Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Taking Care of Human2 After Surgery

Human2 hads ta have surgery on herz left leggy cause of da accident da humanz had in 2007. Herz knees wented into da dash and hurted da veins in both of herz leggies. Herz hurted very much. So I taked very gud cares of her and watched over herz very carefully.

da leggy I iz leanin on iz da one wot had da surgery. I makin sure it okai now. I very careful nots to hurts herz.

Da humanz just had ta take dem photos cause I never, ever curl up wif dem. No way no how! I haz my chair n dat iz where I sleeps, but when human2 iz hurted I haz to take care of herz.


  1. DottieGP6:59 PM

    What a good kitty! It's nice of you to give your human loves when she's hurt.

  2. I tries ta do ma bestest for ma humanz.

  3. Boris, you is such a thawtful kitteh. Is pwobably like hasing a heating pad on the owie leg when you snuggles by it.

  4. We can see that you are doing a good job of taking care of human2

  5. Human2 wanted me ta tellz u all dat i iz back ta ignoring herz when she layin on da sofa acause herz iz doin betterer now.

    Hai i still gibs her bafroom luvins wot more herz wants?!