Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Gots a New Friend Meet Piggy Wiggy

I gotted a new friend da utter day in da mails. I did not know I was getting he. Human2 surpriseded me wif him. Herz said there wuz utter friends in da box too, but we only gets to play wif one at a time (she no wants me ta have furend overloads).

Herz choose ta gib me dis very fine piggy first 'cause I haz so many nice piggy furends on da intertubes, like @FuzzyPigz and @WinstonPig. Plus ma furend @ShawneeShep iz now fostering some rescued piggies so there are even more Guinea Pig pals.

My Guinea Pigs name iz Piggy Wiggy. He iz a Webkinz anipal. We wented online and adopted he. Hiz 'doption day iz same az my pal Shawnee's, July 11th! We gots a certificate and everyfing, see! Human2 gotted da webbykinz piggy from a very nice online shops called is a great place to shop for gifts for your human pals and dey haz human nom noms too. Human2 just luvs Jelly Belly beans! The store iz runned by a friend of ours and herz is only 19! Can you believe it? Herz very own business! She gived us a coupon code to share wif our furends to save 10% off your order (most of dem Webkinz iz already low price). Da coupon code iz: numnum (it iz built into da linky already but in case you go straight there you need dat coupon code to saves 10% off your orders).

Dis iz Piggy Wiggy's 'doption papers.
Iz gud teaches kids not to shop for pets iz betterer to adopt dem!

Insteads you shop for fings for your new pet.
Dis iz Piggy Wiggy's room.

Here is sister Abby givin' Piggy Wiggy a little kissy.

We will keep you all updated on Piggy Wiggy's adventures and his new friends as we gets dem out to play wif!


  1. That is so kewl that Piggy Wiggy has the same adopshun day that I has! I showed hims pix to the foster piggies, Thelma and Louise, and they is in luvs with him :). They say he is the most handsomest piggie and that you is so lucky to has him. And yes, gud idea to teach chilluns about adopshuns so mebbe there be no homeless animals when they grows up. (Luv Abby and PW smooching!)

  2. That Piggy Wiggy is a cool friend! We can't wait to see more!