Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Humanz Brought Home Germs from Doctors!

After spending all weekend halping takes care of Human2 herz comed home today from da doctors office wif germs! Herz brought both e.coli and MRSA home wif her. How dare herz do dat?!

I guesses it not too bad since dem germs weren't da real fings, fank gudness! Da germies were giant microbes dat are 1,000,000 x+ actual size! (you can gets youz own giant microbes at thinkgeek.com).

Dis iz MRSA (multiple-resistant staphylococcus Aureus...it finks it iz da superbug! I got newz for it. Human2 had just read a article about how humanz and der pets iz getting MRSA especially when either da human or da pet regularly visits hospitals and nursing homes. So be carefully all you therapy anipals out der. No coming homes wif dis bug!

Here I iz givin MSRA some bunny kicks. der iz no mercy for MRSA wif dis kitteh on germ patrols.

Ain't we cute? Drangerous germs like dis should no be so cute. Dis little guy is E. Coli (Escherichia coli) dis iz da guy wot causes urinary n abdominal infections. dat really nasty guy O157:H7 iz da guy wot causes food poisioning.

Dis might be a cute buggy but I haz ta put da bitey on it. I no wants to get sicky but it needs killed too!

Some bunny kicks might not hurt either. Boy da stringies are funs to bitey!

No saying silly kitteh giant microbes iz for kidz cause human2 buyed dem for us kittehs to play wif!


  1. I loves those giant microbes! We has been lookings at them for a few years onlines and even found thems in a store called Newbury Comics but these might only be in New Englands. They are sure neats!!! I never knows which ones to buy. I hope now that my hooman sees other kitteahs likes then maybe I can has one!

    Purrs to you~!

  2. Da MRSA is cute wif hiz superbug cape and e.coli haz all dem stringies wot kittehs like. Utter ones I liked were da Syphillis and ebola.

  3. Here is what my V-E-T sayed about the germz when I sented her the linkie:

    HAHAHAH those are SO wrong!! I want the Black Plague, the Clap and Flesh eating disease, and maybe a sperm thrown in for good measure!! Seriously, I mean WHO WOULD THINK OF THOSE??? They are SOOOO freakin funny! :)
    What you REALLY need is a Ringworm one! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
    Okay, I've laughed myself exhausted, time for bed! :)

  4. Dat V-E-T of urs iz funny!

  5. THose look like fun germs.

  6. Who knew germs could be so much fun!?!

  7. What a good kitty to attacks those nasty bugs!

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  8. Boris, you be sure to kill those germs dead, now, because they're real nasty ones and cause serious illness. You be my hero! Purrrrrrrrs.

  9. Boris, You have the right idea! Bunny kick, bite, poop on, whatever it takes those old MRSA germs. They aren't as cute as your toy.