Monday, July 06, 2009

I Got More Birfaday Presents

I got this lovely package in da mail fron ma pak Shawnee! It says I no can open it until July 4th, but I received it July 6. Do I haz to wait unnuter year before I gets to open it? I hope nots!

It wus a gifty in da envelopes. I gots a nice package from Shawnee, I love it so!

Sister Bela tried to horn in on ma loverly new batch of wrapping papers. But I not let her dis iz mine!

I gots fleas and grassy seeds. And a most wunnerful card signed by Shawnee! On fank you. I guess I will (maybe) shares da growed up grasses wif ma sisters. We won't know until there be some actual grasses. i might jsut change ma mind about the sharing.

Look at me puttin da bitey on dat flea catnip toy. It not gonna get da chance to bitey me, no way!

Thank you for ma gifty gift Shawnee you da bestest! You da bestest pal for a kitteh ta hab!


  1. You is very welkom, Boris. I is so glad those postal peeples finally gots the package to you. Iz not like they had to take it around the werlds or anyfing. I could has walked to your house faster. Anyways, glad you likes your prezzies. I has a big flea just like the one I sented you and I luvs to bitey on him. Take that, you flea! BOL!

  2. That is so sweet. I'm the only pet at my house, but sometimes my Mom or Dad will try to take my tennis ball. All so they can get their shoos from unner the table. Go figure... :)

  3. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Happy birthday Boris, your pic on people pets' HP is really great :)

  4. Ma humans are gonna put your personally Shawnee signed birfaday card in ma baby book! Dat way we can keeps if furevers.

  5. Boy oh boy, are you ever lucky!