Saturday, July 04, 2009

Today iz ma Birfaday & we iz habbing a PAWTY!

Human2 and I gots up real early dis morning (6am -- I did not know she could see dat time of day befores). We wuz very excited 'cause it iz ma birfaday! It not ma actuals birthday we not know when dat iz fur sure, but da humanz gotted me in late July when I wuz about 3 weeks old so dey nicely picked da 4th of Julys fur ma birthdays celebrations.

We started da day out by first talking wif all my anipals on Twitter. Den we gots first breakfasts (we will get second breakfast when Human1 gets up).

Human1 set out all da party supplies and started decorating fur ma pawty! I made sure to halp her so she got it right. Humanz need directions on how to do these fings so dey iz done right. I not want to hafta do it a second time!

Good ole fishy wishy iz halping me halp da humanz to decorate. Ducky and Flea were invited to halp to but dey said dey not werking today. Da two of dem iz gonna nap until pawty timez.

Den da worstest fing happened. Da humanz went outsidez wif out me!!! I cried and cried but they not let me out. Dey say dat dey were mowing and working in da yard but I fink dat wuz a lie. Wot were dey doing out there wif out me? I can no believe it!

Well they finally let me outsidez and we spended most of our mornings out there playing in sun puddles and chasing bugs. I even got some of my prezzies while we wuz outsides!

It wuz a most beautiful day to lay in da garden and to watch ma fishies in da pond.

I even gots ta watch da birdies in ma tree! Then I wuz allowed to play on the front porch. I iz NEVER allowed on da front porch 'cause it iz too close to da road wif dangerous carz and such. But human2 hung out on da porch wif me!

It wuz on da porch where I gots ma first prezzie fur da day. It wuz a CatFisher Fishing Pole from Fat Cat. It iz lots of fun. Da humanz must play wif you and dat iz da bestest gift! Human2 cast it out into da yard. I watched da mousie and thoughts about chasing it, but I not wanna werk to hard fur it.

See there is da little mousie out in da yard. Wot iz nice about dis fishing pole iz when kittehs like me iz a little on lazy side it can double as a wand toy to. Dat iz wot Human2 had to do to gets me playing (I wuz too distracted from outside noises to really chase it before).

But when dat mousie got up to me I did gets it and I gotz it GUD!

Dis cute little purpley mousie sure does needs to be killed. Then we headed back inside where I got nom noms (again) and more prezzies. All fur me!

I got dis fun catnip birthday cakes. It haz a feather on top so u no worry dat not a flamey wot could burn me!

And you already know how much i LOVE ma freeze dried salmons. I got dis really cool fishy treat toy. Da humanz shoved salmons inside da toy and made me haz to werk fur ma nom noms. But dat okai, I say 'cause salmon iz better den catnip inside da toys! You should try it some time!

All ma prezzies were coming out of dis box so I had to go and see fur maselfs wot wuz inside of dat big red birfadayz box.

Under close inspections I can see it iz lots of wunnerful kitteh stuff mostly 'cause wot iz in da box...

... IZ ME!!! MOL I iz da bestest gifty dese humanz could ever gets! I played in da box fur awhile until our furends comed over. (and fank catness their gifty to me wuz to leave their dawgs at home -- dat wuz very toughtful of dem don't you fink?) So we went back outside where I got to lay in ma garden some more, but den it came time to eat and dey throwed me back in da house! All because I wandered over to da neighbors yard where weedy killy stuff wuz sprayed!

Look at wot dey did to me! I wuz banished to da insides while all da humans were on da outsides eating ma cheezeburgers!!!! How iz dat fair on ma birfadays??

But they did comes back in fur to sing happy birfaday to me and haz cheezeburger cakes!

I asked da humans if I can haz cheezeburger cakes.

I could HAZ CHEEZEBURGER CAKES. It wuz so nummy. We all nommed it untils da cake wuz all gones. Only little crumbies and some icings left on da plates. Nom Nom Nom. It was gud!

All I can say is no kitteh should haz to put up wif dis kind of fing in hiz birfaday (or any day fur dat matter!)

Well I had a VERY full day and I iz too pooped to pawty any more! I IZ PAWTIED OUT!

Fank you humanz, human furendz and ALL my anipalz for making dis a most wunnerful birfaday. Wot a grand way to turnz four years old!

Purrs and nosetaps to you all!


  1. This is the coolest birthday party ever. No wonder u turned out to be such good cat, ur humans are the best party cat people EVER. xxxx thanks for sharing these gorgeous pics Boris. Love U. x

  2. This looks like the coolest cat party EVER! No wonder ur such a happy cat, uv got the best peeps a cat could ask for. Thanks for sharing these cool pics, Happy Birthday Big Bad Boris. PS in ur avatar u look a wee little brat, but really ur a big er rotund lad... u hide it well!

  3. Happy Birthday, Boris! Happy Fourth of July! You had a grand party and got some very nice gifts.

  4. Oh my goodness, you did have a wonderful birthday! And some very wonderful presents, too! I think the Cheezburger cake is cool!

  5. Wow! Do you ever know how to party!!!!!

  6. Nice birfday pawty, Boris! We luvs your cheezeburger cake - way kewl. But what is this with the postal peeples? Thru rain and snow and sleet and hail but cannot delivers the mail thru sunbeams??? They is way late with my prezzie to you so mebbe you gets it on Monday. Or they could has lost it. I put the bitey on them if they did.

  7. Natalie Ruth Johnson2:20 PM


    Where did you get the paw prints birthday hats and ribbons and napkins and plates etc.?

  8. My people got the paw-paw stuffs at Party City here iz a link to all da stuffs (it iz mostly pup but can werks fur kittehs too).

  9. I'm so glad that you had such a purrfect birthday. what a pawesome pawty that was. Love the paw print hats. Happy birthday

  10. Cheezburger cakes! Wai I no thinks uv dat?