Thursday, July 16, 2009

Havin Fun Wif Squeaky Mices

I got this way cool long tail play-n-squeak mouse from Human2 (it iz some of my birfaday presents still coming out of hiding). She said I iz getting dem now 'cause I had too big a day on da fourth and now we can play and not be distracted.

I really likes dem mousies wif da squeaky squeak inside of dem and so do my sisters (Bela really loves dem so they are hers favorite me finks). But now I gets my turn.

Look at me putting da bitey da long tail. It wuz much fun nomming on it and making it squeak, squeak, squeak.

I had so much fun playing wif my new toy that Human2 decided to dig out all our old play-n-squeak toys out from da basements (dats where I go when there are thunder boomers or firewerks). It is a nice place to hide my toys so I have them when I iz hidin!

Bela says dis smells familiar right before she gibbed it a real big swat. you get it Bel! Abby will really go to town on dis toy. She bites da tree trunk and leaves like they really needs to be killed).

Dis iz yours truly wif ma play-n-squeak mouse. I don't like to share but I will sometime (if I have to!) This is the standard mouse hunter cat toy here. We have the one wif feathers for a tail. It okay but Bela eated da feathers off the butt.

I went out for a snackie and Abby comed in an played wif ma mouse! How dare she?! It iz hard to resists da call of da squeaky mouse. So I guess I will forgive herz dis time.

Then Picasso had to get into the act too and sopped by to sniff on my toy when I wasn't lookin. I'll tellz you I made sure to protect ma toys after all of dis toy stealing wuz happening.

Since da play-n-squeak mouses iz one of my favoritest toys to play wif and most certainly iz Bela's favorite toy, my humans and I wanted to share the Play-n-Squeak mouse experience wif other kittehs. So we iz having a contest! And you guessed it you can win Play-n-Squeak toys from our furends over at / /

More contesty rules coming tomorrow, nitey!


  1. Hi ya, Boris! It's nice to meet you and Bela and Picasso! We like our mousies too! 'Cept Zoey always chews the tail off...

    Come by and visit us sometime!

    Wally, Ernie & Zoey

  2. what a great play and squeak! mom was going to buy us one once... but then didn't. I don't know why, she is stoopid remember.

  3. Hi Boris! We just wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves, we are the Creek Cats! It's so very nice to meet you! We've added you to our blog list so that we could come back and visit!!

  4. Oooh Squeeky toys!! We had sum toys wiff fethurs but Bootsie chewed dem off too!

    U iz all furry purrtee.

    Katie Too

  5. Hi Boris, Bella and Abby.
    I like your mousies. Mum finds mine all over the house.

    Poppy Q

  6. that looks like LOTS of fun!!!

  7. Well hello Boris Kitty,

    Stopping by the say hello! You're a very cute kitty!

    Big hugs and purrrs,


  8. We don't have any squeaky mousies...but some of ours kinda rattle.

  9. We loves squeaky mice, too! We got some for Christmas and they sort of got loved to pieces!

    Charlemagne and Tamar
    (2 non blogging kitties who like to read what other kitties are doing)

  10. That looks like a whole big bunch of fun!

  11. I just wanted to say hello from your new friends Brian, Sascha, Gracie & Zoe. Welcome to the CatBlogosphere!!!

  12. We can tell you have fun with mouses. WE do to. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! !

  13. Oh, we just love mousies but da ones dat skweek make Sadie run and hide ahind da couch...den she comes back and KILLS da skweeker inside so it don't bother her no more.

  14. You guys sure love that squeaky mouse. We don't have one. But if we did, the dogs would eat it. But enjoy yours!

  15. Oh, I just love feather-butt mousies. They're my favorite toy! Trouble is they all disappear.

    Your friend

  16. Hai Boris! That CB saided yoo was noo, but we knows yoo! MOL We is @HotMBC on Twitter :) Good to see yoo heer anipal!
    Fevver butt mousies are da best!
    Sanjee and tha resta tha Hotties

  17. Dem mousies sure do look fun! Nice to meet yoo!


  18. Hi Boris!! We love squeaky toys, but our woofie brother Maverick REALLY loves squeaky toys!! We are very pleased to meet you and your family!!
    Your FL furiends,

  19. Hi Boris, Bela, Abby and Picasso! It is nice to meet you:) Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  20. Hi guys! Nice to meet you. Looks like you know how to have fun. My name is Noll and I have a nip patch I share with Luigi, Tiggy and Uncle Keaks and all cats in the blogosphere. Please come on over whenever you like :)