Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Thwokkin da LEGO Red Shirts

Everybuddy nose da Red Shirts always gets it in da Star Trek episodes guess I iz da big bad alien in dis one, huh? I did habs fun playin wif da humanz LEGO guys. Wunner why herz no lets me play wif dem when herz not around?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Games of Tag

I plays hides & seeks wif ma human1 but we not plays tag. I not gud at being IT...MOL. So when I wuz tagged in ma pal Dolly's bloggy I wuz no sure wot to doz.

Well it iz ez enuffs. All you doz iz follow des few steps...
  1. Open your first photo folder
  2. Scroll down to the 10th photo
  3. Post the 10th photo and tell the story about it
  4. Pass along to 5 other blogs
So since dis my bloggy we wented to MY first photo folder & counted to da tenth photo of me (utterwise u would be lookin at a 3D cemetery photo from Human2's photos, MOL).

Dis photo wuz tookened on ma beary first day outsides affer da first week wif ma humanz (and affer dey finally acided dey would be ma furever homes). You nose how much I lubs runnin outsides nao & nommin da grasses. Well dat first day I wuz so askeered of the grass dat dey hads to puts a towel down fur me. Mehbe I wuz skeered cause the grass wuz taller den me.

Can u believe dat dis big moose of a kitteh wuz ever dat small? Me either. Ma whole body would fits in da space dat ma head fulls up nao wif room to spares.

So who to pass dis on to?

Can no waits to sees wot dey posting in der bloggies.....so guys TAGS UR IT!

Relaxin Wif Sum Nommy Grasses

Wow it haz been a wild ride da last two weekends in a row. First we hads #scifiPAWTY wot almost did ma human2 in. Second we hads #pawpawty last weekend. We plans on takin it eazy dis weekend. So last night human2 comed home frum werk wif sum nommy cat grass wot herz growed in sekret at herz werk place.

I thought herz had black thumbs. Nuffin herz plants ever grows. But home herz comes claimin dat hers planted, watered and halp dis grass grow just fur us kittehs.

I absolutely lub nommin on grasses doz no matter wevver it iz insides or outsides. Altho I doz lub goin outsides da bestest of all....so outsides grasses really are da best to nom. Next up on da listy iz inside home grown (or office growed) grasses. Following up in da rear iz store buyed alreddy growed grasses. But in da middle of winters we will even puts up wif dem just so we gets sum grasses to noms.

I even used ma grasses as a toy last nights! O wot funs I had wif ma noo grasses.

Affer gettin a lil bit crazy wif da grass I hads a hard time decidin play wif grasses or play wif ma spinny toy. Wot iz a cat to do?

Az u can see I iz a lil bit of a lazy kitteh & da toy winned cause I could brings it to me when i could no reach it....wif da grass I hads to get up too many times to play wif it! MOL

Affer I wuz dun playing wif da grasses ma one eye wuz all squinty & weepy.. Human2 wuz askeered I mights be allergic to grass! Dat would no be gud! Ma eye did stop watering but I wuz still all squinty eyed till later into da night. Mehbe sumfin gots in ma eye whilst i did play?

We not nose wot wuz goin on wif ma eye last night but I did wake up dis morning bright eyed and bushy tailed. Both eyes open wides like they supposed to be.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Do Finks Spring Haz Arrived

Well it mites finally be spring affer all. We did hab anutter wunnerful day of warm & sunshines. So we did go outsides for a bit to inspekts da garden.

First I hads to make sure der weren't any birdies in da birdie bush.

But den a humbly bumbly bee did fly by and gets ma attenshuns. I hads to check out where hims wuz heded.

We did gets lots more lil spring crocus flowers bloomin den we did da utter weekends when we cleaned out da leaves from da gardens.

Den I finded des purrty yellow daffy-dils wot haz brited up da gardens. I wuz no out fur beary longs but I sure did gets to takes in lots of springs!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lookin Out Da Winder

We had a beary loverly day here today. Akshully feeled like springtimes. Warm & sunny. I spent most of da day lookin out ma winder fur birdies & squirrels.

I even shared ma view wif Edgar. He okai I guess....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Burst Day Human2

Today iz a beary special day. First, it is Human2's Birfaday so I did makes herz dis silly card (cause herz lubs dem Aliens moovies) and sceond, it iz scifiPAWTY day! YAY!

Let's hab sum funs today!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Going to da Vet

First let me tells you dat I dozn't hates seein da V-E-T , just dunt likes da drivin to gets der.

Human2 comed home from werk really early today wif a neat noo fing so when herz putted it down and unzipped it I wented inside to inspect it. Affer I gotted comfy herz zipped me up insides it. Not a problem until i was picked up and we wented to da car.

I did fills up dis carrier (gud fing it wuz only a borrowed carrier....we gonna haz to gets me a bigger doggy one), but I wuz comfy inside.

I did meow and meow da whole way to da vets, but Human2 did no turn da car around. Did herz no understand me or wuz herz ignoring me?

I finks herz wuz ignoring me. Pffffft!

Da doctor did checks me out and sez ma heart sounds good and dat I apparently haz a healthy appetite....wot ever did herz means by dat?

I wuz a real good boy until herz tried to inspekt ma backside. I did NO likes dat no way no how!!! But since I wuz der cause of poppy problems I guess herz hads to check every fing, but man o man. (Herz wuz makin sure I did no haz an expanded colon or pouch dat traps da poopy -- I okai just needs sum meds.)

But even worse den da butt examinashuns wuz da big scale...ut O!

I iz 23.7 pounds. I guess dat wot da doctor meaned by a healthy appetites?!

Dis big pills iz wot da V-E-T did gib me to halp fix ma problem. Fank goodness I doz not haz to eats dem big fings dey gets to be mixed up in ma wet fuds.

I am SO fankful da da doctor lady did no sez i had to go on a diet! Hpefully I will be all betterer in a few days. Keeps dem paws crossed fur me okai?

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Prizes for sicfiPAWTY Gots Here

We iz gettin all eggsited about da scifiPAWTY comin up dis weekend! Ma furends over at OurPets did sends me sum pwizes fur puppehs and kittehs. Lets see wot we gots...

I finks der iz aliens in dis here box. OMC des pwizes did travel far to gets here!

I wuz rite! dems iz ALIEN RABBITS FRUM OUTER SPACE. Dis iz a new line of dog toys called Wild Hares and dey iz really pawsum.

Der iz squeakers in der heds and crinkles in der bellies. And fun floppy ears to nom! I finks u doggies gonna likes dem aliens.

But wot we get fur da kitties?

We gotted one of each of the new play-n-squeak backyard toys! Der iz a bird, a bunny, a squirrel, a skunk, a fox and a raccoon! Der iz catnips inside and dey do squeaks.

I likes da smell of dat birdie...

But I finks I will claim des three fur me (iffen u looks close u can see da cardboards from da bunny, squirrel and skunk stickin out frum under ma big belly). Well da winner will get extra special Boris smells on der new toys!

Fanks u so beary much OurPets for donating des pawsum prizes to our lil fund raising pawty!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Spendin a Warm Day in Da Yard

I did gets to go outside wif da humanz yesterday when dey wuz werkin in da yard. It wuz a nice almost Spring-like day. We finks it gotted in da low 50s. Most of da snow did melts, but where da big piles were der iz nao small piles.

Dis Kritter Kondo outdoor cat enclosure iz nice and spacious and keeps me frum chasin squirrels and birdies into da streets.

Plus it gibs me a gud view of dem humanz werkin in da yard and cleanin up so dat springtime can comes and makes dis yards all purrty and green.

See dat Human1 over der raking da leaves out of da flower beds. Human2 satted here and watched me watching her! Every once in awhile herz would go over and halp, but it wus all human1. Dunt lets dat human2 trick u.

Affer all da leaves were cleaned up we did finds sum spring! See da purrty flowers wot were hiding underneath dem leaves...

Lil white ones...

and lil purple ones. YAY fur spring!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Way Cool Fings from ThinkGeek

I gotted ma pwizes from ThinkGeek.com for scifiPAWTY. YAY!!! Dem geek monkeys iz beary sweet to us anipals (& our humanz). We raisin moneys fur animals but da humanz get da prizes!?!?

First fing dey did sends us wuz Bucky Balls. No dey not frum a nootered kitteh named Bucky. Dey is magnet sculpture balls. Ma human would not lets me try dem out in case i would nom dem. Magnets are fur fun not fur nom.

Den we gotted a t set of really neato LED Magnetic Digital Graffiti. Dey lites up purrty colors & can point out where da cool cats iz!

Last but not least it dis pawsum Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer fing wot makes muzik. Wot fun!

Iffen u wanna wins one of dem cool pwizes frum out furends at ThinkGeek.com come to scifiPAWTY on 3/13.

Fanks u Timmeh & everybuddy @ ThinkGeek.com.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I R Wall Art U Could Be Too

My pal Maximus did offer up a really cool pwize fur ma lil scifiPAWTY on 3/13.

His human iz gonna turn an anipal into wall arts. And I gotted turned into a vinyl decal az an example! Purrty cool cause I gotted to visit wif Maxiumus and he two noo debil kittehs.

Der must be sumfing interesting over der! MOL

Nosetapped by a debil kitteh!

You too could wins a Custom Vinyl Wall Art from @BlindMaxiums at da scifiPAWTY all u do iz sends a photo of ur anipal and gets a lifesize or scale wall decal to decorates u home or office!