Wednesday, July 08, 2009

I iz #1 Treat at

July is starting out to be a pretty great month for this kitty. July 1st I wuz the very first face of cute over at

Then I had ma birfaday party on July 4th (gotta say I luved all dat attention).

Yesterday it wuz announced dat I iz da Man-Cat of the Week over at Cats Who Twitter.

Today I iz the number 1 slot for the's Today's Top 5 Treats! They are featuring a whole gallery of photos from ma birfaday party! Dat iz just so kewl I can hardly stands myself.

Bet ma humans are wondering how in da world dey will be able to handle ma new found fame and cattitude to match it!


  1. Wow! That is cool beans.

  2. Funny how yer luck can turn on a dime, huh Boris! Way to go pal!!! *nosetap*

    The Brew and BZTAT

  3. Oh dat is so wunnerful. :) Kisses!

  4. Anonymous9:08 PM

    OH BORIS - HOw cute are you? Congratulations on all your cuteness. You a supa=staa...Beth

  5. Brew...It all started getting better wif you ma buddy pal! Fank you for being such a great pal!

  6. Oh,Concats Boris! Couldn't happen to a nicer kitty! Hope you have enjoyed your special week a lot! and I am sure good things will continue to find you(you deserve them!)!