Sunday, July 05, 2009

Me Killing Ma New Fishy Toy

Da humanz figured dat since fishy wishy iz my favorites toy ever (sorry Ducky but you run a close second) dat they would gets me a new fishy toy fur ma birfaday.

Dis one iz called a Fish Stick Treat Dispenser cat toy. I purrsonally fink it iz a kind of kitteh torture. I tried and tried to gets ma freeze dried salmons treats out of da toy, but all I did wuz make a mess wif salmon crumbs.

Well salmon is just as gud az catnips when it iz stuck in a toy like dis! I played wif it after ma big long nappy too! And carried it from da live room to the dine room all by maself too. Da humanz like it cause chewing on dat netting halps to cleans off tartars (not fishy sauces but yucky teefus fings) from my toofs. (den I no need dat horrible toof brushes)

Here iz a bideo of me playing wif da new toy. Az you can see I clean up ma salmon crumb mess at da end of the moovie!

1 comment:

  1. Boris, you sure are good a getting that fishy toy.