Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Boris Wants You to Win

Boris just entered to win a gift certificate at CatToys.com and he wanted you all to try and win it too [he want mind as long as he never sees it he won't know he is missing anything]. :)

Monday, October 01, 2007

Boris Recommends These Treats …

Are you looking for some good treats that your cat will love and that you know are safe from contaminants? Look no further Boris is here to help. This is a list of his favorite treats. Most of which are made in the USA or have been proven safe:

Whole Life Treats – Made in the USA of only one ingredient. Freeze dried Salmon, Chicken, Turkey, Liver etc. Boris loves Salmon the best [see the video below].

Catswell Vitakitty – chicken jerky treats that are both tasty and proven safe. These are from China but they are made under strict conditions, proven safe and the chickens are humanely [cage free] treated. He loves the taste of these almost as much as his Whole Life treats. Also available in a Happy Hips formula for older cats.

Feline Greenies – yummy treat also made here in the good ole USofA. Five tasty flavors [Chicken, Beef, Ocean Fish, Salmon and Tuna] designed to help clean kitty teeth and freshen kitty breath.

Zukes - Natural Purrz treats are packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals cats need to stay healthy and happy plus they are made in the USA. He really loves the salmon. There is also a chicken flavor. His older sisters are getting the Hip Action treats and they all just love those.

He has also just tried a freeze dried mouse treat and really loves it, but I need to get more information on them before we tell the world about them.