Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spending Caturday Out in the Yard

I had a great outdoor adventure today. Gots to play in the yard with the humans, eat some nice grasses, see some birdies and loverly flowers. Human2 got down on the ground with me for this cool photo (I did not know she could get down let alone back up again).

As you can see by the photo I was adorable in the yard, but thinking about being bad. I am not known as Bad Big Boy Boris for nothing!

These are some of the loverly flowers I got to look at while human2 filled up my birdie feeder for me. That way I can watch the birdies from my window when I am not allowed out to see them.

This is me getting dangerously close to the alley. I am not allowed back there. A squirrel ran across the alley as this picture was being taken (or so human2 told me after the fact -- she did a good job of distracting me otherwise I would have run after it and got yelled at and be in BIG troubles). I am not allowed on the front porch either but I sneaked up there for a little bit too.

The neighbor kitty was out today too. She was wearing a pretty harness. My humans tried to get me to wear one but I fought tooth and claw to not wear it. Turned out I was too big the the biggest kitty harness any way. They threatened a medium sized doggy harness, but have not attempted that yet.

Here is some video footage of my big day outside today (listen to how loud those birdies are) ...

Of course I had to eat some grasses while I was out there. Why go out if you are not gonna have some grass?


  1. It's nice that you got to play outside and eat grass, Boris. You chew really loud! I can hear you ripping each blade. Wow.

  2. I iz a little piggy when I eats grasses!

    Did you hear the birdies too. It waz a good day to be outsides.

  3. Hi Boris! That looks like an excellent outdoor adventure. I am only allowed to go outside on my harness and leash. Or in my stroller.

    My Mommie says the Kindle Reader does have a very small delay in between pages, but it is not bad at all.