Sunday, August 09, 2009

Donating Toys to Animal Rescue League Kitties

Saturday after playing in da garden da humanz packed up all dem cool treats n toys into da car and wented to da Berks Animals Rescue League wot helps all da poor helpless animalz in and around da county. See dat Ducky der in da middle? dat wuz donated by a generous anipal from Twitter wot wonned it during a pawpawty aint dat sweet of dem!? Ma humanz donated stuffs and da rest of dis pile wuz donated by!

As you can see dat ducky wuz a big hit wif da lil guys needing furever homes! Dey also gots a play-n-squeaky mousie like wot we iz giving away in da contesty.

Dey really loved da squeak squeak squeak des mousies makes! I knows des guys will gets homes quick acause dey iz so dang cute. Der are so many sweet kittehs needing furever homes dat it made ma humanz wanna bring dem all home. One adult kitteh got up off his window sill nappin spot n comed over to human2 n rubbed n rubbed agin herz thru da cage door. He picked herz out n herz really really wanted to gib him a home. Somebody pleez go n adopt him pleez!!

Some more ducky club members joined da club on dis day!

Der were some really kewl feather toys in der too and dems were a big hit too! Ma humans wented throughout da kitteh room giving toys to many cats and kittens!

All da precious kittehs say fank you fur da fun toys n nummy treats!

If you wanna halp too you can adopt one of da many dogs, cats or critters at the ARL, send dem donations or donate thru sites like

Ma humanz said gibbing out toys to da kittehs wuz fun n rewarding. We posted more pictures of der ARL visit over on for your enjoyments.


  1. Oh, Boris, that is so nice. Those kitties obviously are enjoying their new toys.

  2. How very sweet of you!

  3. Boris, you really made those kitties' day!!!! How wonderful of you!

  4. That is so wonderful to see! You're a very generous boy, Boris

  5. It is very wonderful that the kitties get some great toys and treats!

  6. Boris you are a sweet loving kitty to share with othere

  7. Oh wow! We know those kitties are gonna love all those pressies!!!

  8. These are adorable pictures..