Monday, July 27, 2009

Entry for Contesty Extended

Okai all you kittehs out der, I know you wanna win some of dem cool prizes in ma Da Birthday Bash Contesty so what are you waiting for!?!?!

Since ma Human2 who iz halping run dis fing iz laid up cause of surgeries on herz leg we has decided to extend da deadline to send in pictures for Da Birthday Bash Contesty til dis Friday July 31, 2009!

So even if you no have a birfaday picture or story sends us your cutest picture and a paragraph of how you would like to celebrate and you iz in da running for dat prize pack!

Get your staff werking on dis ASAP! If you don't wanna email dem to me post your picture/story on and send me da link or add @BorisKitty to the caption so I sees it and your in!

When I has your entries I will gets you all added to the contesty and will let the voting begin. Send all u friends over to votes for you!

Dis should be funs but only if kittehs enter.


  1. Hi Boris, we are gonna try to get our secretary on this asap!

  2. Hi Boris! I sent you a birthday photo just now!

    You should announce your contest on the Cat Blogosphere, too!

  3. I will see if I can get the bean to get something sent to you!

  4. what about bunnies? *droopy floppy ears*