Sunday, July 05, 2009

Dat Little Bad Bailey Stealed Ma Humanz

Yep dem humans of mine went off yesterday and leaved me to entertain maself. Dey went over to a puppy warming party fur ma new cousin dog Bailey. Oh yeah she looks sweet enough. But I can just smell da bad dripping off ma humanz when they gots home!

Oh yeah she sure iz cute playing wif herz new Puppy Kong Wubba toy ma humanz gibbed herz. And she iz even cute chewing on da regular Puppy Kong toy too. She iz even smart enough to get the puppy treats out of the toy all on herz own too.

But come on humanz herz iz a Sheltie and sheltie = dawg no matter how you looks at it! And I thought u wuz cat people! How dare your associate wif dis bad little dawg?!

Okay maybe da photos are not gibbing you the whole story about how bad she really iz. I have included two hidden camera videos below fur you to watch and see just how bad she iz! But I iz just a kitteh so I will let you do your own judging.


  1. Well, she is just a little dog, and she did try to capture her own leash...

    I think there will be many more rematches in the future.

  2. Bailey sort of looks like me! Are you sure she isn't a kitty?

  3. Sorry Boris, Bailey is a cutie! But don't worry, the novelty will wear off and your humans will come back to you. Or maybe they'll want one too...NO, never, it just couldn't happen. You's the kitty! You rule!
    *puppy kisses* from LilyPup

  4. you rite borris, she is awful cutes but I saw the videos an there is a vishus streak there. Naughty dawg!