny wot made da tracks but himz did finds a snow bunny!

I comed outsides den ta meets Edgars noo furend n see wot woz so fun about playin in dis snow. I still dunt hab da answer to dat question.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ma Kritter Kondo Did Arrive

I gotted a Kritter Kondo outdoor cat enclosure so I can be safe when I go outsides wif ma humanz!

I hads to inspekts ma Kritter Kondo beary gud.

Gettin a betterer looks at dis fing.

Is dis how u supposed ta use dis. Human2 sez no, we haz ta set it up.

So I halped herz sets it up...

WOW dis iz big n spacious. I gonna likes bein outsides in dis fing.

Plenty of room in here....come join me, kai?

Dis iz comfy comfy....

Room ta play wif da toys....

dat darned Edgar did sneaks up n locks da door on me!

But den hims asided to come in wif me n see wot dis cool fing iz. Ma sisfurs did stop by n checks it out too! We all gib it 4 paws up. We can no waits ta gets outside wif it!

Human2 even crawled inside here wif me! Den herz thought herz would see how qwik hers could puts it away. So Bela n I did halp her out wif dat....

Friday, December 25, 2009

Xmas Goodies

Remember I hads ta wait fur xmas day da openin ma gifts frum ma pal Petie? Well I did finally gets ta open dem and lookit all da cool prezzies I did gets!

Den I gotted a couple of fings frum ma Humanz too! I thoughted dey had alreddy gibbed me all ma prezzies fur pawpawty. But I gotted even more!

Cause ma humanz calls me Moose fur a nikname, dey did get me diz cool noo moosey furend ta hangs wif!

And I also gotted dis cool Zhu-Zhu pet frum ma humanz too. Dey tells me it will be more fun once I gets da accessories fur dem. But since dis iz (or wuz) da hottest toy fur da howlidays dis year (n I gotted one!)

But just likes any gud kitteh ma prezzies n noo furends weren't ma favorite fings i gotted fur catmas. I love da box! It iz ma favorite toy of all time.

N playin wif a paper ball is pawsum too! I iz lookin real ahrds fur dat ball I just nose it wented under dis fing....but I can no sees it!

Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas to All My Pals!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Prezzies....I Lub Xmouse

I gotted dis package frum @BabyPatches momma's stores. It iz frum ma kitteh pal Petie, but he tolded human2 dat it wuz ta go under da xmas tree.

I finks dat wuz beary sneaky of dat Petie ta goes behind ma back n makes ma human promise such a fing! Bad Petie....sides we not hab a tree dis year....

But herz did wot himz asked and putted ma prezzies under da tree any way! Pffft!

I tried ta open wif out herz halp, but den herz moved every fing up hi...

Herz even gotted dat Edgar Claus to halp make sure I dunt opens it!

I Gotted Prezzie Frum Down Under

I gotted a box frum all da way on da utter sides of the da werlds! Ma pals frum Australia did sends me a gifty, but human2 saids i could no hab it until xmas. I thoughted it wuz xmouse alreddy!

Puhleez can i habs ma prezzy??? I really really wants it. Puhleez???

Purrty puhleez?

I won't pounce on da old sicky sisfur....i pwomise.

I cute lil pesty snoot werked. Human2 did break down n open da box...

I gotted a new furend frum down under! I hoppy kangerooo. Fank u Sadie & Cleo (& ur humanz!)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Da Dangers of Christmas

Christmas iz a fun time wif all da decorashuns, musik, cookin and fambly. But it can be a very dangerous n sumtimes skeery time fur kitthes.

Case in point, ma pal Nacho here did eated sumfin off a Christmouse wreath wot haz caused a blockage and hims mite have to have surgery to fix it. He iz terrible sick and in da anipal hospital! Please sends ur pwayers hiz way.

Sumfings wot are bad fur kittehs during da holidays include decorashuns like tinsel and ribbons wot can cause intestinal blocakges too. (And never ever pull a string out da back end of a cat or dog az it could be knotted around hiz insides n pullin would only make it much worser. Go to the V-E-T fur halp.)

Da lectric cords fur lites look good to nom but kittehs could be burned or ded if dey put da bitey on dem!

Many plants iz poisonous ta kittehs n should no be in da house at all, but if dey iz keep out of kittehs reach. Poisonous plants include Holly, Poinsettias, Pine Trees, Mistletoe and many others.

Holiday choclates is nommy fur u hoomans but no fur da kittehs n puppehs keeps it away. And iffen u haz anything sugarfree locks it away (Anyfing wif Xylitol iz beary beary toxic to pets).

Peeple foods iz no pet foods. Keeps turkey & chicken bones out of ur pet's reach. Dey can splinter n hurts ur pets insides bad.

Keep candles off tables n out of kittehs reach when lit az a curious kitteh can eazily catches hims furs on fire afore u even nose it iz happenin.

So u can sees how dis jolly time of year could turn no-so-jolly rite qwik! Keep u pets safe n haz a beary merry xmas dis year!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spending a Cold Day in da Tauntaun

It wuz beary cold n dreary here so we spended da day inside da Tauntaun where it iz beary warm. 'Cept da humanz did botter me den Edgar did botter me! Can't dey just leave a kitty alone wif his tauntaun?