Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Da Face of Cute - Dat's me!

I iz so honored I iz da first face of cute! Your daily Cute iz having a contesty for cuteness to put in da photo next to their logo and I is da very firstest one! How cool iz dat!?! Very if I must say so maself.

I iz gonna be there all day today so head over and see what other cutenesses they have in store for you.

And then you can sends them a cutie pie picture of yourself too (you've got 31....oops now only 30 chance to win a spot next to da logo)!


  1. Yay! Thanks for sending in the CUTE picture! Glad to have your cute little face as our mascot for the day!


  2. Fanks to you I iz now officially cute! You made my humanz very happy dey both smiled real big when dey saw dis.

    We all feelz very honored for to be da firstest one! Fank you!

  3. You is so lucky! Well, you is mighty cute.

  4. dear, you're lovely!
    all the best for you!