Friday, July 17, 2009

Da Birthday Bash Contesty

Two weeks ago I turned four (July 4th) and my people had a most wunnerful birfaday party for me. I wanted to haz a contesty back den but PawPawty wuz coming up and ma anipal @BabyPatches wuz already doing a cool contesty so I waited (plus I wanted to haz da prizes in ma cute little pink paw paws first). Well da prizes arrived and now on wif da contest.

We iz gonna celebrate birthdays and gotcha days by given away prizes. The prizes are fun Play-n-Squeak Toys wot I talked about da other day. Being a kitteh dis contest is mostly cat oriented, but not exclusive as I will hab my humans get you somefin gud if you wins.

Send us your bestest party picture to enter. Send them to me at BigBadBoyBoris [at] (replace wif the correct @ symbol). By midnights on the 25th 31st (so my human can post the pictures here). Once they are all arrived we will post da images here for anipals to come back and vote on them! Wot fun.

So sends me your pictures and lets the fun begin!

Da Rules: (I know I gots ta spoil it wif rules.)

  1. Dis contest iz open to kittehs (and other anipals in da USA only any wheres).
  2. Pictures must be sent via email to BigBadBoyBoris [at] (replace wif the correct @ symbol). Subject = Bday Contesty Before midnight on July 25, 2009 July 31, 2009.
  3. Must include anipals name, humans name, your birfaday/gotcha day and a brief story about how you celebrate your special day (dis will be included wif your picture during voting so make it good). If you never had a party, send us your cutest picture and story on how you gonna celebrates gud on da next one! (personal info will not be posted).
  4. Winners will be notified via email at end of voting period (July 27th to midnight on August 10th 8/1/2009 to 8/8/2009). If winners not responded wif mailing address prize will be forfeited.
  5. Non-kitteh entries will be added to a separate voting category and compete for alternate prizing. These winners will consider runners up.

Da Prizes: (Ya know dis da good stuff right here.)

  1. There will be 4 (yep 4) runners up and 1 (only 1) GRAND PRIZE winner.
  2. Each runner up will gets a Play-n-Squeak Twice Da Mice from OurPets. Dat is two fun squeaky mice likes I gots (mind you, da feather butt mousie iz way fun to chew on). Retail value: $9
  3. Da Grand Prize winner will receiver a huge box o' toys filled wif da following fun fings: 1 Twice da Mice (dats 2 mice), 1 Catch of the Day Mouse, 1 Elasto Mouse, 1 Wild Flingdom, 1 Ball of Furry Fury and 1 Spring Fling. Wow dat a lots of toys! All are fun Play-n-Squeaky toys wot iz loads of fun for kittehs! $52.
  4. Substitute prizes will be given for non-kitteh winners of a separate contesty (if any)
  5. The prizes are the way fun Play-n-Squeak Toys wot I talked about da other day, but if a dawg wins we will sends maybe a cool flappy toy or somefin else real gud.

Da box of prizes arrived!

Dis da runner up prizes. 4 lucky kittehs will win a set of 2 Play-n-Squeak mice!

Dis iz da amazing grand prize chock full of cool Play-n-Squeak kitteh prizes. Gud Lucks!

Dis kitty contest iz brought to you by the letter C, the number 5, and our furends over at / /


  1. Anonymous4:45 PM

    Damn those mice look pretty tasty. Yummy, MedusaJ

  2. OOOH! I can't wate to pik owt the winning foto to send yoo!

  3. My goodness!!! What a contest! We will have to see what kind of party pictures we can come up with!

  4. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Wow - how funz iz dat!! Gotz ta findz some embarrasin pics to send.. PS Boris - u lookz like you passed out from too much heavy drinkin!! U really noze how ta pardy!!

  5. We're gonna send our pictures!

  6. I iz so excited for to get da pictures. I do fink dis iz gonna be great funs!

  7. Yeah for Boris! You such a thoughtful Kitteh!!!

  8. That looks like a fun way to celebrate your birthday!

  9. Oh! Look at all those prizes!! I'm going to tell Pimp to enter as soon as I get home from work. :)

    He's got a great party picture... and you two have the same birthday!

  10. Oh Boris this looks like fun and what a bunch of cool prizes!! We will have to get Mom to send our picture in!!
    Your FL furiends,

  11. Belated Happy Purrthday to you Boris! We can see that you must have had a great time...


    Gypsy & Tasha

  12. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! We aren't sure if we have a suitable picture, but we wanted to wish you happy anyway!!!

  13. How funz iz dat,dude really noze how to get that pictures. I so excited , gonna be great funs!

  14. Contest iz extended to gib more kittehs more time to enter! Get dem entries in ASAP!!!

    Also now it open to all kittehs every wheres!!!

  15. OMC Beaver would love those mice. We get busy with a pawty. YaY

  16. Birthday, birthday, birthday, birthday, happy one you have!!!

  17. I will tell my staff to get on it! xoxo Romeo. P.S. Pugsley will enter too!

  18. This is fantastic!!! You are so pawesome to have this Boris! We running off now to find our Party Picture... XOXO

    Madi and Abi

  19. This is a really fun contest. I can hardly wait to see all the fun pictures. The prizes are really great.

  20. Looking forward to seeing the purfday pixes. You are gonna make some kitties very happy Boris!
    *puppy kisses* from LilyPup

  21. Cool prizes Boris. I'm waiting to see the fun pics. Luv the one of you in your hate. Purrs.

  22. SidTheCatahoula7:48 AM

    That is so nice of you to do this. I will try to look festive for you :-)

  23. Thanks for throwing such a nice contest!

  24. Boris, this is the greatest contest just for kitties!


  25. Yay, I love Birthday celebrations and contests.

    I'm gonna send you my pic from my very first birthday.

    Thank you for doing a birthday contest. I did a contest on my birthday too.



  26. Ok, I finally gotz my lazy mom to send in my photos. Can't wait to see what everyone else sent in.


  27. I just sent my picture!

  28. This is great contest Boris...need to get my human to send in my lovely picture!